WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #21


Figuring out how to dress the bump is getting slightly easier (at least on most days. Ask Mike how long it took me to get ready on Friday.) I find myself turning to shirts I always felt were slightly too big. Now they are perfect for skimming my belly. When I’m at home I don’t mind wearing whatever I want but at work I am still in cover up mode. Not sure when I will feel ready to display my growing belly but I’m sure it will let me know when I can’t cover it up anymore :)

black, mint and fuschia

Button Down- Thrifted, Cardigan- Target, Skirt- Target, Necklace- Very Jane, Shoes- Target

This shirt is probably not going to last me much longer. It fit but the bottom was starting to flare out slightly from my growing belly. I will still keep it in mind until it won’t button up anymore.

red cardigan and black dress

Dress- Target, Cardigan- Target, Shoes- Kohl’s, Necklace- Thrifted

This is one of my cardigans that didn’t get worn that much because it wasn’t fitted enough. I tried it out with this dress and was digging the combination so now it has a new life in my closet.

cobalt, black and grey

Shirt- Target, Cardigan- Target, Pants- Kohl’s, Shoes- Target, Bracelet- Target.

I am almost in head to toe Target. Clearly it’s a wardrobe staple store for me since I also wore something from there every day this week. I used to never wear this shirt without a belt around my waist but now I am loving the looser fit.

navy, orange and grey

Cardigan- Land’s End, Shirt- Target, Pants- Thrifted: New York and Company, Shoes- Target

This is the outfit that almost made us late to work. I wanted to wear it with tan pants but none of them fit. I tried out my newly acquired belly band and it just wasn’t working. So grey pants it was since they are one of three pairs of pants that still fit.

blue, orange, black and grey

Shirt- Target, Cardigan- Thrifted: New York and Company, Pants- Old Navy Maternity, Necklace- Target, Shoes- Target

My first pair of maternity pants. They have a demi band and are pretty comfy. I waivered between the two sizes I bought and finally decided the smaller size just fit better and to try them out. I wore this to Mike’s niece’s birthday party. This cardigan is a staple is my wardrobe now. I wear it all the time. It’s pretty much on all weekend. I’m trying to take more casual wear pictures so expect to see lots more of it.

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