Lincoln at 13 Months

A couple of weeks late but better late than never!
Since one year has passed I'm going to forgo the monthly pictures since getting Lincoln to sit still has become next to impossible. Sometimes he is doing the cutest thing and in the time it takes for me to pull out my phone, pull up the camera and hold it up, the moment has long passed. I still try to capture these little moments but when I look through my camera roll they are not quite a perfectly posed as they used to be.
This little man is on the move! He has become quite the little walker and his latest trick is to stand up without having to pull up on a chair, table, etc. He uses his hands to prop himself up and it's super cute. His balance and speed has really improved and I still find it to be the cutest little thing to watch him toddle all over the house. We've been letting him walk around more often outside of the house, though I still carry him most places since he still falls down often and I don't want him wandering off. He has the cutest little pair of Nike's that he wears when we go out now. 
Stairs Collage
Lincoln has been a bottomless pit lately and is constantly begging for food. He figured the cabinet we keep all his goodies in and if I open it with him in the room he immediately starts whining for a snack. Some favorites are cheese, teddy grahams, cheerios and of course pouches. We have a snack cup that I will fill and he carries it around like his prized possession. He even recognizes the plastic containers we pack his lunch in. I can call him to his high chair and he will run over eagerly. If there is not food down in .05 seconds then he starts immediately protesting. We've been making Christmas cookies like crazy and we definitely have a little cookie monster. He goes berserk to get a taste. He's still a great eater and eats pretty much anything with meat topping the list of favorites. 
The Christmas tree was a big source of entertainment for him. He loved to pick off the felt ornaments and carry them around the house. He put one on his head like a hat the other night and it stayed up there. It was pretty funny that he seemed to not notice he was wearing a little red heart around. These days anything can be a hat and loves putting towels or washcloths on his head. He also loves to pull out my hat and attempt to wear it though he hasn't quite figured out how to put it on his head the right way and when I do it for him he rips it right back off :)
Tree Collage
On a not so fun note we are in the midst of the temper tantrum. His isn't moody that often but he can be a bit of a beast when he is in bad mood. He throws his little body on the floor and rolls around. The other night Mike gave him one taste of jam and he wanted more so he threw a mini fit with real tears and everything. Most of the time I want to laugh because it's pretty funny but I try to keep my cool so I don't encourage his silly behavior. He is generally a sweet little boy though and loves to give little cuddles all the time that always melt our heart. 
Climber Collage

Lincoln's Second Christmas

What a whirlwind of a holiday! I am so behind on posting, I wrote out a 13 month post for Lincoln that never made it on the blog. I will share that tomorrow but it seemed to make more sense to share our Christmas first. The holiday with a 13 month old is definitely crazier. It started out before Christmas with Lincoln getting the flu (so much for that flu shot!) then a cold and some major teething issues. Then I got the flu and it was the worst I've had since I can remember. And to top it all off Mike had a nasty sinus infection so we were all a bucket of fun. Luckily we all recovered in time to spend lots of time with family and be able to enjoy our holiday.
Lincoln had fun learning how to open gifts. Although he didn't quite figure out to finish unwrapping a package, he enjoyed taking a big rip and then continuing to rip the paper into smaller pieces. He also loved pulling tissue paper out of gift bags. We didn't come home with an overwhelming amount of toys but the theme was Fisher Price Little People Cars. He got four different types of sets and he is definitely obsessed. He also got tons of warm clothes so we are set for the winter.
It was wonderful having time off to spend with each other and so hard to go back to work. I am looking forward to getting back into our routine and taking it easy in the new year :)
And just for fun, look how much our boy has changed since last Christmas!

Crochet Works in Progress


I have a couple of crochet projects going on right now and I'm starting to feel a little scattered, especially since I just want to keep start new ones and leaving the others unfinished. I am a small issue though, about 2 and 1/2 feet tall to be more specific, that hinders me from finishing these projects more quickly.

This is what I'm dealing with people.

Lincoln yarn

Lincoln is pretty obsessed with my yarn and will take any chance he can get to unravel a ball or skein of yarn, shake, drag and roll around in it. It's pretty funny until I'm spending several days trying to work out the rats nest he created. I've almost got that blue skein of yarn workable again. Mike told me to throw it out and start over but I find something strangely therapeutic about undoing knots.

Anyway, I really am working on some projects. I made Lincoln a mohawk hat but I only put a half mohawk on it and I decided I like a full mohawk better so I want to add that extra piece. Then I really do want to share it and the pattern I used because I made it myself after not finding exactly what I wanted online.

I'm also working on some adorable ear warmers for my friend and her daughter. I bought the pattern from Velvet Acorn, even though I was pretty sure I could recreate it on my own, I decided to see how she made it. Her patterns are viral on Pinterest and I even had this one on my own board. I have to say I found the pattern to be mildly confusing and I've ended up having to modify it so I wasn't 100% thrilled with it. It is still a cute pattern so I need to hurry up and just get that project done already.

I'm also working on a scarf for a gift. I don't want to share too much about this one but I'm using wool yarn on it and I've never really worked with wool before. I keep going back and forth on whether I really like it or not. I'm good portion of the way into it so really I feel like I can't turn back now. Mike says it looks good so I am going to push through and finish it up so I can move along to something new. 

A New Kid Friendly Christmas Tree

It's Christmas season and we have a big change in our tree this year. I've been putting up almost exactly the same red and gold tree for the past ten years. I love it every year but this year we had to do something different. I needed a kid friendly tree for our curious one year old and a tree full of very breakable ornaments was not going to cut it. 
I've been thinking about the tree for awhile and I originally was going to make my own ornaments out of crochet or felt but then I found something even better (and much less time consuming.) I got a bag of 120 felt cut out ornaments at Jo-Ann on sale for only four bucks. There were six different shapes along with gold string to tie through the hole on the top. I just couldn't pass up such a good price and time savings. 
I opted to only use three shapes because I didn't need all the ornaments and I wanted to keep the color scheme more cohesive. The tree actually looked really nice with just the felt ornaments but we also pulled out Mike's ornaments from when he was a kid to finish off the look. Even though many of them aren't breakable we made sure to place them higher on the tree and out of reach of the curious hands. A spool of gold ribbon, a star and a tree skirt from our typical decorating added the finishing touches.
Mike and I are both enjoying the new colorful look of the tree this year. Lincoln is happy to pick off the ornaments and carry them around the house. Or he will pull them off and then set them back on the branch. Our living room may be scattered with ornaments but at least we can still enjoy a decorated tree this year.
Tree Collage

Lincoln’s Second Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and it’s amazing how much has changed in our life since last year. Last Thanksgiving we were sleep deprived new parents and this year we have a walking, babbling little man. I am so thankful for our healthy, happy little guy. I am also thankful for my wonderful husband and the best father to Lincoln. We have the best little family and I don’t know what I would do without them.
Lincoln had a great time at Mike’s cousin’s house for Thanksgiving. He ran all over the house and loved playing with his cousins. He also loved the meal and gobbled up some turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and finished it off with a chocolate brownie. He is the best eater and he really put away all the yummy food.
We are spending lots of time with our family this weekend and enjoying a few days off from work. The Christmas tree is already up and we are ready for the next holiday!

Lincoln’s One Year Birthday Party

Lincoln's one year birthday party a week ago was a big success. Mike and I started planning months in advance. Since we were inviting a big group of people we decided to rent a room at our local rec center. I'm so glad we ended up going with that option and the room really exceeded our expectations.
I had lofty ideas for a theme but we ended up going to Party City and buying the decorations that had the most options so our theme became "one year old boy." We also got balloons from the local grocery store and tied bags of gummy worms as anchors. 
We went with an easy option of ordering pizza and chicken for lunch and a couple of family members were kind enough to bring fruit, salad and pasta salad. My one big crafty item was cupcakes with Lincoln head toppers. They weren't hard to make in the end but I researched them for way too long. I originally thought of buying toppers but the prices were a bit high. It was really hard for me to find a tutorial for what I wanted so I read around 10-15 different options and finally just figured it out on my own. Stay tuned and I will share how I made them. I even figured out how to pipe frosting with a tip. There are actually a ton of tutorials for that so it really helped. Once I got the hang of a couple it was easier than I thought.
Lincoln had a blast at the party and loved the food. He was really good with all the different people there. He had one cranky moment when he was ready to eat lunch but otherwise he did super well. He was a big fan of the new push jeep he got so we pulled it out to play with right away.
I think the highlight for everyone was watching him eat his smash cake. He was a chocolaty mess but he loved it. I made him a simple chocolate cake by using some of the batter from the cupcakes and cooking it in a small casserole dish. Then I slathered the whole thing in chocolate frosting. He probably would have ate more than I let him but he wanted to throw it on the floor and I didn't have Abby to help me with the mess so I had to cut it off :)
lincoln cake
The whole day went so well and I'm glad we spent the time to give our boy a special party. It's still crazy how quickly the year has gone and how much he has grown up. He is such a little man now and I love watching him continue to grow and learn new things all the time. 
His hungry face :)

Lincoln is One!

It’s here! Lincoln’s birthday! Our guy is one and what a year it’s been. This time last year I was hadn’t slept in over 24 hours and I had a tiny (or not so tiny, he was 10 lbs 1 oz) baby in my arms and I had no idea what I was doing. Now it’s a year later and I (kinda) have this mom thing figured out and I have the cutest, sweetest, most fun boy in the world. Ok I may be a bit biased but I feel so lucky to have the perfect little guy. This year has not been easy at times but it’s been so awesome watching Lincoln develop from a tiny newborn that slept all day into the non stop moving little man that he is today.
Lincoln started taking a few unassisted steps on his own a couple of weeks ago and now he is almost full time walking. He gets better at it every day. It’s still so funny to see him wandering around on his own. His little walk is so cute. He has gotten good at turning around mid walk, avoiding obstacles and getting right back up when he falls down. He still crawls a little but the past couple of days he seems to prefer to be upright.
We started him on regular milk this past week and he has been doing pretty good on it. He seems to like the taste but I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised since he likes pretty much anything we give him. He eats like a champ and sometimes I am surprised at how much he can put away. There isn’t much he doesn’t like but some of his favorites are eggs, chicken, broccoli, cheese and potatoes.
Lincoln’s one year party is tomorrow so we have been in full party planning mode. More details and lots of pictures to come. I’ll keep this post short and sweet while I get back to baking cupcakes.
Here’s a look back over the past year. I can’t even believe how tiny he was and how different he looks now!
Lincoln 1 year

What I Wore- Warm It Up With A Scarf

Cardigan- Target, Skirt- Limited via ThredUP, Scarf- Kohl’s, Shoes- Target

Here's an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago when the weather was rather mild. Super cold weather is in the forecast so I don't see myself wearing too many three quarter length sleeves in the future. I wanted to get another wear out of this three quarter length cardigan so I added a scarf to the mix. I've been adding lots of scarfs lately and that will continue through the spring. This was the closest colored cardigan I had to a maroon/burgundy color but I've since added this gem from JC Penney that I bought with a coupon for a steal. 
It's one of the few things I've bought lately. I'm kind of bored with my closet but not sure what I really need to spruce it up and reluctant to spend money on anything that isn't going to fill a hole in my closet. I also can't seem to find the time to take outfit pictures lately anyway and maybe that's why I'm losing interest in my closet too. I would love to do a remix post but taking pictures seems to allude me these days since Lincoln is way more interesting than taking selfies of my outfits. Plus he's not much of an assistant since he is obsessed with my tripod and must touch it the second he sees it.
I haven't had much time for blogging or really much to say lately unless it's talking about my boy and all the adorable things he's been doing. I finally finished a hat for Lincoln that took waaaay too long because I couldn't figure out how to complete it. Now that it's done I will eventually get around to sharing it. I have a list of a million and one things I want to make so maybe I can actually get motivated to work on them. But first we have a one year birthday coming up and I am consumed with planning it. Expect to hear lots more about it coming soon!

Haircut, Zoo and a Pumpkin Patch

We have been non stop busy lately and I haven't had a chance to share it all. So much to do, so little time :)
First up Lincoln got his first big boy hair cut. Mike and I have cut it several times but it was starting to get too long for either of us to handle plus he threw a big fit the last time we tried to cut it together. I broke down and took him to a pro. There is a cute kids place near our house that had a fun tractor seat with a wheel and Sesame Street on the tv. The hair dresser was great with him and he didn't cry, although he wasn't too happy about the clippers on the back of the neck. She did a great job at cutting it but it was so short! I kind of died a little because he looked like a big boy and not my little baby anymore. It's been a week and I have adjusted to it now. Mike and I keep discussing how we can style it. The other night Lincoln smeared potato salad in his hair and it gave him the cutest look so maybe that's our new styling tool lol.
lincoln hair cut
Last weekend we also went to Boo at the Zoo at our local zoo. This is the third time we've been to the zoo this year and it was the first time Lincoln really started to notice the animals which made it the most enjoyable time this year. We went with Lincoln's cousin's who got to enjoy the trick or treat part of the trip. We opted not to get him any treats although they looked pretty tasty. It was fun to see all the kids dressed up and Lincoln sported his puppy dog costume the whole time with very little protest. I was surprised at how well he tolerated the hood because he is generally not a fan of having something on his head. 
lincoln zoo
Then this past weekend we finally made it out to a pumpkin patch. It was a place called the Rockin Ranch and had a western/scary theme. There was a small petting zoo area and a hayride down to a pumpkin patch. Although I probably wouldn't go back because it was not quite as exciting as the pictures online made it look we still had a fun time with our friends and their almost 2 year old son. The boys both loved the pumpkins more than any other part of the trip. We let Lincoln crawl around and he was just enthralled with those pumpkins. They were pretty picked over (it was the last weekend before Halloween after all) but the ones that were left were the perfect kid size and he had the best time with them.  
lincoln pumpkin patch
And my last little update is that Lincoln is soooo close to walking. He can toddle part way across the living room and is getting more brave every time he tries. We are about to have a full fledged walker on our hands and it's very exciting. Mike says Lincoln is doing the "monster mash" because he walks like a little zombie. It's so cute and he is so proud of himself when he does it. Abby is in trouble because he is going to be running after her in no time. Mike and I are in trouble too because this kid is never going to stop (but I love every second of it!) 

DIY Ombre Necklace

DIY Ombre Necklace
I have been on a small crafting spree lately. I made a new fall wreath, I've been taking in a few of my tops, I've made a couple of necklaces, and I started crocheting again. It feels good to get my creative juices flowing again although it is still much more challenging to find the time to craft. Lincoln's nap time is obviously the best followed by after he goes to bed at night. I've even found I can work on my projects with him in the room with me for a short amount of time while he amuses himself with toys, or non toys like the shoes in my closet or the ever fascinating vacuum cleaner.
I was feeling in the jewelry making mood and I wanted to work with some of my stash of beads. I always feel like I never have what I want to make a new necklace. It's the perpetual crafter's problem, the need to buy more supplies. I have tons of beads though so I knew there was something I could come up with what I already had and so this necklace was born.
My jewelry making process is simply to lay beads out in my tray and see what looks good together. I have been wanted some shorter necklaces that work will with v neck shirts. I have tons of pearl beads so I started laying them out and combing different colors until I settled on this ombre look. I used a peach, off white and bright white pearl. I got two of the colors from a garage sale where a lady was unloading what appeared to be her beading collection and the other one is from a craft store, probably Jo-Ann's. I also used beading wire, crimp beads, and these clasp that allow you to attach three strands of wire (I can't find the single pack online but this is basically what I bought for reference.) 
I laid out my beading pattern so that each strand was a different length. I attached the beading wire to the clasp with a crimp bead, strung my row of beads and attached the other side of the wire to the clasp with another crimp bead. The clasp came with the lobster clasp already attached so that saved me a step. Repeat the process for the other two strands. 
DIY Ombre Necklace
(I am definitely no jewelry expert so if you would like more detailed jewelry making tutorials, I suggest you check out the tutorial page of a much more talented jewelry maker by Bev at Flamingo Toes.)
I am actually pretty proud of this creation and I think it will be the perfect accessory for many of my shirts. I've already worn it and even got a complement at work.
DIY Ombre Necklace

DIY Ombre Necklace

What I Wore- Missoni Scarf

Cardigan- Modcloth, Skirt- J Crew Factory via ThredUP, Scarf- Thrifted: Missoni for Target, Boots- Instagram shop
I got this scarf at a thrift shop in Portland when Mike and I were there on vacation for his friend's wedding a few months before I got pregnant with Lincoln. It was such a fun trip and we knew it was going to be our last hurrah as a child free couple. Portland is the coolest city and we would love to go back one day with Lincoln. I love that this scarf reminds me of that trip and it's also adorable. I always get compliments when I wear it. The brand is Missoni for Target. I remember when the line came out and my friend at work slept with her laptop so she could be one of the first to buy something. I didn't even realize how popular it was at the time. The fact that I just happened to snag this scarf from the coveted line at a thrift shop of all places, on a trip in another state, just makes it all the more sweeter to me. 
I've been wearing my scarfs a lot lately to keep the chill off without needing heavy layers. Lincoln is particularly enamored with them. He likes them almost as much as my statement necklaces. I wore this scarf with a long sleeved tee the other day and instead of putting it away I laid it on the back of my chair next to my mustard sweater in an act of laziness. It turned out to be a happy accident because I loved the combo together. So that's the story of my special scarf and how it came to be paired with my mustard cardigan. 

Lincoln’s Eleven Month Update

Lincoln is eleven months old! One month to go to the big one year! The past couple of days he has been learning all kinds of new things. It's funny how all of the sudden he just has a new skill. I am still amazed at every one. His latest trick is being able to put his shapes into his elephant toy. It has a hole at the top and the shapes come out at the the bottom. We has showed him this in the past and he wasn't interested but this weekend I showed him again and he put the shape right in. Now it's a fun game for him to play. 
He also learned how to give a high five. Mike also taught him that this past weekend and it was so cute. Other things he is doing lately are finding something that you tried to hide (either on purpose, or to play) playing peek a boo with the kitchen curtain and reaching surprisingly high on the top of tables.
Lincoln is also getting pretty close to walking. He can stand on his own for a little while and he has tried to take steps a couple of times. We may have a walker before his first birthday. We shall see what this month has in store for us!
A couple of weeks ago we were having a few rough nights of sleep and I put a blanket in his crib, at first to try and keep him warm, but it turns out he loves to snuggle it. Now at night when I put him down to sleep he has to immediately grab his blanket and lay his head on it and snuggle it to his face. I also put a couple of stuffed animals in his crib too and the combination has really seemed to help. If he isn't quite ready to sleep he will play for a few minutes instead of crying.
He is really such a sweet little boy though. He is always laughing and smiling. He is so good when we take him places. Although eating at a restaurant has a time limit (and can be a big mess) he is really good when we eat out. He was also so good at my cousin's son's baptism this past weekend. He made googly eyes at the ladies, he was good in church at the ceremony, he sat in a chair at the reception like a big boy when we ate and he played with his cousins while I was chatting.  He definitely can have his cranky moments like any other baby but we are so lucky to have such a generally sweet, well behaved young man.
eleven months

What I Wore- Tights Weather

Grey cardigan, navy skirt, navy tights
Cardigan- Land’s End, Skirt- Limited via ThredUP, Belt- Target, Shoes- Target, Tights- JC Penney

It is tights weather again. I am not one to hold on to bare legs for very long because I get cold so easily. I needed a pair of navy tights to match my navy skirt and I picked up this pair of Mixit tights and I love them. It's pretty hard to love tights since they are generally uncomfortable but this pair is bearable. I didn't realize it until I wore a different brand (Target maybe? I can't remember) and they were so uncomfortable. They squished my belly and they are really thin but the Mixit pair is very thick and squeezed my belly less, because there are no tights that don't squeeze it all. And if you've found a brand that doesn't please let me know!  
Anyway I want to replace my awful pair with another Mixit pair and JC Penney is having a $10 off of $25 coupon plus I have a $10 reward so I may be making a trip there this weekend. I am a big fan of JCP right now. I've been outfitting Lincoln in Okie Dokie shirts and pants. They have been on sale for $5.99 plus there is always a coupon for either 15% or $10 off of $25 and sometimes I get a $10 off of $10. Mike has upgraded his work wardrobe there recently too. They have the nicest Dockers pants that fit him really well and are so reasonable. 
Also on the agenda this weekend is finding decorating supplies for Lincoln's one year birthday party. We are in the midst of planning and trying to figure out where to buy inexpensive but cute decorations. So I think we will be making a trip to the local party store to see what they have.

DIY Hydrangea Wreath

DIY Hydrangea Wreath
We put our fall decorations out early this year so we can actually enjoy them before the Christmas decorations come out. (On a side note: I have no idea how to have a Christmas tree and a curious soon to be one year old coexist in my house.)
I had a fall wreath I made a couple years ago up on our door but I got a great deal on some fall hydrangeas and a grapevine wreath and I have been wanting to make a hydrangea wreath. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and I am a huge hydrangea lover. Since the one in my garden didn’t bloom this year I guess I just needed to make up for it some way.
I got all my supplies at Jo-Ann’s. The wreath had some other decorations I pulled off to save for another time but I kept the bow. I used four bunches of hydrangeas but I could have gotten away with only two if I didn’t place the flowers as close together.
DIY Hydrangea Wreath
I cut the individual blooms off of the bunch with wire cutting pliers. I pulled off the leaves too since I wasn’t interested in adding them to my wreath. I laid out the flowers around the wreath to get a feel for how I would place them. Then I bent each stem and inserted them in between grapevine pieces. They fit snugly so there was no need to add hot glue. The wreath already had the bow so it was done.
DIY Hydrangea Wreath
I finished it in around 15 minutes during one of Lincoln’s naps and I still had time to do some laundry (the never ending chore.) At least I satisfied my need to make something pretty. I will keep my eye out for different colored hydrangeas because I would love to have a similar wreath for the summer.
DIY Hydrangea Wreath

DIY Hydrangea Wreath
DIY Hydrangea Wreath

Lincoln Lately

I thought when Lincoln started crawling and standing up that he was becoming a handful but now that he is an experienced mover he is ten times more of a handful. Our little adventurer is really into everything now and loves exploring every nook and cranny of our house. Mike installed a gate at the top of our stairs last weekend and it was really in the nick of time. I had started to have to run after him to snatch him away from the edge of the steps as he peered down. The gate really saves my sanity. I do tend to close the door in whichever room we are in upstairs otherwise he ends up in the bathroom (his favorite upstairs room) pulling all the toiletries out of my drawer. 
Speaking of gates, we need to figure out some situation for the bottom of our stairs. Lincoln learned that he could crawl up more than one or two steps at a time and now can quickly and easily crawl up all the stairs. Our stairs have two at the bottom, then a landing and a turn before the rest of the stairs. There is not an easy way to gate off the bottom without having a least one step still exposed so I was looking at ridiculous (and expensive) configurable gate solutions on Amazon to try and find some solution. TBD on what we are going to do. This baby proofing stuff is exhausting.
The other thing high on the baby proofing list is a way to get the TV out of his reach. He loves to bang on it and then laugh. No matter how sternly we try and say "no" he still thinks it is hilarious and will continue to bang until we pull him away and try to distract him with another task. Wall mounts are also being researched on Amazon at our house.
Lincoln's standing and walking is improving almost daily. He can stand on his own for an increasing amount of time. He did the first time on his own, then Mike and I would test him to see if he could do it. The other night he was sitting on the step and Mike watched him stand him and attempt to take a step forward. We bought him a fisher price push puppy toy and Mike set him up and gave him a little push and he started walking with it. He's getting really good at it although I'm not sure we should be encouraging the walking because we are taking the trouble to a whole new level lol. 
I got out some yarn and my crochet hook to whip him up some hats for winter and I almost forgot how to crochet. I had to start over on a hat I worked on for 45 minutes because I messed up the second round. Then I decided to try a hat on him I had made and was too big last winter to see if it fits now. He immediately wanted to rip it off his head. I am going to have to create some long ties to tie his new hats on his head. I have a feeling we are going to have a battle all winter long :) I love this crazy stage he is in now but I actually had a tiny longing for the newborn stage when I could dress him in any hat I pleased and it stayed on his head.
I really don't miss that newborn stage though. He is so much more fun now. I love watching him grow and learn new stuff all the time. He is so sweet and loves to give cuddles when he is tired, when I pick him up from his sitter’s or when he is nervous in a new situation. He loves playing with his best puppy friend Abby, playing with his toys, and playing with all the non toys like the computer mouse, coasters, the bread pan in the kitchen cabinet, shoes, cell phones etc.
Usually the non toys are more interesting than his real toys and Abby's toys are the absolute best. He is partial to balls, cars, stacking cups and anything that lights up and plays music. Oh and he loves his books. He is very good at turning the pages and loves to help me turn them even if I haven't finished reading the page. His touch and feel and flap books are his favorites right now. We read them every night before bed.
That's what the boy has been up to lately, now on to some pictures.
lincoln collage
Taking a ride in his jeep/ Loving to eat/ Daddy’s birthday dinner
Bike ride/ Watching a parade with Daddy/ Watching a parade with Mommy

September Garden Blooms



Mike and I spent part of last weekend working outside in the beautiful weather and getting our gardens and garage cleaned up for winter. The veggie garden was looking pretty sad so I pulled out everything that was done producing, found a couple of hidden carrots, gave Lincoln and Abby a couple of green bean stragglers and picked all the basil that was starting to turn yellow from the cool nighttime temps. 

We whipped up a huge batch of yummy pesto and enjoyed pesto pizza and salmon with pesto and then froze the rest in the lidded ice cube trays that I bought to make baby food, before that idea went out the window. We have a bad habit of making the pesto and never using it so we need to make an extra effort to actually get some use out of the two trays full of green goodness.

In the front flower bed I planted a few mums for some fall color. I moved one of my Stella D'oro lilies to fill the whole where my columbine died out and hopefully bring some color to that side of the bed when it is lacking in the early summer. I also planted a bunch of daffodil bulbs. I have been missing my early spring color so I finally did something about it. Hopefully they do well because the last ones I had died out over the past few years. I bought a mixed color bag so I'm excited to see what blooms I get in the spring. 

August was pretty uneventful in the garden. Even though there was tons of color from my Black Eyed Susan and purple coneflower, not much else happens. Now I have all the late bloomers to take us into fall. The Black Eyed Susan that has been blooming for months along with an Autumn joy and a mix of mums will keep the garden colorful for a little while longer.


Autumn Joy

Autumn Joy