WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #16


16 weeks of outfit posts and I haven’t worn the same outfit to work twice! This has been all with clothes I already own. I haven’t bought any new clothes since a couple of sale items right after Christmas. I have bought a pair of shoes and a couple of accessories. I’ve also made some scarfs and refashioned some existing items but that’s it.

I am definitely more creative with what I wear to work now because I have tried not to repeat any outfits. The weekends are a different story but I don’t think yoga pants and long sleeve tees are very blog worthy :)

 coral and black

Cardigan- Thrifted, Tank- Old Navy, Pants- Thrifted: Limited, Necklace- New York and Company, Shoes- JC Penney

I used to only know one way to wear this cardigan and it was with a brown polka dot button down (I wore it in this post.) I only recently discovered I liked it with black but I’m at a loss for other ways to wear it. Any good color combination suggestions?

red cardigan, button down, black pants

Cardigan- Thrifted: Target, Shirt- Thrifted, Pants- Thrifted: Daisy Fuentes, Shoes- Thrifted, Necklace- Gabriel Brothers

I had to check back my old outfit archives to make sure I wasn’t making up the fact that I hadn’t worn this combo before because I have, but just before I was blogging. I have a hard time matching up this cardigan too. I notice I’ve been wearing it with dresses a lot lately (you can see it here and here.) Well now I’m mixing it up with pants.

black and white

Dress- Target, Cardigan- Old Navy, Boots- JC Penney, Necklace- Target

The day I wore this outfit it was supposed to be in the 80’s but only started out in the 60’s. I was not quite ready for bare legs so I settled on bare knees. It was actually perfect until I got hot on the ride home. I finally found a new outfit for this necklace since I only ever have worn it with my teal sweater dress (seen here.)

polka dots and mint

Cardigan- Thrifted and altered by me, T shirt- Target, Pants- New York and Company via Gabriel Brothers and altered by me, Shoes- Kohl’s, Necklace- Gift, Belt- Thrifted

Friday is the best and worst day of the week for me. Work is out for the weekend but I’m always so tired. Every. Week. I rocked a similar color combo a couple of weeks ago and decided to recreate something similar and added my polka dot cardi. I am undecided if this one will end up being too warm to wear when the weather turns so I am trying to get some more wears out of it.

missoni scarf and cobalt jeans

Cardigan- Thrifted: New York and Company, Tank- Cold Water Creek, Pants- Kohl’s, Boots- Shoe store in the mall, Scarf- Thrifted in Portland: Missoni via Target.

I wore this out to dinner with come friends on Saturday. We had 80 degree weather on Wednesday and on Saturday it was down in the low 40s. Typical weather for the spring around here. I hadn’t worn my cobalt jeans in a while and I love them with this scarf so I had a winning combo. I always get compliments on it and people think I made it. I love to tell the story of how I thrifted it when we were in Portland. It’s fun trip to remember.


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