WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #20


Another week of hiding my awkwardly sized baby bump. I’m 14-15 weeks pregnant in these pictures and still successfully covering it up :) I always like my clothes to be super fitted in the waist and if they weren’t then I would add a belt. Now I find myself turning to all those tops that weren’t quite fitted enough to my liking. Moving clothes around in my closet has become a weekly occurrence now. They move from the “maybe this still fits” side to the “this is not happening” side. I’m just taking it week by week now and it’s a triumph just getting dressed every morning lol!

coral blazer and tan skirt

Blazer- Thrifted: Kohl’s, skirt- Target, Cami- Kohl’s Shoes- Kohl’s, Necklace- Made by me 

I have never been in love with this fit of this blazer because I always felt like it could be a little more fitted in the middle. Honestly, I think this angle makes it look way more fabulous than it does when I look in the mirror. Paired with this skirt, it completely hid my stomach so it was a winner.

black and white with a pop of color

Cardigan- Target, Skirt- JC Penney, Shoes- Thrifted, bows made by me, Bracelets- Target

I really wanted to wear a colorful necklace with this outfit but none of my necklaces looked right with this neckline so I busted out my colorful bracelets. I usually only wear them in the summer because they don’t fit under a jacket sleeve very well but it felt like the right time to start wearing them.

purple button down, grey slacks

Shirt- New York and Company via ebay, Pants- Thrifted: New York and Company, Necklace- gift

I actually wore this outfit at the beginning of the week but it was pretty uninspiring. It was only in the 50s so I was not about to put a skirt on. A belt would have made this shirt cuter but it also would have accentuated the belly I was trying to cover up :)

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