Baby Classes and 34 Week Bump Update


Mike and I spent the past two Saturday's attending child birth class. We opted for the two longer weekend sessions instead of the four shorter, after work sessions. I was surprised at how much information there was to go over in these two classes. I feel prepared, nervous, anxious, excited but mostly ready for this baby to be out of my belly and in my arms.

It’s actually been nice spending so much time at he hospital because I feel more comfortable about where everything is and what we are supposed to be doing. We had a tour in the first class and got to see where I will check in and what the rooms will look like. This Thursday we are taking a child care class where we get to learn about swaddling, diapering and when to tell if the baby is sick.

The baby stuff in our house seems to be multiplying every other day. I can’t believe how much stuff this little guy is going to need. We started setting up a lot of the gear we will need in the beginning so the dogs will get used to having it around. Every time Mike pulls something new out of the box they seem a little anxious about what the heck is going on but then they calm down. We set up the swing and turned on the birdie noises it makes and Abby was looking at it with the most confused looks ever. It was pretty hilarious.

We had a ultra sound today to check the baby’s growth. He’s approximately 5 lbs 13 ounces and in the 75th percentile which means he’s a little bigger than average. The ultrasound lady estimated he will be around 7 lbs 12 ounces at birth. He also has a full head of hair and we could see it in the ultrasound. That may explain the awful heartburn I‘ve been suffering through for weeks :)

I’m really starting to feel big these days. My mobility has taken a nose dive. Putting on socks is extremely difficult. I haven’t worn them in months and it’s starting to get chilly out so I busted out my boots and really struggled to get those socks on. I’m not sure if tights are going to be in my future for the next month. If only I could wear leggings and flip flops every day I would be the happiest pregnant girl in the world.

Other not so fun pregnancy symptoms I’ve having are heartburn (still), trouble sleeping, hot flashes and occasional nausea. I only have to tough it out for 6 more weeks (or 5 weeks 3 days to be more exact.) Hopefully he isn’t a late baby because we are ready to meet him!


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34 Weeks

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