Affordable Maternity Jeans Review


With eight weeks left to go in my pregnancy I am not in the mood to spend lots of money on more maternity clothes I will hardly wear. I started my search for maternity jeans a few weeks ago. I want a pair of affordable, comfortable and cute jeans. I’ve gone through many brands so I wanted to share my reviews in case you are looking for maternity jeans too. I’m glad I settled on a pair because the weather finally cooled off and I’m going to be wearing them every chance I get.


The winner: Kohl’s Oh Baby by Motherhood™ Secret Fit Belly™ Skinny Jeans. Price $33.32 (on sale for $39.20 plus I had an additional 15% off)


I was able to try this pair on in the store because I was about to purchase two sizes online and wait for them to ship, then return the pair that didn’t fit. Being in my third trimester and since these are skinny jeans I bought a size medium. Many of my other maternity pants are smalls but I tend to have to size up for skinny jeans, even not being pregnant.

These jeans were stretchy, the full panel was fairly comfortable (and I am generally not a fan) and the pockets were the perfect size to make by behind actually look good. They felt a little stiff at first but softened up after the first wash. I wore them three days in a row and they did not get stretched out.

They were very similar to some of the pairs I had tried on at Motherhood Maternity but priced less. I got them at an additional 15% off but Kohl’s is always running a sale and you might be able to score them at 20-30% off with a coupon.


Runner up: Motherhood Maternity Wallflower Secret Fit Belly® Rhinestone Trim Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans. Price $49.98

motherhood maternity

If it was not for the price I would have kept these jeans but I couldn’t justify spending almost $50 on a pair of jeans. I am already pretty thrifty with my clothes purchases and I wouldn't be wearing these enough for me to wrap my brain around spending that much on jeans. 

They were super stretchy, had a comfier full panel and made my behind look good. They did have little rhinestones on the pocket I didn’t care for but the material was so comfy. Since the Kohl’s pair I bought is by Motherhood Maternity, the panels were pretty much identical.

There is a buy one get one 50% off jeans promo going on right now and if I could justify needing two pairs of jeans, this would have been a better deal. 8 weeks and no place to wear jeans except on the weekends didn’t justify two pairs for me. There were other pairs in the store that were fairly comfy too and $5-$10 cheaper but the material on this particular pair was the stretchiest. Medium was the size that fit me.


Not a fan: Old Navy Smooth-Panel Rockstar Jeggings. $32.00 (currently on sale for $19.00 in limited sizes)

old navy

I bought this pair of jeans when I could not use a promo code and then they promptly sold out of most sizes. Now there aren’t any jegging style full panel jeans available in a size above a 6. (They have lots of skinny jeans styles now but I’m not sure how the cut of the legs will compare.) I bought a 6 and an 8 and the 8 ended up fitting me better. I wear both sizes normally from Old Navy depending on the style.

The material of these jeans was stretchy and really comfy. The pockets though were way too long and made my behind look saggy. The kicker though was the full panel. It came down way too low in the back and it had a weird elastic type thing at the top of the panel that left marks on my belly. I was worried if I got any bigger it would get really uncomfortable. The panel is what made me return them.

On a side note, I bought a pair of demi panel ankle cuff ponte pants with slit back pockets (no longer available) from Old Navy at the beginning of my pregnancy that I have been very pleased with. I do think it is possible to get a good pair of pants from there but I do not care for their full panel.


Not a fan: Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Dark Wash Denim Jeans. Price $34.99


I really wanted to like these jeans. I was so excited to see skinny jeans at Target. I had a 25% off coupon for Liz Lange and I would have snapped these up in a second…if they actually fit me right. In store there was a black/gray pair too and that’s the one I tried on because they didn’t have the blue in my size. I tried on the medium and I liked the full panel. It felt silkier than my other Liz Lange pants. The pants material was super stretchy so that was also good but the crotch was really weird and bunched up funny. Not flattering. I also didn’t love the pockets, they were a bit on the small side.


Not a Fan: Thyme Maternity Skinny Jean with Whiskering and Thyme Maternity Jegging with 3 in 1 Panel. Price $29.50 (Currently $59.00 and $44.98 with Buy one get one 50%. I bought them on a 50% off sale)

thyme skinny jean thyme jegging

I don’t like sharing these pictures because they don’t accurately show what these jeans look like. I was excited to find them on sale for 50% off on Babies R Us website so I ordered both types in a small and medium plus I had a promo code for an extra $20 off.

The skinny jean fit in a medium, I couldn’t even pull the small up. The leg was much wider than in the picture, more like a straight leg jean. It was not tight around my ankle and when I tried them on with tall boots they didn’t look right. The panel was much different than any other pair of full panels I’ve tried. It was more like t shirt fabric which was really comfy but it didn’t conform to my bump as well and left a small gap at the top. The pockets were on the small side and not very flattering to my behind. If the leg had fit tighter I might have overlooked any other issues and kept them because they were the cheapest pair I tried but I couldn’t get past the looser cut of the leg.

For the jegging the medium also fit. The small panel was way too tight. The problem was that the legs were even looser than the skinny jean.  They were a definite no.

Luckily I was able to return them in store to Babies R Us even though they were not carried at the location I bought them at. If I needed more pants I might give this brand another try in a different cut because I liked the material of the panel.


I would have liked to have tried Gap maternity jeans too because I’ve heard good things about them but I was running out of time with my hunt and I’m happy with my Kohl’s jeans. You may have seen this picture in my What I Wore Wednesday post but here’s how I look modeling my winning pair.



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