WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #25


I don’t have too many pictures this week since I took some time off to go to DC. My outfits weren’t too inspiring when I was there plus I didn’t have my trusty tripod to capture them.

purple and mint

Cardigan- Old Navy (Similar), Tank- Old Navy, Pants- Liz Lange for Target, Necklace- Groop Dealz, Shoes- Kohl’s

I have had these maternity pants with the full panel for a couple of weeks after I got them on sale for the Target Daily Deal and I finally decided to wear them. The look pretty good but the full panel drives me a bit crazy. I found myself tugging on it most of the day.

mustard, white and black

Cardigan- Old Navy, Tank- Target (Similar), Skirt- Gap Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Made by me, Belt- Thrifted

I am a big fan of this color combo and it was pretty clear when I looked back at some of my previous outfits. I just got this skirt from Gap when they were offering at 35% off code. It is so comfy and I see myself wearing it a lot this summer.


And here’s a side picture. This skirt really shows off the bump. I got asked if I was expecting at work so other people thought it was showing too :)

Gender Reveal and 20 Week Bump Update


I’m back from a weekend in DC to help my sister move, although I wasn’t much help with the moving part. I did help her pack up her kitchen and unpack it, plus I was there for moral support :)

My big disappointment was that the Forever 21 in DC no longer sells maternity clothes even though it said online. The disappointment was short lived because I hated pretty much everything in the store. I don’t know if it was the location or just the summer line but after I walked around the store I saw nothing that caught my eye. H & M wasn’t much better. The store was a zoo and the maternity was all casual clothes. I did have some success at Macy’s. They carry Motherhood Maternity and some other lines and I ended up with a pair of side panel stretch shorts and two dresses so all in all it was a success.

I’m not sure how much I still really need to buy at this point. I’m feeling pretty set at the moment since I don’t want to buy too much more that I will only wear for just over four moths. I’m noticing I’ve introduced a lot more stripes into my wardrobe. They must be really popular right now because I see them everywhere. I will probably need a couple things at the end but I need to get really good at remixing now to make the pieces I have last.

Our most exciting news was finding out the gender of our baby at our doctor’s appointment this morning and….

It’s a boy!


He was not hiding at all so it was very clear  :)  Mike did a little happy dance after we found out. He really wanted a boy and I kind of did too. Everyone at work thought I was having a boy because I’ve been craving spicy foods and beef. I would have loved dressing up a little girl but I’m really excited for a boy. Mike is already planning all of the sports he will play. It will be the third boy in the family this year since my uncle had a boy in February and Mike’s niece just had a boy on June 18th.

I feel like we can really plan now too since we know what colors will work the best. I can also start crocheting some hats! He will probably have one for every day of the week. It’s going to be so fun to be able to make some adorable hats for my own little boy.

Now some bump pictures from the last two weeks. People are starting to really notice it now and I am too. Getting around just isn’t as easy as it used to be.

19 weeks

20 weeks

I put a little collage together too so you can see how far I’ve come in the past seven weeks.

bump and baby collage

Mid June Garden Blooms


The garden is going strong right now. I have a whole bunch of flowers starting to bloom and they look great. I added in some Stella D’Oro day lilies in the fall two years ago to fill in a bloom time hole and they are really coming through this year. They are actually getting pretty huge too. It’s amazing how big some of my plants have gotten.

It really gives me the itch to dig like I’ve mentioned before but I’m still resisting. I have a mental plan for what I want to do next year because there are some problem areas in the garden. Some of my Siberian Iris are getting overwhelmed by a day lily and they are barely noticeable. I would love to move them. I’m not sure how I feel about all of the Columbine plants I have this year. I have four and I probably want to remove one of them that seems crowded. I’m sure I’ll notice some other spots that are lacking too in the upcoming months. My Black Eyed Susan are getting pretty big so they might need a bit of dividing too. Maybe if I write it down I won’t forget when everything is tiny in the spring!

I’m off to see my sister today in Washington DC. I’m heading down with my mom to help her move, although I won’t be doing much moving in my pregnant state. I wanted to visit her before the baby comes and see her new place. I’m also taking advantage of this trip to visit the Forever 21 maternity store in downtown DC. There are only a handful in the country and none in Ohio so I’m crossing my fingers for some cheap finds. It’s also in a plaza with H & M and Zara. There are H & Ms in my area but they aren’t really close and I don’t go there very often plus I’ve never been to Zara so I think it will be fun to check it out too.

Happy Friday!

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

Stella D’Oro Lily

Stella D’Oro Lily



Royal Candles

Royal Candles


Hydrangea (just starting to bloom)

WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #24


printed dress

Dress- Macy’s, Cardigan- Target (Similar), Shoes- Sears, Necklace- gift

I busted out the summer dresses. My bump is big enough to be noticeable and this dress accentuates it so I decided to finally wear it after trying it on once a week for the past four weeks.


pink and tan

Cardigan- Target (Similar), Tank- Old Navy, Skirt- Target, Necklace- Ten Thousand Villages, Shoes- Target, Belt- Thrifted

This skirt is making it’s last appearance for a long time. I wore it partially unzipped and still felt like it was suffocating me all day. I really need to find a new tan skirt to add to my pregnancy wardrobe.



And a side bump picture :)


printed dress

Dress- Thrifted, Cardigan- Target (Similar), Necklace- Thrifted, Shoes- Target

Another bump baring summer dress. I think this one actually looks better in person than it does in this picture.

navy and mint

Cardigan- Target (Similar), Shirt- Thrifted: American Eagle, Capris- Kohl’s, Shoes- Kohl’s

This was the outfit I wore on Father’s Day. We had my dad over for lunch. It was cool and rainy in the morning but ended up turning into a really nice day in the afternoon. Theses pants are stretchy so luckily they still fit.

WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #23


I almost forgot to write this post! At least it’s still Wednesday :)


mustard and black

Cardigan- Modcloth, Button Down- Thrifted, Pants- Old Navy Maternity, Necklace- Gabriel Brothers, Shoes- Kohl’s

I wore my maternity pants in this outfit. They are super comfy with a demi band but I had to make sure my shirt was long enough to cover it up. After realizing most of my button downs don’t accomplish this I settled on this one which is a bit longer than the others. I also put on a maternity tank underneath because my favorite white tank was not cutting it length wise.


coral and black

Dress- Target, Cardigan- Thrifted, Necklace- New York and Company, Shoes- Target

I’ve worn this color combo before and it works so I repeated it. I got my hair cut and I’m not digging my new bangs. Anxiously waiting for them to grow out a little bit one side.


mint and oatmeal

Cardigan- Target (Similar), Tank- Old Navy (Similar), Skirt- Thrifted: Loft, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Gift

I think I can get a few more wears out of this skirt. It’s not getting too tight but I have two ways I know how to style it. One is with an oatmeal top, like in this outfit and the other is with navy. Any ideas what other colors would go with this skirt?


blue, tan and black

Cardigan- Target (Similar),  Top- Target, Pants- Garage Sale: Motherhood Maternity, Shoes- Kohl’s

I am wearing earrings with this outfit but they never photograph well :( I scored these maternity pants at a garage sale for only $2. They have a full panel and are pretty comfy. The panel is silkier than some of the Target pants I’ve been trying out. I’m sure they are a bit pricier than Target too if I actually bought them in the store.

Garden Chores and 18 Week Bump Update


This weekend Mike and I got some gardening work done. We are trying to grow grass in the backyard which entails a series of temporary fences to keep the dogs from destroying all our hard work. There is nothing they love more than digging a dirt hole in the ground and laying in it. We also discovered that Abby knows how to break into the fence surrounding my veggie garden so we had to make it more secure and little dog proof.

Mike seeded the back half of our yard and filled in the escape hole that was being dug under our back fence. Hopefully we can bring that part of our yard back to life soon.

I did a bunch of overdue weeding and a little rearranging in the vegetable garden. I had two parsley plants and a tomato spring up so I moved them to a better spot. My cucumber and parsley seeds didn’t sprout so I had some room.   I also had a big hole from my little vegetable lover’s garden rampage and complete destruction of my two broccoli plants so I filled it in with a couple of onions that looked like they were too close to the side of the fence and within munching distance for a little snout.

I finished off by trimming some plants in the front garden bed and I was so worn out. I haven’t had the energy to take on what is usually a typical morning in the garden in some time and it was super tiring. I am very glad I am not taking on any big gardening projects this year because there is no way I would be able to keep up.

This baby really sucks the energy out of me. He or she is now the size of a bell pepper or sweet potato. Neither of which I think has a consistent size which is why I mentioned both of them. I feel this little guy or gal moving around a lot now. He or she is most active at night or when I’m sitting down. I can’t wait until the kicks are strong enough and consistent enough for Mike to feel them too.

I’m still trying to figure out maternity clothes. I wore two pairs of maternity pants this week to work since my work pants don’t fit right anymore. Most of my skirts are starting to get too tight too since they have a high waist. I have a bunch of dresses that should still fit me so I think I will start wearing those a lot more. My belly is getting large enough to look less like I ate too much and more pregnant. My mom told me I look pregnant now and also said I will get huge since she did and my grandma did. I said thanks for giving me something to look forward to :)

Mike and I are still working on the nursery. He finished up our painting projects so we have some of the furniture set up and it’s exciting to see it coming together. He is now considering painting our tree mural on the wall so we are discussing how to make that work. We also have been looking into bookshelves and baskets for the changing table plus a solution to the closet which doesn’t currently have a closet bar.

Onto some bump pictures. Here they are from the last two weeks.

17 weeks

18 weeks


Only two weeks to go before we find out if I’m growing a little boy or a little girl. I can’t wait to find out!

WIWW-What I Wore Wednesday #22


cardigan and band shirt

Shirt- Friend’s band, Cardigan- Thrifted: New York and Company, Jeans- Thrifted, Shoes- Target

This is what I wore on Memorial Day. It was a pretty casual day for us and I just ran some errands. It was also pretty chilly with light rain for most of the day. Mike really liked this outfit. He said I looked like a pregnant rocker chick.

Oatmeal, bright blue and black

Cardigan- Land’s End Canvas, Shirt- Thrifted: New York and Company, Pants- Thrifted: Daisy Fuentes, Shoes- Kohl’s

Another chilly day. These pants are starting to get too tight in the belly so I couldn’t even use both clasps. Not sure how much longer they are going to work. I may try out my Be Band but I haven’t been a huge fan of it so far. It helps to hold your pants up when you leave them unbuttoned but I mostly feel like it’s strangling me.

Black and Fuschia

Cardigan- Target, Shirt- New York and Company, Skirt- Thrifted:New York and Company, Shoes- Thrifted, Necklace- Made by me

This skirt is also getting too tight on me. I unzipped it part way in the back so I could sit down comfortably all day. It may not have much life in it either.

Grey, orange and tan

Cardigan- Target, Shirt- Thrifted, Skirt- Target, Necklace- Burlington Coat Factory, Shoes- Target

I wore this on Friday. We’re allowed to wear capri pants on Fridays and I found a cute pair at Clothes Mentor that was super comfortable but when I put them on I couldn’t find a shirt that I like to go with them. So rather than be late to work I went for this outfit which I had already planned anyway. Crisis averted.

Black and Blue Maternity

Shirt- Target, Skirt- Old Navy maternity, Bracelets- Gabriel Brother, Shoes- JC Penney

Here’s my Sunday outfit. I wore the Be Band with a pair of shorts on Saturday and since I mentioned I wasn’t much of a fan I wanted to wear something really comfortable. I got this skirt from Old Navy Maternity and it had a fold over waistband so it’s not tight on my belly.

Black and Blue Maternity

On Saturday my 10 year old cousin, my grandma and a random lady at a garage sale all told me I didn’t look pregnant. That’s definitely not the way I feel. This belly seems to be growing by the day. The front pictures don’t really show it so here’s a side shot at 17 weeks 3 days. I wear the looser fitting clothes that minimize it for work but I’ve been wearing my form fitting shirts at home.

Late May Garden Blooms


We have been having some crazy weather. It’s 90 one day, then a few days later it’s in the 60s. At least it stayed nice for the weekend because today I am wearing long sleeves now and contemplating putting on more layers.

I have been on a quest to find inexpensive ways to fill up our baby nursery so I’ve been going to garage sales with my grandma on Saturday. This weekend one of the towns by us held an entire town garage sale which consisted of 150 houses. It got pretty intense. We didn’t have a map so we followed the main road through town which is what everyone else and their brother was doing too. The parking situation and amount of people was out of control. I managed to find a couple of maternity items but that was it. I’ve found myself to be extremely picky about what I buy this summer. Since we have been doing a ton on purging to make room for baby stuff I don’t want to bring home anything that we don’t need.

I recovered from my huge garage sale trip most of the day on Sunday and Mike was amazing. He cleaned, cooked and got us ready for the week. We topped off the evening by making a trip to get ice cream at the local ice cream stand. So here’s to another work week. Already counting down until the weekend :)

The garden has been going crazy. Something new is blooming every time I look at it. I thought I didn’t want to do any rearranging this year but now that many of my flowers have really grown in I see some problem areas that need some help. I will probably fight off the urge to dig since I would have to convince Mike to help me anyway. I’ll take some mental notes for next year since it will be easier to move plants around in the spring anyway.


My rose is so amazing this year. There are more blooms than I can count and it’s been going strong. Mike and I were just talking about how sad it looked a couple of years ago and now it’s huge.




I love these alliums. I almost missed my chance to take a picture of them since they don’t last long. After they bloom the leaves dry up at the bottom so they don’t take up much room in the garden. I wish they would spread more. I usually cut the seed heads off but I’m going to leave them this year to see if I get any volunteers.

Siberian Iris

This Siberian iris is doing really well this year. The blooms are very delicate and I had a tough time getting a good picture of them. They look great even when they aren’t blooming because they look a lot like grass.


These columbine were also hard to photograph. The flowers bend down so I had to find a good angle to capture them. I grew three of these from seed last year and they got enormous this year.


My lilac bush is definitely not the prettiest flower in the garden but the smell is amazing. I have contemplated moving it a couple of times but every spring I love the fact that I pass it when I walk in the front door and get to enjoy it’s scent.