Useful Baby Items 0-3 Months


When I was pregnant I spent hours looking up what to put on a baby registry. There was plenty of advice out there and a lot of it was conflicting. The “top 5 items you need the most” were the same items on the “top 5 items you don’t need at all.” I talked to all my friends with babies and got their advice. The more I read, the more I felt like I needed it all! Ultimately we just picked what we thought would work for us and I’m sharing some of the items we’ve ended up using the most in the first three months.

0-3 month baby items


Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer- I love this bouncy chair! Lincoln has loved it from the first time we put him in it, which was in the first two weeks. It cradled him really well in the beginning and he loves to nap in it. Now that he’s a little older he really likes looking at the bird mobile. He looks like he’s going to get too long for it soon and that will be a sad day for me since he has loved it so much.

Swaddle Blankets- We used the Summer Infant SwaddleMe in the beginning and Lincoln loved being in them. The are so easy to use and they always quieted him down when he was fussy. They make larger sizes but when he outgrew the small ones we moved to a HALO SleepSack Swaddle Blanket because we were gifted one. It helps him to sleep through the night and he can still kick his legs in it, which is something he loves to do all the time. He’s going to grow out of it soon and I don’t know what we are going to do without the swaddle arms at night.

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover - This has been a really cold and nasty winter to be carting around a newborn baby. We put this car seat cover over Lincoln with a blanket underneath and he stays nice and toasty warm despite the fact that it’s below freezing out many days.

Graco Pack 'n Play with changing table - Our pack’ n play is set up in the living room and we use the changing table all the time. We have a changing table in his room but we spend most of our time downstairs so this is so convenient. This changer is high enough that we don’t have to bend over to use it and we can store all his supplies in the organizer section. He takes some naps in the bassinet part or I use it as a safe place to lay him when I need to put him down for a little while.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub- I saw this tub pop up on so many recommendation lists and I’m really glad we got it. The slanted side has been perfect for setting a tiny baby in since the first bath and it’s really easy for one person to bathe him since he stays put. Lincoln loves bath time too in this tub.

Philips AVENT Soothie Pacifier - These pacifiers help to calm Lincoln down when he is fussy and put him to sleep when he is tired. We gave it to him the second day in the hospital and he’s never had any nipple confusion.

Philips AVENT Natural Bottle- We originally bought Dr. Browns bottles but Lincoln would drink too fast and was always choking with those. I received an Avent one for free and when we tried that one he ate more slowly because the nipples have a slower flow than Dr. Browns. These are the ones we ended up sticking with and they are supposed to help support switching between the bottle and breastfeeding, which we’ve never had a problem with. We started with the 4 oz but we have already moved to the 9 oz.

Skip Hop Towel - This towel from Skip Hop is our favorite. It’s big enough to wrap Lincoln up after his bath and he looks so cute wearing the hood!

Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors- Baby nails are like little razor blades! Lincoln was born with really long nails and they haven’t stopped growing. I have to trim them all the time and these scissors make it the job easier. Sometimes I follow up my trim with a baby nail file but usually I am trying to get the job done as quickly as possible.


Now that Lincoln is in his third month, some of what we are using is starting to change so I will try and come up with a new list to share what we are using the most in a few months. He is already so different than he was when we first brought him home. It’s amazing to see how much he’s changed so far.

No Sew Regular Scarf to Infinity


No sew regular scarf to infinity

I have been doing lots of clothing purging recently and this scarf came on the chopping block. I never wore it and it was just taking up space in the closet. I really like the striped pattern on it but it’s too short to wrap around my neck properly.  The shorter length actually made it perfect for a potential infinity scarf so I decided to save it from the donate pile.

I decided to take the cheaters way out and turn this scarf into and infinity scarf without touching my sewing machine. All I did was tie all the pieces of fringe together and then chop off the excess. It took no time at all and I did it while Lincoln was laying next to me. It took me more time to take pictures for this post than it did for this project!

No sew regular scarf to infinity

Now I am loving this scarf. It’s the perfect length to keep me warm while wearing a v neck sweater without being too hot. It also goes with almost everything in my closet. I wish I had thought of redoing it sooner. I wore it the other day with my awesome find from JC Penney. I have had my eye out for a cobalt cardigan forever and I snatched this one off the clearance rack last week.

No sew regular scarf to infinity


No sew regular scarf to infinity

Lincoln’s 3 Month Update


How has three months already gone by? Lincoln is getting so big! The past couple of weeks we have really been noticing it. He reaches the end of his bouncy chair and his tub. When he stretches his legs out I can’t believe how long he looks. He is also starting to grow out of his 6 month clothes and I am slowly rotating in some of the smaller 9 month outfits.

3 months

He has been noticing textures now and loves to feel and grab things with his little hands. He is always gripping onto my shirt. He does great on his tummy and is willing to stay that way for longer periods of time. We started putting him into his bumbo seat too and he enjoys being able to sit up and look around.

bumbo  seat

We’ve also practiced taking lots of baby and mommy selfies. I think we are getting pretty good at it.


Last week was the first week back to work for me. It was so hard going back and having to leave him all day but somehow we got through it. Lincoln did great at the sitter’s and his day with Grandma. I am pretty sure it was harder for me than it was for him :)

Today we are enjoying our three day weekend for President’s Day at home with Mike. I love this little guy and I’m so glad he is part of our family. I may be little biased but I think he is the cutest baby boy ever! My iPhone is filled with his adorableness.

Lincoln 3 months

Polka Dot Blazer 6 Ways

polka dot blazer

This is my first week back to work after my maternity leave. It’s also the first time in almost a year that I actually get to wear non maternity clothes to work. Although I’m not excited to be back to work, putting together these outfits with my new polka dot blazer actually gave me something to look forward to. I really enjoy putting together new outfit combinations and now I have a reason to change out of my pjs ever day :).

I was so excited to do some winter clearance shopping this year. It’s my favorite time of year for clearance shopping and I always score some amazing deals. I found some amazing deals at LOFT and JC Penney and I found this polka dot blazer for half off at Target. I am some what obsessed with polka dots right now so I couldn’t pass it up.

I had so much fun putting these looks together. This blazer goes with almost everything in my closet. I came up with six looks but I easily could have come up with six more. Even though I probably will primarily wear this blazer to work I added a couple of more casual outfits that would also be good for a night out.

Wearing more accessories could also change these outfits up but when you are on a limited time frame to take pictures while a certain little guy is napping, there isn’t much time to think of additional accessories!


Polka dot blazer with black skinny dress pants and heels

Polka dot blazer with black skinny dress pants and heels

Top- Target, Pants- Joe Fresh via JC Penney (same-clearance, similar), Shoes- Kohl’s

Polka dot blazer with stripes and boot cut dress pants

Polka dot blazer with stripes and boot cut dress pants

Top- Joe Fresh via JC Penney (same-clearance, similar), Pants- LOFT (same-clearance, similar), Shoes- JC Penney

Polka dot blazer with colored skirt

Polka dot blazer with colored skirt

Top- New York and Company, Skirt- Target, Shoes- Thrifted

Polka dot blazer with skirt and tall boots

Polka dot blazer with skirt and tall boots

Top- Target, Skirt- Thrifted (similar), Boots- JC Penney

Polka dot blazer with colored skinny jeans and tall boots

Polka dot blazer with colored skinny jeans and tall boots

Top- Old Navy, Pants- Kohl’s, Shoes- Shoe store at the mall

Polka dot blazer with skinny jeans, ankle boots and a scarf

Polka dot blazer with skinny jeans, ankle boots and a scarf

Top- Old Navy, Pants- Kohl’s (same) , Shoes- Sears, Scarf- Made by Me


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Figuring Out My “Mom” Beauty Routine

If you are a mom then you know that having any kind of beauty routine with a newborn is next to impossible. For the first five weeks of Lincoln’s life I was lucky to change out of my pajamas. Taking a shower was a luxury that didn’t happen every day. After Mike went back to work I told him I needed help with Lincoln to take a shower. He told me I needed to learn to do it myself. At first I thought it was impossible. If I set Lincoln down in his crib or his swing I might get through the shower but he was crying by the time I got out. Then I got smart and learned to bring him in the bathroom with me and set him in his Rock and Play. Being close to me keeps him amused long enough to get through the shower and get dressed. If I’m lucky I might actually get to put on some makeup.

Just waiting for mom to get cleaned up

I never realized when I was pregnant how much more complicated it would be to take a shower. I thought it was bad enough that I couldn’t see my feet and I could barely wash them because that was a difficult position to get into. I definitely don’t miss having to navigate around an enormous belly but at least it was only me I had to worry about!

Now my newest challenge will not only be getting a shower and getting dressed but I will have a time limit too in the morning being back to work. It’s not going to be easy but we will make it work. Mike and I are big believers in having a routine and I will just need to figure one out (that won’t make us late to work every day!)

One thing that I will always work into my beauty routine is moisturizing out of the shower. My skin is always super dry and I feel so itchy without slathering my whole body in lotion. Suave Professionals has a new Morrocon Oil lotion that features authentic argan oil from Morocco. It is non greasy with a light scent that saves me the step of having to use a separate body spray or perfume. Mike likes the way it smells too so that is an added bonus.

If I want to add an extra sheen I will use the non greasy body oil spray. It will be perfect to use once I can actually show my legs off again in warmer weather. Spring can get here anytime :)

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Perfect All Day Crochet Cowl

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crochet cowl

The last project I started before Lincoln was born was a crochet cowl for myself. I had already made every type of hat I could think of for my little guy so I decided to make myself something. I didn’t get very far before I had a tiny newborn to take care. I finally decided it was time to finish it since I am almost done with my maternity leave.

I didn’t want to have to think up my own pattern so I spent lots of time perusing patterns on Pinterest and Ravelry. I knew exactly what I wanted my cowl to look like, a big stitched v stitch cowl using a worsted weight yarn that I already had in my stash. I love the open look of the v stitch and it is the most forgiving crochet stitch I have ever worked with. At one point I wasn't finishing the end of the row correctly and I had already completed a huge piece of the scarf but it’s not even noticeable so I just kept on going.

I ended up using this pattern for the Time Out Cowl. I used a K hook and Red Heart With Love worsted weight yarn. This created a nice big stitch, I worked the scarf to 53 inches before seaming and it’s 8 inches wide. It’s the perfect length to wrap around my neck twice without being restrictive or too hot.

The Red Heart With Love yarn lays really nice and is much softer than Red Heart Super Saver. I really liked it and would definitely use it again. I have enough left over to make a coordinating hat or ear warmer too.

Lincoln is also a big fan of this cowl. He was so fascinated with it the other day, it was pretty hilarious. He likes to stick his tiny fingers through the big lacy stitches :) I wore it all day on my birthday last week and it was perfect for keeping my neck warm when I was wearing a v neck cardigan.

This was the perfect easy project to ease me back into crocheting. Winter is far from over here so I am contemplating what to make next. Mike’s vote is for a mohawk hat for Lincoln since he’s outgrowing the hats I made him. And maybe I’ll make another cowl for me…

crochet cowl

crochet cowl

crochet cowl

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