WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #33


black dress, white cardigan, pink necklace

Dress- Thrifted: Target, Cardigan- Thrifted: Ann Taylor Loft (Similar), Necklace- Target, Shoes- Target

I have never worn this necklace before. I bought it on clearance at at Target (I think last year) then decided it was a funny length and I thought I would make it longer. I tried it on the other day and decided to give it another try. When I was trying to find a colored necklace to spice up the black and white I put it on and decided to wear it even though I still wasn’t sure about it so here it is. 

black dress, white cardigan, pink necklace

Bump shot :)

black and white striped dress, black cardigan

Cardigan- Target (Similar), Dress- Old Navy Maternity, Necklace- Made by Me, Shoes- Sears

I got this dress from Old Navy for only $8 but it was huge in the belly when I was at the beginning of my second trimester. I wasn’t sure if I liked the stripes but the price was too good to not keep it. Plus the material is pretty thick which isn’t always the case with Old Navy. I tried it on the other day and it finally fit. It’s three quarter length but I felt like the cardigan made it more dressy and broke up the stripes enough for me to like it. Mike even said he liked it so I’m glad I kept it.

black, blue and pink

Cardigan- Target (Similar), Tank- Old Navy, Skirt- Gap Maternity, Necklace- Made by Me, Shoes- Target

I’ve worn this blue/black combo before with a black dress so wearing it with a shirt/skirt was an easy choice. Plus it’s still been so cool that I wanted to wear a long sleeve cardigan so I wouldn’t freeze when it’s only 56 degrees in the morning when I leave for work.

black, blue and pink

Two bump shots in one week :)

cobalt, mint, gray, and black

Cardigan- Target(Similar), Tank- Gap Maternity- Pants- Target Liz Lange Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Very Jane

I know I like this color combo because I wore a similar outfit with a different mint necklace and my black skirt. Easy Friday outfit. I’m into my third trimester and I still don’t love the full panel pants. I am looking forward to when I can wear regular pants with zippers and buttons again.


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