My Love of Target and Savings Tips

Funny Confession Ecard: 'I went to Target and only bought what I went there for.' Said no one ever.


After I had some “mommy time” at Target the other day I felt inspired to write a whole post about why Target is so awesome and how I save money there. I love the thrill of a bargain and Target never disappoints. The prices are already low and I always hate buying something at a different store (because of convenience) when I know I could get it at Target for cheaper.

Target was one of the only places I still wanted to go at the end of my pregnancy when I was large and uncomfortable and walking only made it worse. It was also one of the first places I went after Lincoln was born (besides the pediatrician and Babies R Us.)

When my mother in law offered to watch Lincoln for a few hours the other day I planned all my errands centered around Target. A stop to get my eyeglasses adjusted, a stop to exchange a sleeper for the next size up (because my guy is growing like a weed!) and a glorious stop at Target.

Right now there is a crazy amount of clearance going on and I was in bargain heaven. I completely had to restrain myself and I put a bunch of stuff back before I checked out. The clothes clearance was amazing and I bought this white polka dot blazer for 50% off. It’s a little bold but I have a small obsession with polka dots right now.  I’m going to make sure I can style it before I make a final decision to keep it but it will give me something to look forward to wearing when I have to make the (sad) return to work.

Ways I Save at Target:

My favorite Target bargain blog Totally Target. There are daily posts about sales, clearance and coupon combinations. I have saved tons of money by following this blog. She also posts about other savings deals that are unrelated to Target.

Target Cartwheel. If you shop at Target and you do not use it, then you are seriously missing out. There are tons of offers for extra percentage off items in the store you probably are already buying. You download the app to your smartphone, select the offers and then scan the barcode at checkout. I believe there is also an option to print a barcode from the computer if you don’t have a smartphone. I have already saved almost $100 using it and I only started around August of last year. I always do a quick in store check on what I’m buying before I check out and I usually add a couple of Cartwheel offers.

Target Coupons. You can print out Target specific coupons from the website. They can be combined with a Cartwheel offer and also manufacturer coupons you get from the paper or other printable coupon websites. With a triple stack it can make for huge savings. I got a Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy over the summer for $3.50 when it was originally $25!

You can also get Target coupons through text by texting OFFERS to 827438. Then you can load these coupons into the Target App onto your smartphone.

Target REDcard. What I love about the REDcard is that you can sign up for a debit card in addition to their credit card. Most people don’t need another credit card in their wallet but the debit card comes directly out of your bank account so you don’t have to worry about paying a monthly bill. You automatically save 5% off your bill and you get free shipping online. Once I got my card I couldn’t believe I waited so long to get it.

Reusable grocery bags. I’ll admit I haven’t been good about taking advantage of this offer lately but you can get 5 cents off for each grocery bag you use.

This is not a sponsored post, it’s just me wanting to share how awesome Target is with the world :) I only hope Lincoln shares my love for Target one day, or at least doesn’t mind when I drag him there all the time. Mike already informed me that he probably will not enjoy it as much as I do lol!

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