My Baby Shower


This past weekend was my baby shower. I wanted to dedicate a post to showing you all the cute decorations at my shower. It was diaper creations galore! My mother in law and sister in law did a great job of throwing my shower and we received so many nice gifts. I can’t believe how much stuff a baby needs. It’s mostly all put away besides a couple of outfits that were washed and need to be folded.

Prepare for a picture explosion…

Of course the theme at the shower was owls. Here’s the cake and you can see some of the owl cookies in the background.

Owl Cake

My talented sister in law made this cute diaper carriage.

diaper cake carriage

She also made this adorable diaper owl.

diaper cake owl

My friend made me this fun diaper cake.

diaper cake

Opening one of many generous gifts.


Striking a blogger pose :)

baby shower

I took some more shots of the diaper creations when I got home. This one was so cleverly put together. The wheels are diapers, the body is a pack of diapers and the top part is a box of wipes. It’s wrapped in receiving blankets and bibs. I felt a little bad dismantling it because it clearly took lots of time to put it together.

diaper cake carriage

diaper cake carriage

The body of this owl is made of diapers, then wrapped on the outside with a receiving blanket. The bib is the front piece. He has socks over pipe cleaners for the ears and a wash cloth for the beak.

diaper cake owl

Have you ever seen my diaper cake tutorial? This is a much grander version of that cake. The diapers are rolled with rubber bands and then stacked in layers. The top layer is onesies.

diaper cake

After I took all three of these lovely creations apart I was left with tons of diapers and some other useful items. We are very lucky to have so many family and friends that gave us such nice gifts for our new baby.  It was exciting putting all his stuff away and thinking about his arrival. We can’t wait for him to get here!

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