DIY Elastic Headbands Five Ways

headband collage

I love making headbands! They are so much fun to make. Clearly you can see that I made five different headband variations for my friend’s daughter’s one year old birthday. I had so many ideas I couldn’t stop at just one or two. I actually could have made more but I ran out of time :)

Many of the  flowers I used are crocheted but you can use fake flowers or make some out of felt or fabric. You can see other ways I have made flowers in the past on my felt flower headband, fake flower headband, and flower and lace headbands. Or check out other ways to make flowers on my DIY Flowers pinterest board.

I got a great deal on elastic from Pick your Plum a while ago. I got a combo of fold over elastic and more decorative elastics so I used a mix of both to the make the headbands.

I started by cutting a piece of elastic one inch smaller that the size of a typical one year old head plus 3/4 inch for seam allowance. (Here is a great head size chart from Wolly Worm Head.) I zig zagged the two ends together really well.


Then I cut a piece of elastic that fit around the headband and glued it into place over the seam. This left me with a place I could hook my flowers onto.


Then I wrapped an alligator clip with ribbon by running a tiny bead of hot glue around and pressing the ribbon into it. I recommend doing a little piece at a time and using a precision tip glue gun or it ends up becoming a mess.

I glued a piece of felt to the back of my flowers and then glued the clip on top.


I had two different crochet flowers in my stash but I think they came from the book Crochet Bouquet: Easy Designs for Dozens of Flowers. You can also check out my pinterest board for some ideas or use one of your favorites. This Irish rose pattern is also excellent.


For the headbands with the button center, I sewed the button onto the little extra piece of elastic before gluing it down. I used the flower pattern from my interchangeable crochet flowers headband for the big teal flower. I think this one looks cute too with the button by itself.


For the little flower I used this one except I created a chain circle instead of a magic circle for the center. I made a mistake on the pink one too since it was only supposed to have five petals but I liked the way it turned out so I still used it.


For the the fake flower ones I deconstructed some fake flowers and glued them back together. I used the same technique as my fake flower headband. I finished them off with a pearl inside of a bead cap. The bead cap was part of a necklace I took apart for pieces and I though they looked really pretty.


The last headband was the simplest since it can’t be interchanged but I really want to use this flower I had sitting in my stash. I glued the flower right onto the headband with a piece of felt on the back to cover up any extra glue drips.

The flower pattern came from 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet: A Collection of Beautiful Blooms for Embellishing Garments, Accessories, and More but you could use the pattern from above with two colors if you don’t want to buy the book. (It’s a pretty fabulous book though).


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