Late June Garden Blooms


I hope you are getting sick of seeing pictures of my garden :)  Every since I got pregnant all my desire to make crafty projects has flown out the window. I’m tired all the time and putting the thought into how to sew, or use jewelry tools or come up with new creative crochet projects is just more than I can fathom. I actually feel like I forgot how to sew. I want to turn a regular skirt into a maternity skirt but my usual thoughts of “I can do any sewing project I set my mind to” is now more like “How on earth would I ever figure that out.”

I do feel excited for decorating our little boy’s room and Mike and I have been working on DIY, garage sale, thrift, hand me down, inexpensive solutions to pull it all together without spending a fortune. We are doing a cute owl theme but I know Mike is already waiting for the day when we can decorate a big boy room with sports and more manly related items. At least I still get my cute little baby boy room right now.

So any creativity I have in me is being poured into this little guy’s room. I was digging through my yarn stash to see what I had available for hats and a possible an owl mobile. So expect to actually see that in the future…and maybe I will tackle that DIY maternity skirt after all.

One thing I can consistently share with you is my garden that is beautiful on it’s own without any help from me. I do have a lot of fun photographing my flowers. There is something new to look at almost every day and since we have had a pretty wet and cool start to summer everything looks amazing.


This purple coneflower is just starting to bloom. I think the new buds are so amazing looking, I had to capture one.


This astilbe is a different variety than my white one. It’s looks more furry and blooms a little bit later. Last year it was so dry the buds dried up before it really bloomed so I’m excited to see it bloom this year.


I bought a bag of mixed allium bulbs two years ago. Last year they were hidden behind a bigger plant and I transplanted them so nothing bloomed. This year I got these drumstick alliums to bloom. I don’t think the other bulbs were mature enough to bloom because I still got some other growth so maybe I will get a surprise next year.


Last year I moved this moonbeam coreopsis because it was overtaking it’s location. It did not like being moved and I nearly killed it. Lots of water and a year later it is enormous and blooming profusely. This plant definitely spreads so don’t put one anywhere you don’t want it to take over. I think found the perfect spot for it to have room to grow.


Expect to see my hydrangea through fall. It’s darkening up a little more every day. I love all the stages it goes through. It’s the most interesting plant in my garden.



I had to share a full shot of this monster. It really seems to have gotten huge this year. I’ll have to make some careful trims sometime soon. It sets up the buds in the fall so if I trim too late then it will affect next year. I see lots of hydrangea flowers in vases in the house this summer!

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