What I Wore Wednesday #34- Third Trimester Outfits


This week I’m showing off my 28-29 weeks pregnant outfits. Now that I’m into the third trimester my closet is so much more limited. I want to shop but I don’t see the point in buying clothes I will wear for less than 3 months. I did buy a pair of maternity leggings from Old Navy that are super comfortable and fit under my belly so I should be able to wear them post pregnancy.

I also tried out a couple of pairs of jeans. Fall is approaching and I really only have one pair of pants to wear for outside of work. They have a demi band and I'm unsure if they will still fit towards the end. I bought a pair from Old Navy that worked but weren’t perfect so I splurged on a pair at Motherhood Maternity. They are more than I would pay for a pair of jeans that I would have worn pre pregnancy so I am debating on keeping the more comfortable/better fitting pair vs the cheaper pair. I’m sure I will be still wearing them non stop for a few months post baby so I may go with the more expensive pair. It’s still painful for me to buy expensive jeans but good maternity clothes are hard to find :)

blakc and white striped dress, pink cardigan

Cardigan- Target (Similar), Dress- Motherhood Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Garage Sale

I wear these flats pretty much every day now and I managed to scuff up the toe on one shoe. (Excuse me while I go  check to see if they are on sale.) I can’t not say enough about how comfortable they are and I now need to buy a new pair (or two.) I’m still wearing them and hoping the scuff doesn’t get any larger.

blue and green striped skirt, mint top, white cardigan

Cardigan- Thrifted: Ann Taylor Loft (Similar), Tank- Target Maternity, Skirt- Thrifted: Old Navy (Similar), Necklace- Made by Me, Shoes- Kohl’s

I was planning on wearing this outfit to a bridal shower last weekend and that’s when I snapped this photo. I went to lunch and managed to drop food on my belly, which is a common occurrence lately. Then stopped at Lowes with Mike to buy spray paint and got dust marks all over it. I opted to switch my top out for my lace one but I recreated this outfit for work, and switched out the sandals for my nude flats.

mustard cardigan, black tank, black and white striped skirt

Cardigan- Modcloth, Tank- Old Navy, Skirt- Target Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Garage Sale

I may have mentioned it before but my maternity wardrobe is filled with stripes, especially black and white ones. I had to quit buying anything with more stripes because then it would be all I wore all week.

blue and white striped shirt, khakis

Shirt- Thrifted: American Eagle, Pants- Garage Sale: Motherhood Maternity, Shoes- Target, Bracelet- New York and Company

The most exciting thing when I get dressed now is finding non maternity clothes that still fit me. We get to wear polos on Friday through labor day and since that day is quickly approaching I decided to see if any of my polos still fit. This one is super stretchy and long so I was excited to find out it was long enough. I ended up wearing a grey cardigan over it to stay warm in my chilly office.

blue and white striped shirt, khakis

Bump shot :)

Purple dress

Dress- Target, Necklace- Gift, Shoes- Refashioned by Me

Another non maternity item that still fits! We went to Mike’s niece's bridal shower over the weekend and as I was staring at a closet full of clothes that don’t fit I decided to give this dress a shot. It’s super stretchy and surprisingly fit nicely over my growing belly. I ended up ditching the headband and switching the shoes out for my more comfortable white sandals at the last second but didn’t get a chance to document the change.


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