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Danielle tagged me to share five things about myself you don’t know already. Sometimes I don’t feel like I am that interesting of a person so coming up with five things about myself you would want to hear is kind of hard for me. So here goes.

1. I was born in New York City and we lived there until I was five. Then we moved into one of the suburbs of the city until I was 11 before we moved to Ohio. I have some really awesome memoires of the city. I loved the museums and the restaurants and the window displays at Christmas. For one of my birthday parties my parents took my friends and I to the city to go to the museums. I used to go back and visit one of my friends through college but it’s been a long time. Mike and I almost went a couple of summers ago but our plans fell through. It’s definitely on my list of vacations I would love to take.

2. I only started eating eggs a couple of years ago. I always thought they were really gross and I couldn’t stand the texture of them. As a mature adult I try to eat things I don’t like every once in a while just to make sure I still don’t like them. Mike’s mom makes quiche for Christmas breakfast and I tried it and liked it. Then I graduated to scrambled eggs and fried egg sandwiches. I still can’t do a runny yolk egg or hard boiled but I’ve come a long way.

3. I hate horror movies but Mike loves them. He is always forcing me to watch and I close my eyes for any scene that I can’t handle. I rather watch a comedy or an action movie. He has gotten me hooked on The Walking Dead which is a TV show about the world post zombie apocalypse. I still can’t believe I like watching it, but I do.

4. I am craft supplies hoarder. (But what crafter isn’t?) I come from a family of collectors so it’s in my blood to save stuff. I feel like I have it fairly under control except when it comes to my craft stuff. I did a big spring clean up in my craft room over the weekend and got rid of a bunch of clothes I will never refashion, craft supplies I will never used, and a million scrap balls of yarn that I will never crochet with. I still have way too much yarn so I need to start working on some stash busting projects.

5.  I used to be a radio DJ for my college station. Mike loves to share this story. My name was Skye Jones and I did for a year or two. It was fun to be on the air back in the day when I thought I wanted to have a career in radio. And now I work at a bank so that sure changed :)


So I’m not going to specifically tag anyone since I hate doing that. I feel very rejected when I don’t get a response so if you are reading this and receptive to sharing then I tag you!

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