What I Wore #43- Last of the Third Trimester Outfits


This is going to be one of my last third trimester outfit posts. If I had something better to write about I might reconsider even sharing this one at all. I had problems with lighting all week and I clearly don’t know how to straighten out my necklaces. It got cold this week, really cold. It even snowed in some areas, luckily not ours. I am not prepared to handle the cold weather since I have barely any cold weather clothes to wear. I did dig around in my winter closet and found a couple more warmer cardigans that I can add to the mix.

My calves and feet are starting to feel a little swollen so it limits my tall boots down to one pair so not much cute boots/skirt wearing will be going on. That’s ok though too because I’m not putting tights on any time soon. Socks are difficult enough!



Cardigan- Modcloth, Shirt- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Pants- Garage Sale: Motherhood Maternity, Necklace- Garage Sale, Shoes- Target

I took this picture after work so I am wrinkly and apparently light behind these blinds makes for bad picture lighting.


Cardigan- Thrifted (Similar Cardigan, Similar Sweater), Shirt- Target Maternity, Pants- Target Liz Lange Maternity, Necklace- Gabriel Brothers, Shoes- JC Penney

I wore this cardigan last week but it makes me feel semi cute so I wore it again. This is the day it was super cold and I wasn’t about to wear my flats without socks so I wore a pair of calf height boots under my pants that I don’t wear very often. I don’t know if I was in love with them under pants instead of over them, but they have no heel and they covered my foot so it worked well enough.



Dress- Target, Cardigan- Thrifted: Old Navy, Necklace- Redone by me, Shoes- Target with bow clips by me

This is what I wore to the wedding we went to on Saturday. I wore it to a wedding a few weeks ago and I can tell my belly has grown because it’s shorter on me now. I warmed it up with the cardigan and dressed up my flats with bow clips I made awhile ago. I never thought to put them on a different pair of shoes and it was a nice touch to play with my accessories since there isn’t much I have left to work with these days in my wardrobe.



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38 Week Bump Update

38 weeks

2 weeks (or officially 1 week 3 days) to go. I was looking at my picture from last week and my belly has definitely changed shaped. It’s less round than it was and it looks lower to me. He feels lower too and I have been feeling a lot of pressure the past few days. I’ve also had lots of upper back pain and been beyond exhausted. Plus I’ve been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, especially when I’m on my feet and walking around.

At my doctors appointment today I learned I am 2 1/2 cm dilated, 50% effaced and at a negative 2 station. I had to look up what the negative 2 meant and it means the baby has dropped but he is not in my pelvis yet. I guess that confirms that I have been feeling that he is lower. There is no way to know exactly when he will be here but it can’t be long now!

We had a wedding to go to this past Saturday and celebrated my dad’s birthday on Sunday. I feel like there is no break for this tired pregnant lady. We have been non stop busy for the entire month and all I want to do is slow down and rest. Next weekend is looking fairly calm so hopefully I will be able to relax in my last moments without a newborn.

We have so much stuff for this tiny little guy I worked on reorganizing his closet and changing table. It seemed like we had so much room for all his stuff but we are filled to the brim now. We have gotten so many gifts and hand me downs, plus all the stuff we bought for him I don’t know what else we could possibly need at this point. Just a baby!


bump and baby-38 weeks

What I Wore #42- And More Third Trimester Outfits


Getting dressed these days is really getting hard. I may have said that before but each week it gets increasingly more difficult. Not only is everything getting too small but it’s starting to really cool off and I don’t have many cool weather items to wear. Since putting on socks is almost more than I can handle I don’t think tights are in my future. I’ve been trying to stay warm with tall boots but I think my calves are starting to swell because most of my boots are feeling too tight and I want to throw them out the window on the car ride home from work. I may be in pants only for the next couple of weeks. Not interesting at all but I just don’t care anymore :) I’m just happy to find anything that fits and is still semi appropriate for the temperature outside. I finally had to steal one of Mike’s jackets because the only one I had that almost fit is just not happening anymore. #Pregnancyproblems.



Dress- Old Navy Maternity, Cardigan- Target (Similar), Boots- Dr. Scholls (Same pair, different color), Necklace- Gabriel Brothers

I was really liking this cardigan/dress combo and then about five minutes after I got to work I was dying in the heat and took the cardigan off. I think it was the day they decided to turn on the heat at the office and it was way too toasty for this pregnant lady. At least you can see how I intended on wearing it.


Cardigan- Thrifted (Similar Cardigan, Similar Sweater), Shirt- Gap Maternity, Belt- Kohl’s, Jeans- Kohl’s Oh Baby by Motherhood, Boots- Sam and Libby, Necklace- Thrifted

I got really fashion crazy and added a belt to my outfit today. There isn’t much definition anymore between my chest and belly and I wanted to fix that. I thought when I first got pregnant I would still wear a belt all the time to accentuate my belly but every time I put one on it never looked right. So with only a few weeks to go I gave it another try and I liked it. Of course I had to take it off about an hour before I left work because it started to drive me crazy but it was nice while it lasted.



Sweater- JC Penney, Dress- Target, Leggings- Old Navy Maternity, Boots- Sam and Libby

I wear this outfit almost every weekend so I figured I would get a picture of it. It has had a few variations with a light weight grey cardigan and my black flats but this non maternity (and surprisingly stretchy) dress make a great tunic to wear over my leggings. I would wear this outfit every day if it never got dirty, it was work dress code appropriate and it was socially acceptable to never change your clothes.


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37 Week Bump Update


37 weeks


Hard to believe I am in my 37th week of pregnancy already. Technically only 2 weeks and 3 days to go before my little guy is supposed to get here. It is just around the corner yet still feels so far away. (Hopefully this shirt I’m wearing holds out for these picture for a couple more weeks because it’s getting too small!)

I have been crocheting some tiny hats for the baby to wear. I’ve got two finished and am working on two different sizes of a third design. It’s taking me longer than it should and I’m hoping to make at least one more type before I run out of time. It’s only fitting that my baby has a million and one hats since I’ve made so many for other people.

I’m up to 1 1/2 cm dilated which is 1/2 cm more than last week. Hoping that’s a good sign I will continue to progress and go into labor on my own since I don’t want to be induced.

On a much sadder note my grandma had a severe stroke this past Tuesday and is paralyzed on the left side of her body. She has been improving but it’s going to be a long road to recovery. She is getting moved to a rehab facility today or tomorrow to start physical, occupation and speech therapy to recover her paralyzed muscles. It’s hard to see her in the hospital and sad that this is supposed to be a happy time for the family but it’s turning into a very hard time instead. I am praying for her recovery and that she will be able to hold her first great grandchild in her arms after he gets here.

So I will focus on getting myself through these last few weeks of pregnancy despite the fact that I’m tired, uncomfortable and still suffering with horrible heartburn. I don’t know what I would do without Mike to help get me through every day. He is so amazing around the house and has been picking up all my slack for a long time. I am anxiously awaiting this little guy to be here and become a part of our lives.

Spray Painted Owls


spray painted owls


I have been holding on to these two ugly owls for at least a year, long before I was pregnant. I got the one on the left at the dollar store last Halloween and the one on the right was a thrift store find. Spray painted owls have been a huge blogger project for a while and I wanted to jump on board with the trend. I didn’t know what to do with them so they sat in my closet for a long time. When we decided to do an owl theme in the baby’s room I knew they would be a perfect addition.

The main colors in the room are blue and green so we found some spray paint in a close match at Lowes. Mike gave each owl a few coats of paint and they have a completely different look. It’s amazing what some paint can do!

We paired these two with the owl I had out in the garden which was the right color to complete our little floating shelf from Target. An easy and cute project for our little guy’s room.

Stay tuned for the nursery reveal. I’m saving the whole thing for after the baby gets here :)


spray painted owls

spray painted owls

spray painted owls

Spray painted owls


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WIWW #41- Some More Third Trimester Outfits


I’m going to admit that I don’t like any of these pictures. I need a haircut, somehow they are all crooked and I lost my place to take pictures since we rearranged our spare room. I don’t like the place I took this weeks pictures but I’m not sure where else I have available. I’m also running out of clothing options and struggling with what to wear every day. So I’m just keeping it real and sharing what this very pregnant lady wore this past week. 3 more weeks to go before my due date and hopefully this little guy gets here on time!


Cardigan- Thrifted: Old Navy, Shirt- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Pants- Garage Sale: Motherhood Maternity, Necklace- Made by me, Shoes- Target

The full panel pants are actually starting to feel more comfortable now that my belly is getting to be much bigger. I actually didn’t mind wearing them that much this day.


Cardigan- Old Navy, Shirt- Gap Maternity, Skirt- Target Maternity, Boots- Steve Madden, Necklace- Jane.com

I braved the heeled boots and they sure made my ankles hurt. In the past I thought the heel on these boots was fairly small and comfortable but I haven’t worn heels very often in the past couple of months and I am going to have to learn to wear them all over again. Oh well, at least they looked cute with this outfit :)


Cardigan- Target, Shirt- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Pants- Target Liz Lange Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Gift

I have nothing special to day about this outfit except for the fact that it still fits.


Cardigan- Old Navy, Shirt- Target Maternity, Jeans- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Boots- Aereosoles, Necklace- Target

I liked this shirt/cardigan combo with my blue and green skirt so I decided to pair it with my jeans. This necklace has always been hard for me to style so I was happy to find a new way to wear it. This was my outfit win for the week.


Happy Columbus Day and 36 Week Bump Update


Happy Columbus Day! You may not have even realized it was a holiday but as a bank employee I get the day off today. I’m really grateful for a extra day off because I can use it to rest up. Being pregnant is so tiring especially now that there is only 4 weeks left to go (or 3 weeks 3 days to be exact and yes I’m counting!)

I had plans to get some sewing projects done today but I ended up going to the doctor, having lunch with my mom, napping and taking a quick trip to Target. Not exactly a productive day but I don’t have many of those days anymore anyway.

If I could just lay on the couch until the baby gets here that would be the perfect way to finish off my pregnancy but unfortunately I still have to work and attempt to help keep the household going so I am just taking it one day at a time. Besides being exhausted, my heartburn is out of control and I struggle every night to get a good nights sleep. If this baby wants to make his debut a little bit early I will not complain one bit. I’m 1 centimeter dilated so hopefully things will progress quickly.

We finished up the last of our baby classes, Mike installed the car seat and we have all of the smaller sized clothes washed and put away. I feel like we are as prepared as we can be. Mike has even started cooking and freezing some meals for us so we have something that is easy to heat up right after the baby comes.

I can’t believe it’s almost time for our little guy to show up. He is still really active despite the fact that he’s running out of room. Mike gets so excited to see him move in my belly and he loves to try and make him move around by rubbing it.

I don’t know if it’s the way I have the shirt on or the angle I took the picture at but I think my belly looks a lot different in these two pictures.

35 Weeks

36 weeks

I know it’s small but I haven’t figured this enormous collage thing out yet but here it is anyway, my progress so far. I can’t believe how tiny I was at the beginning and I felt so much bigger than I was.

bump and baby-36 weeks

WIWW #40- More Third Trimester Outfits


You aren’t going to see too many more of these third trimester outfits posts and that is a good thing because I am running out of clothes to wear! My belly is too big to fit in a lot of the shirts that fit me for the majority of this pregnancy. Lucky for me this week was surprisingly warm again so I got to enjoy some more wear out of my skirts and dresses without wondering how to keep my bare legs warm. I really am quite lucky with the weather we have had for this entire pregnancy. It’s been a cooler summer and a mild fall so far. I just need to make it four more weeks with what I’ve got and then it will be a whole new ball game of trying to figure out what to wear post partum :)

Purple cardigan, white tank, black skirt

Cardigan- Old Navy, Skirt- Gap Maternity, Top- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Gabriel Brothers

New outfit formula: Find a shirt that fits, find a cardigan that matches it, find bottoms that are weather appropriate, done.

blue and gray striped skirt, gray cardigan, skinny jeans

Cardigan- Target, Shirt- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Jeans- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Shoes- Target

At work we were celebrating the Indians being close to making the playoffs so we got to wear jeans on Wednesday, which was pretty exciting. I have to Indians gear and Mike’s shirts are actually way too big so this was my attempt at wearing Indians colors.

Black and white striped dress, black cardigan

Dress- Motherhood Maternity, Cardigan- Target, Shoes- Target

This dress has been a major winner for me. It’s so comfy and stretchy and I would wear it over pants any day. I think I’ve almost worn it with all my rainbow of cardigans. I’ve worn it with black before but different accessories so I’ll count this as a new combo.

blue and green striped skirt, gray graphic tee

Shirt- Target, Skirt- Thrifted: Old Navy, Shoes- Dillard’s

I can’t believe I found another way to style this skirt. It has been my maternity mission to wear it as many ways as possible and I’ve really come up with a lot of combos. We took a trip to Ikea, which is an hour and 45 minutes away, so I wanted to be comfy plus it was warm out. This skirt is better than wearing shorts and I haven’t worn it casually many times. Luckily this shirt was just barely long enough to get another wear out of it. Mike gave this outfit a thumbs up so I must have done something right :)

black maxi dress

Dress: Target Liz Lange Maternity, Necklace- Gift, Shoes- Refashioned by me

We went to the first of our two weddings this month on Saturday. It got up to 80 degrees which was good for me because this dress is pretty light weight. I got it as part of the summer super clearance at Target and was pretty excited to score a pretty maxi dress for only $15. I’ve had this necklace forever but I’ve actually never worn it. I got it long before statement necklaces were popular and I always thought it was too big and fancy to wear so I was excited to finally find a place to wear it.

black maxi dress

And here’s a shot at the wedding with my handsome hubby all dressed up in his suit.




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China Cabinet Redo with Chalk Paint

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China Cabinet Redo with Chalk Paint

Mike has had this project finished for quite some time but I finally got some pictures of it. We found this china cabinet at a garage sale and Mike repainted it with Annie Sloane Chalk Paint. It was one of his first chalk paint redos and I have to say it came out really well!


I shared this before picture when we first brought this piece home. It was dark and outdated looking but we loved the detail and the large size (and the price!).

China Cabinet Redo with Chalk Paint

Mike painted the inside with Annie Sloane chalk paint in Old White and the outside is French Linen. He finished the piece off with the clear wax. Then he used AMACO Rub 'n Buff Wax Metallic Finish, Silver Leaf to redo the original handles and make the decorative elements stand out more.
This was the first project Mike has done with chalk paint. It’s pretty popular right now so he wanted to try it out. We were lucky enough to find a shop that sells it locally because it’s not available at Lowes or Home Depot. The benefit of this paint is that it doesn’t require any sanding but it is on the pricey side. We ended up buying a couple of different colors to try out and actually tried out Duck Egg Blue on this piece first before we both decided it wasn’t the right color for this project.

To stretch out the paint a little further Mike mixed it with a little bit of water to make a more watery consistency. It took him two coats but he didn’t use very much of the paint up to achieve this look. All in all it was a success using this new method and I’ll have some more projects with chalk paint in the future.

China Cabinet Redo with Chalk Paint

I love how much more modern the cabinet looks with a fresh coat of paint and I especially love the light color inside the cabinet to make our glassware stand out more. We fit everything from our old china cabinet in here plus more and we have some room to spare. Plus it’s super sturdy so it will last us for a long time.
China Cabinet Redo with Chalk Paint

China Cabinet Redo with Chalk Paint

What I Wore Wednesday #39- Third Trimester Outfits


I am starting to run out of clothes to wear. As I was planning out this weeks outfits I realized it is pretty slim pickings for me. Since it’s cooled off I don’t feel like my skirts are working out for me very well anymore and I don’t want to wear my full panel pants every day. This past week I got creative with boots and socks to keep my legs warm. Wearing socks is no easy feat right now so I’m not sure if I’m every going to be able to contort my body into tights like I previously thought. I‘m just going to take it one week at a time and I may end up wearing the same thing all the time.

lace top, blue cardigan, black pants

Shirt- Target Maternity, Cardigan- Target, Pants- Target Liz Lange Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Gift

Much of my maternity wardrobe seems to consist of Target (ok my normal wardrobe has a lot of Target in it too!) It’s inexpensive, I am always there, I have free shipping with my Red Card, they are always running daily deals on maternity clothes and I actually like the clothes they sell. What’s not to love?

Mint top, Navy Cardigan, Green and Blue striped skirt

Cardigan- Old Navy, Shirt- Target Liz Lange Maternity, Skirt- Thrifted: Old Navy, Necklace- Made by Me, Boots- Aerosoles

I actually found another way to wear this skirt. It has become way more versatile than I ever anticipated and I never would have tried so hard to style it if I wasn’t so limited on items of clothing I can wear. I just bought this cardigan in my normal size because I have been wanting a three quarter length navy cardi and I needed to spend some super cash at Old Navy. I let Mike spend most of it and I got my second pair of maternity leggings. They are the most comfortable leggings ever and I highly recommend them. I would wear them every day, all day if they were acceptable work attire.

Mint top, Navy Cardigan, Green and Blue striped skirt

Black and white striped dress, teal cardigan

Dress- Old Navy Maternity, Cardigan- Target, Boots- Sam and Libby, Necklace- Thrifted

I felt like this outfit was working when I wore it but I’m not sure how I feel about the teal and the stripes in the pictures. I think I like this dress best with a black cardigan but that doesn’t seem very adventurous, does it?


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