Memorial Day and 16 Week Bump Update

memorial day
Happy Memorial Day! Mike and I have been enjoying a three day weekend. It’s been a pretty chilly weekend but we have been making the most of it. On Saturday we celebrated Mike’s niece’s birthday with his family. On Sunday we took a hike in the metro parks with the dogs. They had the best time. Both of them were on sensory overload the whole time and were so excited. It was fun to spend some quality time with them. Today has been cool and rainy but Mike was a trooper and mulched our front garden bed. It’s supposed to warm up into the 80’s just in time to go back to work.
I am officially 16 weeks and 4 days along with our little baby. I have been feeling better about eating but my energy level is still pretty low. I pretty much crash and burn around 3-3:30. Weekends are better but the work days are pretty tough because I don’t go home until 5:00.
I feel like my bump is steadily growing. I can still fit into a lot of my pre pregnancy clothes that were a little but too big on me before or pants that are low cut. I have one pair of shorts that fits so that is going to be an issue really soon. I bought a belly band to try out but my first attempt with it didn’t work out very well and I ended up not wearing it. I’m going to give it another try with some of my shorts.
My biggest focus for maternity clothes right now is for work since I spend the majority of my time there. I snagged a couple of pairs of pants on Target’s daily deal. One pair came already and I like them and the other pair is on the way. I’m not totally in love with the full panel right now but I’m hoping I get used to it.
We still have about 4 more weeks before we find out the gender. We are excited to find out and finally be able to answer all the questions we are getting about it! I feel like we will be able to finalize the nursery plans too once we know. I want to keep it mainly gender neutral but knowing will help me to decide for sure what we will do.
I think I might have felt the baby move. I feel these little flutters when I am relaxing on the couch or lying in bed. I’ve felt it enough times to be pretty sure that’s what it is. It’s a pretty amazing feeling know that my baby is moving around in my belly. I can’t wait until Mike can feel it too.
So here is the bump progress from the last two weeks. I struggle with taking this picture because it feels awkward to stand away from the camera so it takes a million takes. I’m trying to stick to a black top and bottom for the entire 40 weeks to really show the progress. I figure if I grow out of this outfit I will always have a long black tank and black pants :)
15 weeks
15 weeks
week 16
16 weeks

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