Baby Classes and 34 Week Bump Update


Mike and I spent the past two Saturday's attending child birth class. We opted for the two longer weekend sessions instead of the four shorter, after work sessions. I was surprised at how much information there was to go over in these two classes. I feel prepared, nervous, anxious, excited but mostly ready for this baby to be out of my belly and in my arms.

It’s actually been nice spending so much time at he hospital because I feel more comfortable about where everything is and what we are supposed to be doing. We had a tour in the first class and got to see where I will check in and what the rooms will look like. This Thursday we are taking a child care class where we get to learn about swaddling, diapering and when to tell if the baby is sick.

The baby stuff in our house seems to be multiplying every other day. I can’t believe how much stuff this little guy is going to need. We started setting up a lot of the gear we will need in the beginning so the dogs will get used to having it around. Every time Mike pulls something new out of the box they seem a little anxious about what the heck is going on but then they calm down. We set up the swing and turned on the birdie noises it makes and Abby was looking at it with the most confused looks ever. It was pretty hilarious.

We had a ultra sound today to check the baby’s growth. He’s approximately 5 lbs 13 ounces and in the 75th percentile which means he’s a little bigger than average. The ultrasound lady estimated he will be around 7 lbs 12 ounces at birth. He also has a full head of hair and we could see it in the ultrasound. That may explain the awful heartburn I‘ve been suffering through for weeks :)

I’m really starting to feel big these days. My mobility has taken a nose dive. Putting on socks is extremely difficult. I haven’t worn them in months and it’s starting to get chilly out so I busted out my boots and really struggled to get those socks on. I’m not sure if tights are going to be in my future for the next month. If only I could wear leggings and flip flops every day I would be the happiest pregnant girl in the world.

Other not so fun pregnancy symptoms I’ve having are heartburn (still), trouble sleeping, hot flashes and occasional nausea. I only have to tough it out for 6 more weeks (or 5 weeks 3 days to be more exact.) Hopefully he isn’t a late baby because we are ready to meet him!


33 weeks

34 Weeks

What I Wore Wednesday #38- Third Trimester Outfits


My wardrobe seems to be shrinking a little bit more each week. This week it’s starting to really feel like fall so I am scrambling to find any of my fall clothes that still fit. Usually this is a fun time to pull out all the clothes I forgot I had but this year it is more a feeling of dread to open up my storage closet and see all the clothes that don’t fit. I did feel pretty excited when I found two long sleeve shirts that still fit. I have one jacket that semi closes because I velcro it instead of zipping it. It’s on the verge of busting open so who knows how long it will last.

Maroon cardigan, black tank, tan pants

Cardigan- Target, Tank- Old Navy, Pants- Garage Sale: Motherhood Maternity, Shoes- Target

I had this outfit queued up all last week but it wasn’t cool enough to wear it so when the temps dropped it was perfect.

black and white striped dress, red cardigan

Dress- Motherhood Maternity, Cardigan- Thrifted: Target, Shoes- Target

Still working on pairing this dress with every color cardigan I own. I feel like this combo is a real winner.

black and white striped dress, red cardigan

Bump shot :)

mustard cardigan, blue and white striped shirt, skinny jeans

Cardigan- Modcloth, Shirt- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Jeans- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Sassy Steals

I’m so glad I finally settled on a pair of jeans since we have been allowed to wear jeans at work on Fridays. I would have felt like I was missing out if I hadn’t gotten to participate.


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DIY Owl Baby Mobile


DIY Owl Baby Mobile


Even though our little guy’s room is mostly done I haven’t shared many of the projects we’ve been working on. I was thinking about saving them up for the first few weeks he is here but since I don’t have anything else exciting to talk about today I'm sharing this cute DIY owl baby mobile I made.

The theme in our room is owls and I wanted to make something special to go along with it. I can’t even add up the number of hours I spent on Pinterest trying to find the perfect owl mobile idea. At first I thought I would crochet something but it seemed like a lot of work so I started looking for felt. I found this adorable owl mobile from Homemade by Jill. There is a link to the tree template and she used this owl template from Juicy Bits.

There was still a bit more work than I was interested here because the owl are all hand sewn and stuffed in both tutorials. I was not interested in hand sewing eight owls and two trees with tons of parts so I decided to hot glue everything. It was so much easier but it still took quite a while to cut out all the little pieces and match them all up. I did finish the whole project over a weekend.

DIY Owl Baby Mobile

When I was considering how to make the actual mobile parts I saw this origami mobile at One Dog Woof. She used this pre made mobile from Amazon. It was under $10 so I went ahead and bought one with the thought that I could reuse it in the future to hang pictures like it was originally designed.

I used a mix of blue and green felt for the owls and the trees. I also added white, yellow and cream to the mix that aren’t pictured above. For the owls, I didn’t use the entire eye template because I though it made the owls look a little creepy. The eyes are black rhinestones. I really wanted to make sleepy eyes but didn’t want to hand embroider 16 tiny little circles so I dug around in my stash until I settled on the rhinestones.

Mike helped me hang up the mobile by screwing a hook into the ceiling and we strung a piece of ribbon to tie the mobile on. It will be easily adjustable in case we ever have to raise it up higher.

I love how it came out although I wonder if I should have made everything double sided so it was pleasing to look at any way it is hanging. I‘ll probably just leave it as it because I’d rather focus on a new project like finally starting some crochet hats. Time is running out so I’d better get busy on those!

DIY Owl Baby Mobile

DIY Owl Baby Mobile

DIY Owl Baby Mobile

DIY Owl Baby Mobile


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My Baby Shower


This past weekend was my baby shower. I wanted to dedicate a post to showing you all the cute decorations at my shower. It was diaper creations galore! My mother in law and sister in law did a great job of throwing my shower and we received so many nice gifts. I can’t believe how much stuff a baby needs. It’s mostly all put away besides a couple of outfits that were washed and need to be folded.

Prepare for a picture explosion…

Of course the theme at the shower was owls. Here’s the cake and you can see some of the owl cookies in the background.

Owl Cake

My talented sister in law made this cute diaper carriage.

diaper cake carriage

She also made this adorable diaper owl.

diaper cake owl

My friend made me this fun diaper cake.

diaper cake

Opening one of many generous gifts.


Striking a blogger pose :)

baby shower

I took some more shots of the diaper creations when I got home. This one was so cleverly put together. The wheels are diapers, the body is a pack of diapers and the top part is a box of wipes. It’s wrapped in receiving blankets and bibs. I felt a little bad dismantling it because it clearly took lots of time to put it together.

diaper cake carriage

diaper cake carriage

The body of this owl is made of diapers, then wrapped on the outside with a receiving blanket. The bib is the front piece. He has socks over pipe cleaners for the ears and a wash cloth for the beak.

diaper cake owl

Have you ever seen my diaper cake tutorial? This is a much grander version of that cake. The diapers are rolled with rubber bands and then stacked in layers. The top layer is onesies.

diaper cake

After I took all three of these lovely creations apart I was left with tons of diapers and some other useful items. We are very lucky to have so many family and friends that gave us such nice gifts for our new baby.  It was exciting putting all his stuff away and thinking about his arrival. We can’t wait for him to get here!

What I Wore Wednesday- Third Trimester Outfits


Getting dressed has reached a whole new level of hard. I thought I had my outfit pieces pretty well set but now it’s starting to cool off and having bare legs isn’t as appealing as it used to be. I have two pairs of pants I will start rotating in a lot more. It will be time to break out the tights too and I discovered I have a couple of regular pairs without control tops that sit nicely under my belly.

I’m also starting to outgrow all my long stretchy tops. The ruched ones have become my new favorites since they hug my bigger belly much better. I am also without a well fitting jacket and I’m starting to eye up Mike’s selection of jackets (and shirts too).


Dress- Thrifted: Target, Cardigan- Target (Similar), Shoes- Target

An all Target outfit. I’ve always tied this dress in the back and found it to be annoying. Suddenly I had an epiphany and tied it in the front. So much better. I finally got another pair of my favorite flats. I felt strange seeing black feet since I’m so used to the nude pair but I got over it and wore them all weekend.



Cardigan- Target (Similar), Top- Target Maternity, Skirt- Gap Maternity, Necklace- Very Jane, Shoes- Target

I originally wanted to wear a different cardigan with this top but it was too loose, combined with the looser shirt and I looked larger than I am. A quick change and I like the black and white combo.



Cardigan- Target (Similar), Top- Kohl’s Oh Baby, Skirt- Thrifted: Old Navy (Similar), Shoes- Target, Necklace- Target

I almost wore this outfit but the shirt and necklace were different versions of the same colors. I’ve pretty much exhausted all the ways I can think to wear this skirt so I’m on repeat now.



Bump shot :)


Cardigan- Old Navy, Top- Old Navy, Jeans- Kohl’s Oh Baby, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Groopdealz

This might be the last time I wear this shirt. This is a non maternity tank and it’s served me well but now it’s getting to be a tad bit short. I need to start getting creative!


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Baby Shower and 32 Week Update


8 weeks to go! Instead of complaining about all my pregnancy related symptoms I will give you my (small) list of the perks of being pregnant.

1. I don’t have to change the kitty litter.

2. I don’t have to help move anything heavy.

3. Some guy let me cut in front of him at the bank because I’m “banking for two.”

4. I was saved a chair at a crowded meeting at work.

5. The lady at the checkout at the grocery store made the bag guy load my groceries in the car (This one was slightly embarrassing too. They weren’t that heavy.)

6. I get to park in the “expectant mom” spots at the store.

7. Extra special treatment from my hubby :)

I had my shower this past Saturday and it was so nice. (I will share more details on Friday with pictures of all the fun decorations from the shower.) We got tons of stuff and spent most of Sunday figuring out how to rework our house to accommodate it all and planning for how our life is going to change. It made us both feel really excited for our little guy to get here.

Now we are trying to figure out what we still need to get. There are a few big things we need to get like a high chair, baby monitor and diaper bag. I will be busy overanalyzing the choices we should make, especially for a diaper bag. I had one picked out but then I returned it. I can’t seem to make up my mind on what I want and the more Amazon reviews I read, the less I know what to buy :)


31 weeks

32 weeks

Affordable Maternity Jeans Review


With eight weeks left to go in my pregnancy I am not in the mood to spend lots of money on more maternity clothes I will hardly wear. I started my search for maternity jeans a few weeks ago. I want a pair of affordable, comfortable and cute jeans. I’ve gone through many brands so I wanted to share my reviews in case you are looking for maternity jeans too. I’m glad I settled on a pair because the weather finally cooled off and I’m going to be wearing them every chance I get.


The winner: Kohl’s Oh Baby by Motherhood™ Secret Fit Belly™ Skinny Jeans. Price $33.32 (on sale for $39.20 plus I had an additional 15% off)


I was able to try this pair on in the store because I was about to purchase two sizes online and wait for them to ship, then return the pair that didn’t fit. Being in my third trimester and since these are skinny jeans I bought a size medium. Many of my other maternity pants are smalls but I tend to have to size up for skinny jeans, even not being pregnant.

These jeans were stretchy, the full panel was fairly comfortable (and I am generally not a fan) and the pockets were the perfect size to make by behind actually look good. They felt a little stiff at first but softened up after the first wash. I wore them three days in a row and they did not get stretched out.

They were very similar to some of the pairs I had tried on at Motherhood Maternity but priced less. I got them at an additional 15% off but Kohl’s is always running a sale and you might be able to score them at 20-30% off with a coupon.


Runner up: Motherhood Maternity Wallflower Secret Fit Belly® Rhinestone Trim Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans. Price $49.98

motherhood maternity

If it was not for the price I would have kept these jeans but I couldn’t justify spending almost $50 on a pair of jeans. I am already pretty thrifty with my clothes purchases and I wouldn't be wearing these enough for me to wrap my brain around spending that much on jeans. 

They were super stretchy, had a comfier full panel and made my behind look good. They did have little rhinestones on the pocket I didn’t care for but the material was so comfy. Since the Kohl’s pair I bought is by Motherhood Maternity, the panels were pretty much identical.

There is a buy one get one 50% off jeans promo going on right now and if I could justify needing two pairs of jeans, this would have been a better deal. 8 weeks and no place to wear jeans except on the weekends didn’t justify two pairs for me. There were other pairs in the store that were fairly comfy too and $5-$10 cheaper but the material on this particular pair was the stretchiest. Medium was the size that fit me.


Not a fan: Old Navy Smooth-Panel Rockstar Jeggings. $32.00 (currently on sale for $19.00 in limited sizes)

old navy

I bought this pair of jeans when I could not use a promo code and then they promptly sold out of most sizes. Now there aren’t any jegging style full panel jeans available in a size above a 6. (They have lots of skinny jeans styles now but I’m not sure how the cut of the legs will compare.) I bought a 6 and an 8 and the 8 ended up fitting me better. I wear both sizes normally from Old Navy depending on the style.

The material of these jeans was stretchy and really comfy. The pockets though were way too long and made my behind look saggy. The kicker though was the full panel. It came down way too low in the back and it had a weird elastic type thing at the top of the panel that left marks on my belly. I was worried if I got any bigger it would get really uncomfortable. The panel is what made me return them.

On a side note, I bought a pair of demi panel ankle cuff ponte pants with slit back pockets (no longer available) from Old Navy at the beginning of my pregnancy that I have been very pleased with. I do think it is possible to get a good pair of pants from there but I do not care for their full panel.


Not a fan: Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Dark Wash Denim Jeans. Price $34.99


I really wanted to like these jeans. I was so excited to see skinny jeans at Target. I had a 25% off coupon for Liz Lange and I would have snapped these up in a second…if they actually fit me right. In store there was a black/gray pair too and that’s the one I tried on because they didn’t have the blue in my size. I tried on the medium and I liked the full panel. It felt silkier than my other Liz Lange pants. The pants material was super stretchy so that was also good but the crotch was really weird and bunched up funny. Not flattering. I also didn’t love the pockets, they were a bit on the small side.


Not a Fan: Thyme Maternity Skinny Jean with Whiskering and Thyme Maternity Jegging with 3 in 1 Panel. Price $29.50 (Currently $59.00 and $44.98 with Buy one get one 50%. I bought them on a 50% off sale)

thyme skinny jean thyme jegging

I don’t like sharing these pictures because they don’t accurately show what these jeans look like. I was excited to find them on sale for 50% off on Babies R Us website so I ordered both types in a small and medium plus I had a promo code for an extra $20 off.

The skinny jean fit in a medium, I couldn’t even pull the small up. The leg was much wider than in the picture, more like a straight leg jean. It was not tight around my ankle and when I tried them on with tall boots they didn’t look right. The panel was much different than any other pair of full panels I’ve tried. It was more like t shirt fabric which was really comfy but it didn’t conform to my bump as well and left a small gap at the top. The pockets were on the small side and not very flattering to my behind. If the leg had fit tighter I might have overlooked any other issues and kept them because they were the cheapest pair I tried but I couldn’t get past the looser cut of the leg.

For the jegging the medium also fit. The small panel was way too tight. The problem was that the legs were even looser than the skinny jean.  They were a definite no.

Luckily I was able to return them in store to Babies R Us even though they were not carried at the location I bought them at. If I needed more pants I might give this brand another try in a different cut because I liked the material of the panel.


I would have liked to have tried Gap maternity jeans too because I’ve heard good things about them but I was running out of time with my hunt and I’m happy with my Kohl’s jeans. You may have seen this picture in my What I Wore Wednesday post but here’s how I look modeling my winning pair.



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What I Wore Wednesday #36- Third Trimester Outfits


I have to start this post out by wishing my wonderful husband Mike a happy birthday. It’s not the greatest day in history to have a birthday but it sure is memorable :) He is the best husband and has been so good to me throughout this pregnancy (even when I was really cranky in the beginning.)


lace top, white cardigan, black and white striped skirt

Cardigan- Old Navy (Similar) Top- Target Maternity, Skirt- Target Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Target

I’m trying to get lots of use out of this lace top. I bought it because it goes with everything but I’ve only worn it a couple of times so it needs to make it’s way into the outfit rotation more often. That was inevitable anyway since some of my tops are starting to not fit anymore.

black and white striped dress, mustard cardigan

Dress- Old Navy Maternity, Cardigan- Modcloth, Necklace- Groopdealz, Shoes- Target

When I first got this dress I thought it would never fit me. Now that it does I am trying to get as much wear out of it as possible. This will probably be my pick for my baby shower this weekend. If it’s warm I’ll wear it by itself with a statement necklace and if it’s cool I might add black leggings underneath.

oatmeal cardigan, mint tank, black pants

Cardigan- Target (Similar), Top- Target Maternity, Pants- Target Liz Lange Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Gift

Although I got these pants on daily deal from Target for an amazing price, I have to say I do not love the full panel on them. I’m not a fan of the full panel in general but this one bothers me more than the others I have. It’s kind of itchy. I wore it folded down all day to make it more tolerable.

cobalt tank, black cardigan, skinny jeans

Cardigan- Thrifted: Old Navy (Similar), Top- Gap Maternity, Jeans- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Gabriel Brothers

I found a jeans winner just in time for Jeans Friday. These ones from Kohl’s were the best price for the fit. They have a full panel but I can tolerate it. I’m really glad I finally settled on a pair because I wore them all weekend since it really cooled off around here.

cobalt tank, black cardigan, skinny jeans

Bump shot :)


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Happy Monday


There is a bit of sarcasm in my post title. This past weekend seemed to evaporate into thin air and it’s time to start the work week again. I don’t have any pretty garden pictures or fun projects to share with you so I’ll just share what’s going on in my life right now.

We have plans for at least one day every weekend in September from this past weekend through the last one. I am tired just thinking about it. Plus two weekends in October are already booked up with weddings. That gives us only three weekends with no current plans before our little guy is supposed to make his debut. If he comes a few days early I will be absolutely fine with that (fingers crossed!)

My friend and coworker had her baby girl on Tuesday, three days early. I felt excited for her, sad because I will miss having her to talk about baby stuff and emotional over the fact that in 8 1/2 weeks I will be welcoming my own baby into this world. Right now it just seems like that day will never get here and I will have acid reflux and uncomfortable sleep for the rest of my life.

We started the first of three scheduled baby classes on Saturday with breastfeeding. Mike came with me and really paid attention, despite his many breast jokes, because he repeated back a lot of what we heard the next day. I was  impressed with how much he remembered. I was also really glad to have him there because there was so much information they went over in class it was a bit overwhelming.

Next weekend is my baby shower, then two weekends of child birth class, the next week is a weeknight child care class, then Mike’s niece's wedding, then two weekends off, then our friend's wedding. And throw in Mike’s birthday on Wednesday and we are practically booked until November.

Even though I could sleep all day every day, Mike has been working 10 times as hard to finish little projects around the house. I am amazed by his energy. This past weekend he cleaned out our living room closet (I helped a little with that.) Then fixed some holes in the closet wall and painted the walls and the floor, all in one day. In the same day he lightly sanded our dining room floor and put down two coats of polyurethane to freshen up the finish and make them look new again. In addition to that, he cooked chicken, potatoes and pasta fagioli (I helped a little with that too) so we have our dinner and lunch ready for the week. Plus, he went to the gym and to Lowes to get spackle. In contrast my big accomplishments were going to the grocery store, washing a load of laundry and taking a nap. Well, at least I got something done :)

I do have some fun projects to share but they aren’t properly photographed so I will get to that sometime soon.

Leaving you with a random picture of our doggies because posts aren’t fun without pictures.



Crochet Newborn Bow Hat Pattern

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Crochet Newborn Easy Bow Hat Free Pattern

I haven’t shared a free pattern in a long time! I made some baby hats for my my friend’s baby girl and shared them last week. I wanted to make something new and special so I created this newborn bow hat pattern. It’s a super easy pattern and I whipped it up in one evening. I saw something similar on Pinterest once so it was the inspiration behind this hat.

Worsted weight yarn in two colors. I used Caron Simply Soft.
G hook
Tapestry needle
Gauge: 1st 4 rows measured from center to edge= 2 in.

Ch= chain
Dc= double crochet
Ss= slip stitch
Sc= single crochet

(Ch 3 does not count as a dc)
Rnd 1: In first Color: Ch 4. 10 dc in 3rd chain from hook. Join with a ss to top of first dc. (10 dc)
Rnd 2: Ch 3. 2 dc in each dc. Join with a ss to stop of first dc. (20 dc)
Rnd 3: Ch 3. (1 dc in first stitch, 2 dc in next stitch) repeat around. Join with a ss to top of first dc. (30 dc)
Rnd 4: Ch 3. (1 dc in first two stitches, 2 dc in next stitch) repeat around. Join with a ss to top of first dc. (40 dc)
Rnd 5-6: Ch 3. 1 dc in each stitch. Join with a ss to top of first dc. (40 dc)
Rnd 7: Switch to second color: Ch 3. 1 dc in each stitch. Join with a ss to top of first dc. (40 dc)
Rnd 8-9 Switch to first color: Ch 3. 1 dc in each stitch. Join with a ss to top of first dc. Weave in ends. (40 dc)

In second color: Ch 11. Turn. 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and each across.
Turn. 1 sc in each across. Repeat two more times.
Sc around entire piece. End with a slip stitch and weave in ends.
Using a long piece of yarn, pinch the center and wrap around several times until you get the desired look. Use the rest of the piece of yarn to stitch to the hat on top of the colored stripe.

Crochet Newborn Easy Bow Hat Free Pattern

You may use any of the patterns I create for personal use. If you would like to make an item to sell with my patterns you must link back to the pattern on my blog. You can not sell my patterns as your own.

What I Wore Wednesday #35- Third Trimester Outfits


I’m starting to feel like I’m doing my own version of a 30 x 30 challenge. I have around 35 items I can wear to work and around 15 casual items. Some of the work stuff I can wear casually too. As of tomorrow I only have 63 days to go plus I’ve already been wearing these same items for at least the past 8 weeks. Although once it hits mid- late September I’ll be scrounging to find cool weather clothes that fit. Basically I’ll be swapping out my three quarter length cardigans for long sleeve and relying on my two pairs of work pants and one pair of jeans a lot more.

Here’s how my outfit planning goes. I have enough bottoms/dresses that I can generally wear them every other week. First I determine what I didn’t wear last week, then try to find a new cardigan/tank/skirt/pants or cardigan/dress combo that I didn’t already pair together. It’s starting to get tough to stay creative but on the other hand the limits make it easy because I don’t have many options to choose from so it doesn’t take much thought to put an outfit together.


Cardigan- Thrifted: Ann Taylor Loft (Similar), Skirt- Gap Maternity, Tank- Gap Maternity, Necklace- Sassy Steals, Shoes- Target

This color combo worked before with a pair of black capris so I swapped them out for a skirt and I have an easy outfit.


Dress- Motherhood Maternity, Cardigan- Target (Similar), Shoes- Target, Necklace- Gift

I am working on pairing this dress with every colored cardigan I own. This week was teal.


Cardigan- Target (Similar), Tank- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Skirt- Target Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Gabriel Brothers

I can’t go a week without wearing stripes multiple times so it’s only stripes twice this week.


Bump shot :)


Shirt- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Skirt- Old Navy Maternity, Shoes- Dillard’s

This is my weekend/after work uniform right now. I alternate between this black skirt and my similar grey and white striped one. I’ve probably mentioned it but I love the fold over waistband. It fits under my belly and it’s so comfortable. I prefer it to any other type of maternity panel. I wish there were jeans made that way.

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