Late April/Early May Garden Blooms


We had the most beautiful weekend. It was in the upper 80s both days and it felt like Summer. On Saturday we went to Lowes with everyone else in the world and picked up a tomato and 2 pepper plants. With all the nausea that I was having at the appropriate time to be growing plants from seed I pretty much gave up on starting any veggies or herbs early. This didn’t stop me from plating right into the ground.  So in addition to the plants I bought, I planted seeds for bush beans, cucumbers, cilantro, parsley, basil and dill. I already have garlic, onions, peas and broccoli planted. Stay tuned for pics once everything has a chance to grow.

The garden is definitely a little scaled back this year. I don’t have the energy to dedicate to it now and I know come August when I’m very pregnant I won’t want to deal with the maintenance of an end of summer garden. I think I’m forgoing planting any annuals this year too. I don’t want to worry about having to water them and my herb garden will keep me plenty busy. You can check out last years pictures since it’s not worth photographing yet this year. It’s the same size except I accidently cut my garlic chive back too far this spring and killed it off. I was pretty devastated because it’s my favorite herb after basil but I had some volunteers up front that I dug up and repotted. I think I have some seed laying around too so I can resurrect it.

I had some catnip that died off last year because it outgrew the pot and I couldn’t keep up with watering it. What’s really interesting is it sprung up in the gravel and in my pot of mint. I dug up the one that was in the mint and repotted it and left the one in the gravel for the kitty to do what she pleases with. Mike and I were sitting on the patio and laughing about how more plants spring up in the gravel than seems logical.

On to my perennial garden. I’ve been saving up some of these pictures until I had enough to post so some are from the end of April. I’ve worked so hard on my garden to make it bloom from Early spring to late Fall and so far it’s off to a great start.


These tulips are consistent performers. I love how cheery the yellow is.


This was a good year for the magnolia. It’s super sensitive to frost so it doesn’t do well when we have an early spring and late frost but lucky for the magnolia that didn’t happen this year.

bleeding heart

Mike is in love with the bleeding heart. He said we should have more of them throughout the garden. I didn’t take a full picture of it but this plant is massive. It’s super pretty in the spring but it dies out in the heat of the summer so I have black eyed susan planted in front to cover it up when the leaves turn yellow.


I love the color of this azalea. It’s a long lasting bloom that really lights up the garden.


Upcoming blooms you will see soon are columbine, allium, lilac and maybe my rose. It has tons of buds on it!

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