Mid April Garden Blooms


Nothing makes me feel like it’s really spring like my flowers blooming in the garden do. It’s always amazing to me how they start coming up even when it’s cold outside because it’s the right time of year.

The crocus are the earliest followed by the hyacinth and daffodils. My daffodils didn’t make a good showing this year and I’m thinking I might need to plant some new ones in the fall. I’m not good about fall bulb planting so I was also thinking of checking out Lowes to see what they have right now. I still have two good clumps but my yellow ones didn’t bloom at all.

I almost missed some good shots of them because it’s been rainy and cold but I finally got out in the garden with my camera the other day and captured them in all their glory. I could just stare at my flowers forever. I’m so fascinated by how all my other plants look when they first come up and I get excited to think of what is going to bloom next. I’m a bit of a gardening nerd :P









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