WIWW- Cobalt Love


Skirt- JC Penney, Sweater- New York and Company- Shoes- Fergalicous, Necklace- Thrifted


I have wanted a cobalt skirt forever but never found one at the right price aka on clearance. When I spotted this skirt at JC Penney on clearance with an extra 25% off I knew it had to be mine. Luckily they had it in my size and I snatched it up. I love pairing cobalt with tan, black, white and gray for work. I think fuchsia and orange mix well too in small doses like a necklace or scarf.

I added a cobalt cardigan to my wardrobe too so I think I’m covered on cobalt items…unless I happen to find some cobalt shorts but summer seems way to far away for me to even consider that. It was 20 degrees outside today although there are upper 40s and low 50s on the way. This winter has been brutal and those temps seem like heaven right now. I am dying to take some more walks outside and remember what it’s like to enjoy being outdoors. I am actually looking forward to gardening again this year since I won’t have a big belly getting in the way of bending down. Plus I can can dig in the dirt again without having to wear gloves. That’s one of my favorite parts of gardening :)

The Baby Fedora Trend


First off I want to thank everyone for the kind comments on last weeks post about the loss of our dog Rufus. It has been a hard week but it’s slowly getting easier. It’s strange how quiet it is now that we don’t have an 80 pound dog running around and barking at every little noise he heard outside. Our little dog Abby has been doing really well. She seemed to be looking for Rufus for the first day but now she is enjoying all the extra attention she has been getting. We are working on our new normal as a one dog family. We don’t have any plans to get another one now that we have our hands full with our baby boy.

Speaking of our baby guy we took a bunch of pictures of Lincoln last weekend for his four month shots. When we were at Target the other day we picked up an adorable baby fedora. I can’t go into Target anymore without wandering around the baby area and finding something Lincoln can’t live without. Mike actually picked up the fedora (I picked out some monkey pajamas) so of course we had to try it out on him for pictures. I know that he is becoming a fashionable baby because last week I saw four other babies on Facebook rocking out their own baby fedoras. My son is right on trend with the baby world :)

Taking pictures of Lincoln is easier now that he can almost sit up by himself but it’s so much easier with two people involved. The shots I took by myself were of his super serious face and the second Mike walked into the room Lincoln turned into Mr. Smiles. His daddy always makes him so happy.



Lincoln's Four Month Update

Lincoln turned four months old last Friday. He is starting to change so quickly now. It's amazing how much he has learned to do in the past month.

His latest milestone is rolling from his back to his belly. Since he learned this, he won't lay on his back on the floor anymore without immediately having to roll over. He also started sleeping on his stomach in his crib, which makes me slightly nervous but my pediatrician assured me it is ok since there is basically nothing I can do to stop him.

He is reaching and grabbing at whatever he can get his little hands on. He loves it when I am still wearing my necklace from work or when I have a scarf on. His favorite things to hold are his burp cloths or basically anything soft. He likes to pinch too and enjoys pulling on Mike's arm hair.

We put him in the jumparoo and he is really starting to get into it. At first he just put weight on his legs but now he does a little jig with alternating feet or he does a two footed jump. He loves the music and lights and he knows to look at the lights when he first goes in because they are going to light up. The toys surrounding the jumparoo are starting to get interesting to him too.

The tongue is back! Mike taught Lincoln to stick his tongue out when he was really young and he went through a phase where it was out all the time. He stopped for a while but now he is always sticking it out and he loves when you blow raspberries at him. It always makes him smile and laugh. His laugh is becoming more of a real laugh too and it's so cute. We can't resist laughing back at him when he is being a little ham.

We've finally got a few warm days and we went on some walks with Lincoln in the Ergo. He seemed to enjoy it and was alert the entire time. He makes walking quite the workout since he weighs 17 lbs 14 oz now. He is 26 inches long and still in the 95 percentile for height and weight.

We are so lucky to have this handsome little guy as part of our family!

WIWW- Is It Spring Yet?

Cardigan- Old Navy, Skirt- JC Penney, Shoes- Thrifted, Necklace- Thrifted

There is really nothing that special about this outfit. I've worn all these pieces before but it all feels new again. After being pregnant and then on maternity leave for most of the winter, I don't feel as sick of my winter clothes as I normally would be at this time of the year.

I am definitely ready for Spring to hurry up and get here because I'm tired of being cooped up in the house and freezing my buns off outside. We are getting a taste of Spring with warmer temps this week and it is much needed.

I took this picture after work with Lincoln hanging out and watching me from his Rock n Play. He was in a particularly goofy mood. He kept sticking out his tongue and making lots of silly noises and faces so I had to snap some pictures of him. I wish I had though to take his bib off first to really capture his outfit too but he was having a grand time tugging on it and stuffing it into his mouth. He is the biggest ham. His latest nickname is "ham sandwich."

My Heart is Broken

I was typing up a happy post about Lincoln's fourth moth update but I just can't share it right now when my heart is so heavy. We lost our Labradoodle Rufus yesterday very unexpectedly. He started acting funny Friday evening and Sunday he seemed worse so Mike took him to the emergency vet and we found out he had a tumor that ruptured and his stomach had filled with blood. They could have done surgery but it might have only prolonged his life for two to four months. We had to make the awful decision to put him down.

Rufus was the first dog Mike and I got together only seven years ago. He made me a dog lover. He was the sweetest, smartest, best dog I have ever known. I was excited to see Lincoln grow up with him and Rufus loved his baby so much. My heart hurts so much that he is gone forever. I have never felt so sad before after losing a pet. I feel like our hearts and house will never be the same without him.

Goodbye Rufus. We will love you always.

WIWW- Back to Work


black blazer, striped shirt

Blazer- JC Penney, Shirt- Old Navy, Pants- Ann Taylor LOFT, Shoes- JC Penney, Earrings- JC Penney

It’s my first outfit post since going back to work and it only took me five weeks to make it happen :) I used to take a quick outfit shot in the morning before work but now that is just one too many things to add to my list of stuff to do in the morning so I took this picture after work. My hair isn’t as cute and I’m a little more wrinkly but it works.

I’m trying to wear more blazers in my wardrobe now and I’m loving this one I got from JC Penney. I really like the way it fits and I always struggle to find blazers that don’t make my shoulders look too broad. Plus I got a great deal on it. I am really liking JC Penney’s Worthington line. They have nice work clothes for super reasonable prices. I got a couple of skirts and a pair of skinny pants there too that I have been wearing to work since I got back.

Speaking of being back, I can’t believe it’s already my fifth week. It’s been hard being away from my little guy but I finally feel like we are getting into a good routine. I appreciate all the time we have together so much more because I have to be away from him now.

To look on the bright side, it is nice to have a reason to get dressed in the morning now and I‘ve really been weeding through my closet to get rid of some pieces I never wear or don’t fit right. I’ve lost all my baby weight but my belly isn’t as flat as it used to be so I have been getting used to dressing it differently.

Thanks to everyone that has made such kind comments on how I look! I will attribute 80% off this weight loss to nursing, 15% to my diet and 5% to working out. The weight has pretty much melted off since the day I left the hospital but exercise is what is toning up my belly. I don’t do it as much as I would like but I try to get a couple sessions in every week.

Mike and I have always ate pretty healthy and now that I’m not growing a hungry little baby in my belly we have gotten back into pretty good eating habits so that also helps with my weight. Not to say we don’t indulge sometimes but out diet consists of lots of fruit, veggies, whole grains and lean meats. We make the majority of our meals at home and I’m lucky enough to have an amazing husband who does all of our cooking. Yes that’s right, he does all of our cooking. I pitch in occasionally to heat something up or make breakfast but Mike is the chef around here and I am so grateful to have a husband that does that for us!

So back to my outfit. I’m going to set a goal of one outfit picture a week and see if I can stick to it. It takes the pressure off and I can try and share my best outfit of the week or whatever day I am lucky enough to sneak away for a couple of minutes :)

My Little Monkey



If I dress Lincoln in a cute outfit it inevitably means he will pee/poo/vomit all over it. This sock monkey onesie seems to be a magnet for bodily fluids. Right after I took these pictures it was in the wash. Laundry piles grow at an exponential rate around here these days :)

I busted out the fancy camera a couple of weekends ago to get some shots of my little guy. It only took me a week and a half to actually share them. Blogging with baby and being back to work is proving to be quite the challenge. I think of great post ideas and then wait for an actual free moment to write them down and it doesn’t come easily. I come home from work, spend a couple of hours with Lincoln and Mike, put Lincoln to bed and follow shortly after. Staying up past 9:30 actually seems late now but since I am up at 5:00 AM on the week days I can’t keep my eyes open any later. The weekends aren’t much better since I now consider 6:30 to be sleeping in.

Lincoln got his first cold last week and I have to admit I have been pretty stressed out about it. He started coughing at 3:00 AM last Thursday and he has a stuffed up nose. Luckily it hasn’t gotten much worse but he has been a little bit of a cranky pants since he’s not feeling well. I think he is on the mend now and I will be happy to not have to suck his poor stuffy nose out anymore since he is really starting to protest it.

I (along with everyone else in most of the country) am so ready for Spring to be here. It was only 9 degrees when we left for work today. At least it’s finally March which means there is an end in sight to this horrendous winter. I can’t wait to be able to go on walks outside with Lincoln and enjoy some warmer weather.