Weekend Garage Sale Finds


As I am reaching my third trimester the weekends seem to be shorter than ever. I just start to recover from the work week and then it’s time to start all over again. Saturday night Mike had a bachelor party to go to so I was home by myself for the evening. I was plotting where I would go out to treat myself to some yummy pregnant lady food and what I crafty projects I could work on. I went to the grocery store, came home, laid down on the couch for a moment and woke up over three hours later when it was starting to get dark. So I ate leftovers and watched a girly movie. Some exciting night for me :)

As I get slower and slower, Mike seems to be moving at warp speed. He has been so helpful around the house to make sure everything gets done when I clearly am not up to doing much. Even with picking up all my slack he finds time to work on numerous refinishing projects. He just refinished the two dressers in our bedroom and he is almost done with the side table for the baby’s room. Not to mention before that he painted our crib, rocking chair and changing table. So now he is looking for a new project so we decided to hit up the garage sales on Saturday.

I looked at the local paper classifieds online and came up with about 10 sales in the area. Our town has a lot of people that put up signs, so we were going to use the list as a guide and then stop along the way at anything else we found. We were only looking for furniture so the first four sales were complete drive bys. We slowed down, spotted nothing substantially and kept going. We ended up on this really nice street we’ve never been down looking for a sale, which we didn’t stop at, and as we were admiring the nice houses, I spotted a sign on another street and we went searching for the sale.

Let me just say it was “one and done.” There was a younger guy selling off his collection of vintage stuff and we spent our whole budget right there. We found a cool looking hutch, a coffee table, a huge vintage art print and two smaller prints.


The style of the hutch is a bit outdated. It definitely has potential and Mike has already started working on it by painting the inside of the upper part white. He has been really interested in chalk paint lately so it will probably use that to paint the rest of it.

Since I couldn’t get a picture of this thing without actually being in the reflection, you can catch a glimpse of your current hutch. We’ve kind of outgrown it so a bigger one will be great for storing all our extra glassware.


We are both obsessed with vintage art prints. This one is huge and will look great in our dining room. Mike is going to paint the frame black to update it a bit.


More vintage art. These ones are a little smaller, but still a nice set. They look like mini canvas set on a black wooden board. The black either needs to be cleaned or touched up. They don’t have a home yet but I know we will find a place for them. I do think the one on a left is a bit creepy but Mike likes it.


Mike fell in love with this round coffee table. And it has wheels! He is going to give it some kind of fun treatment possibly with two different paint colors.


This little table actually came from the side of the road (freebie!) but I thought I would share anyway. Mike has plans to turn it into a wine rack, possibly with a wood top and painted legs.

Mike will be plenty busy working on all his new projects. He is always happiest when he can be be creative in his workshop. Plus it’s a good way for him to entertain himself when this preggo lady just wants to sit on the couch and relax all the time :)

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