Happy Monday


There is a bit of sarcasm in my post title. This past weekend seemed to evaporate into thin air and it’s time to start the work week again. I don’t have any pretty garden pictures or fun projects to share with you so I’ll just share what’s going on in my life right now.

We have plans for at least one day every weekend in September from this past weekend through the last one. I am tired just thinking about it. Plus two weekends in October are already booked up with weddings. That gives us only three weekends with no current plans before our little guy is supposed to make his debut. If he comes a few days early I will be absolutely fine with that (fingers crossed!)

My friend and coworker had her baby girl on Tuesday, three days early. I felt excited for her, sad because I will miss having her to talk about baby stuff and emotional over the fact that in 8 1/2 weeks I will be welcoming my own baby into this world. Right now it just seems like that day will never get here and I will have acid reflux and uncomfortable sleep for the rest of my life.

We started the first of three scheduled baby classes on Saturday with breastfeeding. Mike came with me and really paid attention, despite his many breast jokes, because he repeated back a lot of what we heard the next day. I was  impressed with how much he remembered. I was also really glad to have him there because there was so much information they went over in class it was a bit overwhelming.

Next weekend is my baby shower, then two weekends of child birth class, the next week is a weeknight child care class, then Mike’s niece's wedding, then two weekends off, then our friend's wedding. And throw in Mike’s birthday on Wednesday and we are practically booked until November.

Even though I could sleep all day every day, Mike has been working 10 times as hard to finish little projects around the house. I am amazed by his energy. This past weekend he cleaned out our living room closet (I helped a little with that.) Then fixed some holes in the closet wall and painted the walls and the floor, all in one day. In the same day he lightly sanded our dining room floor and put down two coats of polyurethane to freshen up the finish and make them look new again. In addition to that, he cooked chicken, potatoes and pasta fagioli (I helped a little with that too) so we have our dinner and lunch ready for the week. Plus, he went to the gym and to Lowes to get spackle. In contrast my big accomplishments were going to the grocery store, washing a load of laundry and taking a nap. Well, at least I got something done :)

I do have some fun projects to share but they aren’t properly photographed so I will get to that sometime soon.

Leaving you with a random picture of our doggies because posts aren’t fun without pictures.



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