Happy Labor Day and 30 Week Bump Update


Happy Labor Day! Mike and I have been enjoying a lazy weekend and an extra day off. It feels great to be able to relax and sleep in for an extra day to help recharge my batteries. Being 30 weeks pregnant is quite tiring!

Almost ever since we found out I was pregnant we have been trying to get the house ready for having extra baby stuff everywhere. Mike has rearranged our dining room at least three times and I think this time it’s perfect. He moved our  desk into the dining room from the living room and opened up an area for the pack n play. We kept thinking it would have to go in the dining room but now we have the perfect spot for a baby corner in our living room.

He also helped me hang up the baby mobile I made over the crib. I pretty excited about it and I’ll share it in a future post. I went ahead and bought our changing pad and cover for the changing table last week with gift cards I got at my work shower since they were on super sale and I couldn’t pass them up. We still need sheets and a bed skirt and the room is pretty much done. I’m not in love the color of the cushion on the rocking chair but since I’m a little unsure if I am going to want to sit in that chair all the time because it’s not very big, we are just going to leave it for now. I wish I had enough fabric in my stash to recover it but none of the pieces I have are big enough and the right color at the same time.

My little guy is quite the night time mover. I’ve been noticing he is more in a schedule now of quiet time and awake time. His most active time is right when I’m ready to go to bed. Mike has had fun being able to feel his strong kicks. The baby is also gotten big enough that we can feel his body parts, like hard lumps, even when he’s not moving. We like to speculate what we are actually feeling. Is that his head, his butt, his shoulder?

My acid reflux has taken on a whole new level of awful. The worst thing that sets it off now is eating too much. I am learning the hard way that I can’t over eat anymore. I just end up regretting it. There are definitely foods that make it worse too but at this point it’s almost anything I eat. I can’t get excited about eating out anymore because that is one of the easiest places to overeat and I don’t know if I’m going to end up with a meal that ends up disagreeing with me.

I am on a quest for the perfect pair of inexpensive maternity jeans. I don’t have much time left to wear them but I know I am going to need a pair of pants to wear for the next two months and until I lose some of the baby weight. I don’t want to spend a lot of money since I will be wearing them for such a short amount of time and that is no easy feat since maternity clothes are generally not cheap. I’ve tried on so many different pairs I may do a review to share the fit of the different brands. I have an order of Thyme Maternity jeans from Babies R Us coming this week and I’m hoping they are the winners because they were half off and really reasonably priced. If not, I found a pair I like at Kohl’s that fit well but cost $10 more than the Thyme Maternity ones. I already returned a pair of Old Navy Jeans because I didn’t like the fit and a pair of Motherhood Maternity Jeans because they were too expensive.

Now on to some bump pictures!

29 weeks

30 weeks

I haven’t shared all my pictures at once in awhile. Making a collage this big is pretty difficult so the pictures turned out a little smaller than I would have liked but I think you can still see the changes in my belly.

bump update 30 weeks

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