It’s My Birthday!


Happy 32nd birthday to me! Having a birthday in January means the weather is usually freezing, snowy and has been for weeks. This year is no exception as I feel like I have barely left the house in days. Having a tiny baby is another reason to stay in because Lincoln doesn’t need to be braving the elements either. I am looking forward though to being out and about this weekend to celebrate my birthday.

The best present I could ever get for my birthday, I already got eleven weeks ago :) Last year on my birthday I was wondering if I would ever get pregnant because we had been trying longer than I thought it would take. It didn’t feel like much of a celebration because I didn’t get what I really wanted. My birthday wish ended up coming true because I got pregnant in February. Now this year I get to enjoy the sweet little baby I wanted so badly last year.

Lincoln is really a sweet and happy little guy. My favorite time of the day is becoming early in the morning when I greet him after he wakes up in his crib. When he sees my face he gets excited and smiles and coos. It melts my heart every morning :) I love watching him with his daddy too. Mike always makes him smile and laugh with all the silly noises he makes and the songs he sings.

Lincoln January

On his changing table in the morning, wearing his new monkey jammies after his bath, walking the track with me at the gym (he is pretty thrilled about it!)


This week and next week are my practice for going back to work on February 10th. Lincoln is falling into a sleeping and eating schedule and I am getting up at the time I will be for work and practicing getting us up and out the door on time. Luckily for me, Lincoln had been sleeping through the night most nights, which is going to be a huge help to get me going in the morning.

I am really enjoying the last couple of weeks I have with my little guy before I have to return to work. I am not looking forward to be away from him but I will enjoy having a reason to wear nice clothes again (although I do love my leggings!) I’ve been reworking my closet to accommodate my pre baby body. The majority of my baby weight is gone but I’m not the same shape I used to be. It’s time to start getting serious at the gym, something I have not been very committed to so far.

I may just take some outfit pics to get my creative juices flowing again. I bought some cute clearance finds on Martin Luther King Day to jump start my work wardrobe. JC Penney had some amazing deals and I really like their Worthington and Joe Fresh lines. I also picked up some great deals at LOFT. Plus I actually may have a couple of crafty projects to share. Nothing like running out of free time to get me interested in working on projects again. It also helps that I am not so sleep deprived anymore and I can think about something else besides feeding a hungry baby every two hours.

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