Lincoln’s Two Month Update

2 months


My little guy is getting so big! He is two months old now and he is changing so much. Our last trip to the pediatrician put him at 14 pounds 14 ounces and 24.5 inches long. My chunky boy is in the 97th percentile for both height and weight.

It’s so fun watching all the new things he is learning every day. He is full of smiles, especially in the morning and when Mike gets home from work. He also smiles at the birdies in his bouncy chair and he just discovered how much he loves the mobile above his crib. He also has a sweet little laugh to go along with his smiles. He also loves his play mat. It has a little mirror and he discovered the little boy in it and it’s another source of smiles and laughs.

I could take a million pictures of his smile! He loves laying on his changing table in his room and that creates a daily photo opportunity.


In the past week he started tolerating tummy time. He can hold his head up really well and pushes his back legs like he wants to move forward. We had an exciting moment the other day when I laid him on the couch for tummy time. Lincoln was not having it and immediately started protesting and rolled himself onto his back. I started shouting and Mike came running in the room and Lincoln repeated it. Even though he was cranky about the whole situation, Mike and I were so excited.

Sleeping at night is going fairly well. I got my first seven hours of sleep! I woke up and had to go check and make sure he was ok! We had another seven hours of sleep after his shots and many nights he will sleep 5-6 hours. He is starting to fall into a schedule of going down for the night around 9:00 which is fabulous because I could handle that schedule when I go back to work. Before he used to want to stay up until midnight every night and that was getting pretty tiresome.

Speaking of going back to work, my official day back will be February 10th. It’s coming way too fast and I am not looking forward to being away from my boy all day :(

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