What I’ve Been Crocheting Lately- Baby Girl Hats


In case you’re wondering, I’m still having a boy :) My coworker at work is also pregnant and due at the beginning of September with a girl. I have been wanting to make her some hats and since she could have her baby any day now I had to hurry up and get crocheting. I swear I work better under pressure.

I showed her some of the hats I’ve made in the past and she picked two that she liked. She also said to just surprise her so I decided to make up a new pattern too. All three of these hats only took me about four days to make. The bear hat was the longest since it’s single crochet with extra embellishments and the bow hat I created and made in one evening.

Makes me kind of wish I was having a girl because I am in love with baby girl hats. Now I have the itch to make hats for my own little guy. They will be just as much fun and I actually get to keep them :) Mike wants him to love sports and all things guy related but for now I get to dress him in adorable baby hats.


I used my Crochet Newborn Bear/Monkey Hat Pattern for this hat. It came out much bigger than when I originally made it so I think I must be crocheting more loosely than I did almost two years ago. I ended removing a row of increases and it came out with a 14 inch circumference which is more of a 3-6 month size but it should still work later in the winter.

crochet baby bear hat

I made this baby turban hat for my friend’s 9 month old daughter last fall. This time I followed the original pattern more closely but I didn’t crochet the last two rows because it was a little too long.

crochet baby turban hat

This is my new creation. I saw something similar once on Pinterest with a stripe and a bow and I always wanted to try and recreate it so I finally did. I’ll share the pattern for this next week.

crochet baby bow hat


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What I Wore Wednesday #34- Third Trimester Outfits


This week I’m showing off my 28-29 weeks pregnant outfits. Now that I’m into the third trimester my closet is so much more limited. I want to shop but I don’t see the point in buying clothes I will wear for less than 3 months. I did buy a pair of maternity leggings from Old Navy that are super comfortable and fit under my belly so I should be able to wear them post pregnancy.

I also tried out a couple of pairs of jeans. Fall is approaching and I really only have one pair of pants to wear for outside of work. They have a demi band and I'm unsure if they will still fit towards the end. I bought a pair from Old Navy that worked but weren’t perfect so I splurged on a pair at Motherhood Maternity. They are more than I would pay for a pair of jeans that I would have worn pre pregnancy so I am debating on keeping the more comfortable/better fitting pair vs the cheaper pair. I’m sure I will be still wearing them non stop for a few months post baby so I may go with the more expensive pair. It’s still painful for me to buy expensive jeans but good maternity clothes are hard to find :)

blakc and white striped dress, pink cardigan

Cardigan- Target (Similar), Dress- Motherhood Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Garage Sale

I wear these flats pretty much every day now and I managed to scuff up the toe on one shoe. (Excuse me while I go  check to see if they are on sale.) I can’t not say enough about how comfortable they are and I now need to buy a new pair (or two.) I’m still wearing them and hoping the scuff doesn’t get any larger.

blue and green striped skirt, mint top, white cardigan

Cardigan- Thrifted: Ann Taylor Loft (Similar), Tank- Target Maternity, Skirt- Thrifted: Old Navy (Similar), Necklace- Made by Me, Shoes- Kohl’s

I was planning on wearing this outfit to a bridal shower last weekend and that’s when I snapped this photo. I went to lunch and managed to drop food on my belly, which is a common occurrence lately. Then stopped at Lowes with Mike to buy spray paint and got dust marks all over it. I opted to switch my top out for my lace one but I recreated this outfit for work, and switched out the sandals for my nude flats.

mustard cardigan, black tank, black and white striped skirt

Cardigan- Modcloth, Tank- Old Navy, Skirt- Target Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Garage Sale

I may have mentioned it before but my maternity wardrobe is filled with stripes, especially black and white ones. I had to quit buying anything with more stripes because then it would be all I wore all week.

blue and white striped shirt, khakis

Shirt- Thrifted: American Eagle, Pants- Garage Sale: Motherhood Maternity, Shoes- Target, Bracelet- New York and Company

The most exciting thing when I get dressed now is finding non maternity clothes that still fit me. We get to wear polos on Friday through labor day and since that day is quickly approaching I decided to see if any of my polos still fit. This one is super stretchy and long so I was excited to find out it was long enough. I ended up wearing a grey cardigan over it to stay warm in my chilly office.

blue and white striped shirt, khakis

Bump shot :)

Purple dress

Dress- Target, Necklace- Gift, Shoes- Refashioned by Me

Another non maternity item that still fits! We went to Mike’s niece's bridal shower over the weekend and as I was staring at a closet full of clothes that don’t fit I decided to give this dress a shot. It’s super stretchy and surprisingly fit nicely over my growing belly. I ended up ditching the headband and switching the shoes out for my more comfortable white sandals at the last second but didn’t get a chance to document the change.


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DIY Flower Headbands Tutorial



I wanted to make something cute for myself that could help to spruce up my look when I don’t want to do my hair so I made myself some headbands. I have made these types of headbands before but I always give them away as gifts. I wanted to be a little bit selfish this time and keep them for myself, after all, it’s hard to find anything nice and new to wear when you are pregnant so new accessories fit into that category.

Supplies needed: Fake flowers, headbands, rhinestones/cabochons/some other embellishment for the center, felt and a glue gun.

I used regular headbands I bought at Target and I made some out of fold over elastic. Check out this headband post for more detail on how to sew your own headband.


I started out with some fake flowers from my stash. I had already removed the flower tops from the stems when I stored them. They just pop right off and I pitched the stems because they serve no other purpose for me. (I never ended up using the purple flower because I couldn’t find a headband to match it.)


Next I deconstructed the flowers by removing the plastic pieces that hold the petals together. Some of the shapes can be interesting so sometimes I save them in case inspiration strikes for a future project.


Next I cut a small circle of felt and found some embellishments for the center. For this yellow flower I used a rhinestone and for the other flowers I used a flower cabochon. In the past I have also used buttons.


I put some hot glue on the felt circle and then started stacking my petals, putting more glue in between each layer.


I finished it off with the rhinestone in the center, covering up the hole in the center of the flower.


Then I glues the flower to a headband and overlapped it with another felt circle to keep it looking clean.


Here’s how it looks using a different type of headband.


Voilà. Four new headbands that took virtually no time at all with stuff I already had on hand. Now I can add a little something extra to my outfits :)



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Third Trimester 28 Week Bump Update


I am in the home stretch now! The last trimester can’t go fast enough for me. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining in the post because I am so thankful to have this little life growing in me but it’s getting really hard. I’m having lots of not so fun pregnancy symptoms.

I had to take a trip to my regular doctor last week because I felt like I was having problems breathing and found out it was acid reflux. I’ve been having some issues with it for the last couple of weeks but now it’s progressed so far I’m not really sure what is safe for me to eat anymore. It feels like everything sets it off. This weekend it was pizza, which pretty much devastated me because that is our weekend treat. I’ll give it one more shot with a different kind but otherwise I am pizza less for the next few months :( I've had to cut out plums, nectarines, OJ, regular cucumbers, fried food, spicy food and those are just triggers I have figured out. It seems to be something new every day. My doctor has me on Pepcid AC and that really helps but it still flares up depending on what I eat.

I’m also super tired. I feel so drained every day. Going to work pretty much takes everything out of me. We are so busy this month too on the weekends, I am just ready to throw in the towel. Last weekend I had a bridal shower and there is another one this coming weekend. That pretty much is all I have the energy for and then there is still all the weekend errands that need to be done and house work too.

Sleeping at night is hard because I am supposed to be sleeping on my side but I want to sleep on my back. I wake up at least three of four times and night and roll myself back over. Even when I can stay on my side I’ll wake up because my hips hurt. Even with my pregnancy pillow it’s hard to find a position I can sleep comfortably in for the entire night.

Mike has been my savior. He has really stepped up and is taking on so much around the house. He does the majority of our cooking and cleaning. As long as I do something to help (like folding laundry- not his thing) he picks up the slack. I don’t know what I would do without him to help me get through this pregnancy.

The things that brighten my day are preparing for our little guy’s arrival. Mike hung up a shelf in the nursery this weekend and spray painted my ugly owls for me. (I’ll have a future post to share.) He is also working on painting a side table to go next to the rocker. It should have be done already but we had a change of heart on the color so he is reworking it. We discovered the lamp from our spare room works perfectly on top and it actually fills up the wall that looked like it needed a piece of art so we don’t need to find anything to go there.

Besides a changing pad and cover, the crib sheets, bed skirt and a mobile I want to make, I think the room is pretty much done. I am really proud of the fact that we have barely spent any money but we’ve created a great space for our little guy.

We got to see him on an ultrasound on Monday and he is getting so much bigger than the last time. I will have one more at 34 weeks to check his growth and they should be able to estimate how big he will be.


27 weeks-001

28 weeks

WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #33


black dress, white cardigan, pink necklace

Dress- Thrifted: Target, Cardigan- Thrifted: Ann Taylor Loft (Similar), Necklace- Target, Shoes- Target

I have never worn this necklace before. I bought it on clearance at at Target (I think last year) then decided it was a funny length and I thought I would make it longer. I tried it on the other day and decided to give it another try. When I was trying to find a colored necklace to spice up the black and white I put it on and decided to wear it even though I still wasn’t sure about it so here it is. 

black dress, white cardigan, pink necklace

Bump shot :)

black and white striped dress, black cardigan

Cardigan- Target (Similar), Dress- Old Navy Maternity, Necklace- Made by Me, Shoes- Sears

I got this dress from Old Navy for only $8 but it was huge in the belly when I was at the beginning of my second trimester. I wasn’t sure if I liked the stripes but the price was too good to not keep it. Plus the material is pretty thick which isn’t always the case with Old Navy. I tried it on the other day and it finally fit. It’s three quarter length but I felt like the cardigan made it more dressy and broke up the stripes enough for me to like it. Mike even said he liked it so I’m glad I kept it.

black, blue and pink

Cardigan- Target (Similar), Tank- Old Navy, Skirt- Gap Maternity, Necklace- Made by Me, Shoes- Target

I’ve worn this blue/black combo before with a black dress so wearing it with a shirt/skirt was an easy choice. Plus it’s still been so cool that I wanted to wear a long sleeve cardigan so I wouldn’t freeze when it’s only 56 degrees in the morning when I leave for work.

black, blue and pink

Two bump shots in one week :)

cobalt, mint, gray, and black

Cardigan- Target(Similar), Tank- Gap Maternity- Pants- Target Liz Lange Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Very Jane

I know I like this color combo because I wore a similar outfit with a different mint necklace and my black skirt. Easy Friday outfit. I’m into my third trimester and I still don’t love the full panel pants. I am looking forward to when I can wear regular pants with zippers and buttons again.


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Happy 8 Year Anniversary to Us


I was going to publish my latest bump update today but then I realized it was our eight year wedding anniversary so I thought I was share that instead :) (Check back Friday for that bump update)

Eight years ago I married the greatest guy ever. It seems like a lifetime ago and  like it was yesterday at the same time. We were poor newly graduated college students working crappy jobs and living in a college town.

Here we are eight years later, with better jobs, a nicer house and a baby on the way. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone else. So here’s to another eight years and beyond with my best friend. Our life is about to change again and I’m so excited for the next chapter.





WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #32



Top- Target Maternity, Skirt- Old Navy (Similar Stripes,Similar Solids) Shoes- Sears, Earrings- Garage Sale

I decided to buy myself two new tops from Target the other day. I was searching for a new dress buy ultimately decided that two tops could be mixed and matched with my skirts to create many more outfits than a dress could. I ended up with this pretty lace top and a sleeveless mint top. Both go with this hard to style skirt and the three other maternity skirts I have. Add in multiple colored cardigans and I should have plenty of additional options to get me through the next three months. I’ve been wanting a lace top so I was excited to find this one. It was on price cut too so of course it had to be mine.

I did end up adding a white cardigan to this outfit at work, because it is frankly too cold to be in short sleeves, but I wanted to show off the pretty detail in this picture.


Cardigan- Target (Similar), Skirt- Target Maternity, Tank- Old Navy (Similar), Shoes- Target. Necklace- Made by Me

This post is heavy on the Target clothes. Their stuff is always on sale and I really just like the style they have there. I know not everything lasts forever but I always feel like I get my money’s worth out of whatever I buy there. I (typically) have a really good rotation of clothes and I don’t put my clothes in the dryer so they last long enough for me to get sick of them and want to buy some new stuff anyway.


Side shot :) One of my co workers actually told me this week I look like I’m starting to show and I just wondered where she has been for the past 10 weeks or so.


Cardigan- Target (Similar), Tank- Target, Skirt- Gap Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Made by Me

I love love love this skirt. I actually wore it Saturday, Sunday and Monday with black, mustard and pink tops. It has a fold over waist band that I wear under my belly so there is no uncomfortable panel to make me itchy. I have a black one too from Old Navy that I put on every day after work. (The Gap one is actually much nicer quality and was not much more expensive since they have 30% off online sales all the time.) These two skirts are like my new jeans. They go with everything and I never want to take them off.


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Weekend Garage Sale Finds


As I am reaching my third trimester the weekends seem to be shorter than ever. I just start to recover from the work week and then it’s time to start all over again. Saturday night Mike had a bachelor party to go to so I was home by myself for the evening. I was plotting where I would go out to treat myself to some yummy pregnant lady food and what I crafty projects I could work on. I went to the grocery store, came home, laid down on the couch for a moment and woke up over three hours later when it was starting to get dark. So I ate leftovers and watched a girly movie. Some exciting night for me :)

As I get slower and slower, Mike seems to be moving at warp speed. He has been so helpful around the house to make sure everything gets done when I clearly am not up to doing much. Even with picking up all my slack he finds time to work on numerous refinishing projects. He just refinished the two dressers in our bedroom and he is almost done with the side table for the baby’s room. Not to mention before that he painted our crib, rocking chair and changing table. So now he is looking for a new project so we decided to hit up the garage sales on Saturday.

I looked at the local paper classifieds online and came up with about 10 sales in the area. Our town has a lot of people that put up signs, so we were going to use the list as a guide and then stop along the way at anything else we found. We were only looking for furniture so the first four sales were complete drive bys. We slowed down, spotted nothing substantially and kept going. We ended up on this really nice street we’ve never been down looking for a sale, which we didn’t stop at, and as we were admiring the nice houses, I spotted a sign on another street and we went searching for the sale.

Let me just say it was “one and done.” There was a younger guy selling off his collection of vintage stuff and we spent our whole budget right there. We found a cool looking hutch, a coffee table, a huge vintage art print and two smaller prints.


The style of the hutch is a bit outdated. It definitely has potential and Mike has already started working on it by painting the inside of the upper part white. He has been really interested in chalk paint lately so it will probably use that to paint the rest of it.

Since I couldn’t get a picture of this thing without actually being in the reflection, you can catch a glimpse of your current hutch. We’ve kind of outgrown it so a bigger one will be great for storing all our extra glassware.


We are both obsessed with vintage art prints. This one is huge and will look great in our dining room. Mike is going to paint the frame black to update it a bit.


More vintage art. These ones are a little smaller, but still a nice set. They look like mini canvas set on a black wooden board. The black either needs to be cleaned or touched up. They don’t have a home yet but I know we will find a place for them. I do think the one on a left is a bit creepy but Mike likes it.


Mike fell in love with this round coffee table. And it has wheels! He is going to give it some kind of fun treatment possibly with two different paint colors.


This little table actually came from the side of the road (freebie!) but I thought I would share anyway. Mike has plans to turn it into a wine rack, possibly with a wood top and painted legs.

Mike will be plenty busy working on all his new projects. He is always happiest when he can be be creative in his workshop. Plus it’s a good way for him to entertain himself when this preggo lady just wants to sit on the couch and relax all the time :)

DIY Minky Baby Blanket

DIY Minky Baby Blanket

My first crafty project for the baby! Mike has done most of the DIY work to paint and get the room ready. The list of crafty projects I’ve had in mind got pretty big once I thought about it so I’m excited I finally felt motivated enough to get something done.

I followed this tutorial by Jessi at Practically Functional. The first time I saw this post I thought it looked like something I could handle.

Joann’s was having an extra 25% off sale this past weekend so I knew it was this time to buy some fabric.

DIY Minky Baby Blanket

I decided to use one yard of cotton flannel and minky. I have to say I wasn’t too impressed with Joann’s baby print selection but I liked the more modern polka dots in the print I got. The colors are somewhat similar to our room but that wasn’t a big concern. I do love the color of the minky.

This is the first time I touched my sewing machine in at least 6 months so this project did not go as quickly as it should have for me. My tip if you do try it is to pin your two pieces of fabric really, really well. Don’t just pin the sides but in the middle too so there is no way the fabric will slide. I made that mistake and ended up ripping out three sides once the last one clearly wasn’t going to line up. That increased my time on this project by about three times as much. It did make me feel more confident in using my sewing machine again since I felt like I had forgotten how to use it.

After I figured out how to make the blanked the correct way it came together fairly easily. I was nervous my top stitching wouldn’t look good but it turned out to be (mostly) straight. I’m happy with the results and I have a snuggly blanket for my little boy for when he gets here that I made myself :)
I tried it out on the back of the rocker in the baby’s room to see how it looked. I’m not sure I would attempt this for a gift to give anyone but I would probably make a bigger version in the future. This size should last us for a while.

DIY Minky Baby Blanket

DIY Minky Baby Blanket

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WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday #31

Dress- Target- Cardigan- Target (Similar), Shoes- Target. Necklace- Gift
My camera was acting up and I only got one shot of this outfit. Thankfully it turned out! I usually take a lot more than one to settle on one that is acceptable. This dress is starting to get a bit tight in the bust area. I had to pin the know together because it’s starting to bust open. We’ll see if it still fits next time I try to put it on.
Cardigan- Target (Similar), Tank- Old Navy (Similar), Pants- Target Liz Lange, Shoes- Kohl’s, Necklace- 10 Thousand Villages
I’ve mentioned it before but it has been very cool this summer. Just trying to stay warm in this outfit. Let me just mention I think my hair looks really good in this picture. I don’t know what I did and I surely won’t be able to replicate it. My hair does what it wants and it doesn’t like to cooperate with me very often.
Side shot :)
striped shirt, shorts
Shirt- Oh Baby by Kohl’s, Shorts- Clothes Mentor, Shoes- Dillard’s
This is the outfit I wore to wander around the museum on our day off. It was actually warm and beautiful out. The perfect day for exploring. This is actually the first time I’ve worn this shirt because of the side ruching I felt like it was for a bigger belly. Well I guess that’s what I have now :)
pink shirt, gray cardigan, shorts
Shirt- Oh Baby via Garage Sale, Shorts- Motherhood Maternity, Cardigan- Target (Similar), Shoes- Kohl’s
I wear this cardigan a lot. It’s the perfect lightweight cover for this cool summer and it goes with everything. I wore this out to lunch on our other day off but ended up switching to pants later when it started to drizzle.