Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

Mike and I are planning on finding out what we are having (in just 3 1/2 weeks!) Regardless of the baby’s sex I want to decorate a gender neutral nursery because I like those type of color schemes the best.
Almost ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been scouring Pinterest and Google for nursery ideas. Mike and I are planners so this is not a decision that was going to be left until the last minute! He really had the final pick in which idea to go with since I couldn’t make up my mind. I would have been happy with any of the choices.
We really wanted to work with what we have so we didn’t have to spend a lot of extra money decorating. This really influenced our ultimate decision on what we wanted to do. If we were starting from scratch with paint and all new accessories/furniture then we might have gone in a different direction but I’m excited with our design ideas. I have the right to change my mind though so what we’ve decided now may not be exactly what we do :)
Here’s our color scheme design inspiration photo from Project Nursery. I actually pinned this way way before I was expecting. I love the soft color scheme in this room. It has some blue in it but I feel like this could go for a boy or girl. Our walls are cream and I don’t really care for that crazy hanging light fixture but I love the feel of this room. We are going to go with mainly white furniture and will paint a side table either soft blue or green.
blue and green
I want an owl theme so we are going to put up a wall decal. The one we both decided on (and this was not an easy decision since I loved them all) is this one from etsy. You can pick different colors so we are going to do white trees with blue and green owls and birds. We both really liked birch trees and I really wanted owls so this one was a good choice.
owl decal
To go along with the owl theme we are going to add fun owl accessories and some art. I really love this owl lamp from Modcloth but not the price. I have my eye out for some more affordable options.
owl lanp
We also have blue or green curtains we can use and a green chair pad for a rocking chair Mike is painting white that will fit in with our color scheme. I am definitely hitting up the garage sales this summer to find affordable ways to fill up this baby room.
Here’s another room from Project Nursery that fits the same idea for the color scheme only the walls are painted green. The post is also about designing a gender neutral room.
green and blue

Since I worked so hard on nursery ideas I want to share a couple of other color schemes that didn’t make the cut.
I really was rooting for this color scheme but we decided we didn’t have enough items we already owned to make it work. (Not sure if this link is the original source of this picture so please let me know if it’s not.) Love the birch trees in this one and the white looks great with the cream walls.
grey and yellow
This color scheme from Apartment Therapy is really fun and there were a lot of owl decals I found with similar colors.
primary colors
Here’s another grey and yellow one I loved from Project Nursery. Can you tell I like these colors :)
yellow and grey
This one from Apartment Therapy would be a drastic change for the room but I can’t help but love the cozy feel. It may be a tad bit on the boyish side but who says girls need to have a pink or purple room :) Plus this one is where I originally saw the idea for the birch tree decal. I would love this color scheme in a different room in the house.
grey yellow and green
So stay tuned for upcoming baby nursery decorating. We still have lots to do before November!

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