Third Trimester 28 Week Bump Update


I am in the home stretch now! The last trimester can’t go fast enough for me. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining in the post because I am so thankful to have this little life growing in me but it’s getting really hard. I’m having lots of not so fun pregnancy symptoms.

I had to take a trip to my regular doctor last week because I felt like I was having problems breathing and found out it was acid reflux. I’ve been having some issues with it for the last couple of weeks but now it’s progressed so far I’m not really sure what is safe for me to eat anymore. It feels like everything sets it off. This weekend it was pizza, which pretty much devastated me because that is our weekend treat. I’ll give it one more shot with a different kind but otherwise I am pizza less for the next few months :( I've had to cut out plums, nectarines, OJ, regular cucumbers, fried food, spicy food and those are just triggers I have figured out. It seems to be something new every day. My doctor has me on Pepcid AC and that really helps but it still flares up depending on what I eat.

I’m also super tired. I feel so drained every day. Going to work pretty much takes everything out of me. We are so busy this month too on the weekends, I am just ready to throw in the towel. Last weekend I had a bridal shower and there is another one this coming weekend. That pretty much is all I have the energy for and then there is still all the weekend errands that need to be done and house work too.

Sleeping at night is hard because I am supposed to be sleeping on my side but I want to sleep on my back. I wake up at least three of four times and night and roll myself back over. Even when I can stay on my side I’ll wake up because my hips hurt. Even with my pregnancy pillow it’s hard to find a position I can sleep comfortably in for the entire night.

Mike has been my savior. He has really stepped up and is taking on so much around the house. He does the majority of our cooking and cleaning. As long as I do something to help (like folding laundry- not his thing) he picks up the slack. I don’t know what I would do without him to help me get through this pregnancy.

The things that brighten my day are preparing for our little guy’s arrival. Mike hung up a shelf in the nursery this weekend and spray painted my ugly owls for me. (I’ll have a future post to share.) He is also working on painting a side table to go next to the rocker. It should have be done already but we had a change of heart on the color so he is reworking it. We discovered the lamp from our spare room works perfectly on top and it actually fills up the wall that looked like it needed a piece of art so we don’t need to find anything to go there.

Besides a changing pad and cover, the crib sheets, bed skirt and a mobile I want to make, I think the room is pretty much done. I am really proud of the fact that we have barely spent any money but we’ve created a great space for our little guy.

We got to see him on an ultrasound on Monday and he is getting so much bigger than the last time. I will have one more at 34 weeks to check his growth and they should be able to estimate how big he will be.


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