Mini Vacation and 26 Week Bump Update


Mike and I just finished up a mini vacation. We took Thursday and Friday off of work to hang out around town. When we planned to take a couple of days off I thought I would want to do more but it was really nice to be able to sleep in every day and get in a lot of resting.

Thursday we ate lunch out at an amazing Italian Restaurant in an area we never visit in Little Italy. It was so good we both want to go back. We split a plate of cavatelli and meatballs and a small peperoni pizza. Then we went to the Cleveland Art Museum and wandered around for a little while. The area in Cleveland by the Art Museum is really pretty and there is so much to do up there. We both wanted to come back for the Botanic Gardens and the Natural History Museum. I see us making lots more trips with our little guy once he gets here.

On Friday we went to the West Side Market which has a lot of local vendors selling cheese, meat, pasta, baked goods, produce and more. I’ve always heard about it but it’s kind of far for us to drive to so it was fun to check it out. We left with lots of yummy goodies and most of them are already gone. We met up with a friend for dinner and went to Melt, which is an amazing grilled cheese place. The wait for a table and your meal is a bit insane but it’s worth it. Mike and I split a sandwich and we were both stuffed when we were done.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty uneventful but something exciting happened for me. I actually starting crafting again. All I really needed was a lot of rest to motivate me again. I started three projects and finished two of them with the third one is almost done. I am excited to be able to share them!

So on to my growing belly. I am feeling pretty good right now. My biggest complaint is awful heartburn. Pretty much anything sets it off. I having been taking a Pepcid every day and it helps but it can still flare up again. I’m also trying to sleep with my head propped up at night to help with it too.

I am still struggling to get a good nights sleep. I did end up buying a Snoogle Total Body Pillow. I have to say it has been helping. It’s pretty enormous but it gives me good support between my legs. Mike even said it was comfy but I had to promise to get rid of it after the baby comes :) It is like having a third person in bed. I put a regular bed pillow underneath the top part to keep me more elevated at night and I’ve been trying to stay on my side but it’s hard not to roll onto my back.

Other than that I’m just tired a lot. My energy gets used up pretty quickly so I usually feel much better in the morning and by the evening I’m am spent. The baby likes when I am relaxing anyway because those are the times when he moves around the most. He is a party animal at night and loves to give me some swift kicks when I lay on my side in bed. Hopefully he gets this day and night thing figured out once he’s here!


25 weeks

I actually think my 25 week bump looks bigger than 26 weeks. I ‘m pretty sure it was just my posture difference in these two pictures. It can make a big difference.

26 weeks

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