It’s Getting Hot and 24 Week Bump Update


I guess we have been spoiled by having such a cool summer until this past week. The temps got into the upper 90’s and this pregnant lady was really feeling it. I didn’t realize how much the heat could effect me until I found myself camped out on the couch in the air conditioning for the entire hot spell. Even the upper 70s with high humidity was too much for me. All I can say is that I’m very grateful we have central air and it’s definitely working hard for me this summer!

Mike and I had a quiet weekend but it cooled off enough for us to go to the local Italian fest on Saturday night. Our city has it every year where a bunch of food vendors with a (mostly) Italian theme show up along with some games, music and other random booths. We don’t typically go down because the food is pricey and the crowds are huge. This year we were looking for some local fun and yummy food so we went. It was really all about the food. We each got a sausage and split a Stromboli and then went crazy at the Italian bakery. We ate by the river and spent our last two dollars trying out the new local cupcake place. It was completely overpriced but we had a great time.

At my last doctor’s appointment I also took and passed my glucose test. No worrying about gestational diabetes! My latest pregnancy symptom though is awful heartburn. My doctor recommended I start taking Pepcid and it’s already helping. She said it will only get worse so I have that to look forward too :) I’ve been trying to prop myself up a little bit more at night at that helps a little too.

I am starting to think I need some kind of pregnancy pillow to help keep myself on my side at night. I’m currently sleeping with a pillow in between my knees but it’s really not cutting it. My doctor said to try and avoid rolling on my back by tucking a pillow behind me too. Plus I’m trying to elevate myself for the heartburn so one of those big pregnancy pillows is looking pretty appealing right now. I also am considering just getting a regular body pillow because they are so much cheaper. Not sure if the pregnancy one is worth the money but I definitely need some kind of sleeping solution.

The baby had been moving around a lot and his kicks are getting stronger. Mike had his hand on my belly the other night when we were lying in bed and he could really feel our little guy going crazy. He is more active at night, especially when I’m lying in bed but I feel him most of the day unless I doing a lot of walking around. I can see him kicking from the outside of my belly now which is pretty cool. Can’t wait until we get to meet him :)

23 weeks

24 Weeks

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