WIWW- Two For One


Blazer- Thrifted, Shirt- Old Navy, Jeans- Loft, Shoes- Sears


Shirt- Old Navy, Jeans- Loft, Belt- Old Navy, Shoes- Sears


I wore the first outfit to work on our last jeans day. I went to snap a picture and my camera battery died so I recreated it over the weekend. Since I was already taking pictures I‘m sharing my weekend outfit as well. I got this blue and green polka dot shirt for Christmas and it’s kind of large on me now but it works better when tucked in. It’s great quality for an Old Navy button down and looks pretty good without ironing which is a huge plus. I am not a fan or ironing like most of the rest of the world.

I found the coral shirt on the clearance rack at Old Navy recently and I couldn’t resist a lace front shirt. It’s cheaper in stores than it shows online which is usually the case with Old Navy clearance. They had it in navy too but I love this bright coral color and I already have a few ideas for other ways to wear it.

It was a good day for pictures too since I just got my hair cut. I wish I could hire my hair dresser to do my hair for me every morning because it’s always so perfect when she does. Perfect hair just seems completely unattainable for me. I just can’t work a straight iron like a pro and I don’t have the time in the morning to try. So I will admire this picture of my super straight hair (which was still looking good on day three!) And I will occasionally try to recreate the flat iron look.

April Garden Blooms


Hooray for Spring bulbs. This is my favorite time of the year for flowers. I love the bright and cheery spring flowers that are popping up everywhere. I don’t have many bulbs blooming this year. My hyacinth are still going strong but I’m down to one daffodil plant that only had two blooms. All my other daffodils have died off or produced green with no flowers.

We have some plans to do a bit of a garden overhaul to make the driveway more accessible so I don’t have too many plans to add anything to the garden right now but I have thought about trying to find some daffodils at the garden store. It would be so much easier to find a place to plant them now than to wait until the fall and try to remember what the garden looks like in the spring.

My tulips should be blooming soon. I can’t remember what blooms next after that, it’s always fun to re-remember the order of all my plants ever year :)






Lincoln’s Five Month Update


Lincoln is five months old now. He is changing so fast that he has learned all kinds of new stuff from the time I thought about what to write for this post and now that I’m actually writing it. He is almost 20 pounds now and wearing mostly nine month clothes. He still fits into a few six month things but he is already outgrowing some nine month stuff too. He is not a tiny baby anymore and sometimes I feel like he gets bigger overnight.

This picture is fresh after his bath so his hair looks very tame but it’s getting really long and is almost in his eyes. I think we are going to need his first haircut soon! It’s growing in blond too so it keep getting lighter and lighter. Speaking of baths, we moved his baby tub from on top of the kitchen sink to inside of the bathroom tub and he has not been liking it. We are slowly getting him used to it because he does love bath time…just not in the bathroom. He likes to kick his feet against the end of the tub and he loves having the water poured on his belly.

He is starting to be able to sit up better on his own and just turned into “Mr. Grabby Hands.” He is reaching for everything now and had gotten good at picking up smaller items like his toys and pacifier. Everything goes straight into his mouth too so he can chew on it. That’s partly due to the fact that he is teething and just got his first tooth, followed up by his second tooth a couple of days later. It’s the front two and they are tiny little white nubs right now. He has been fairly good with teething and has only been a little bit cranky at night.

He is starting to scoot around on the floor which is really fun. He is a little inch worm and will smoosh his face in the ground and then stick his but up in the air and push off with his feet to move forward. Then he makes a lot of grunts to show all the effort he is putting into it. He can also turn around in a circle by pushing off with his legs and moving his arms around. He is just starting to roll from belly to back. He has long since mastered the back to belly and prefers to be on his belly trying to learn to move around.

We are looking forward to starting solids next. We bought some rice cereal to try out first. We’ve already been practicing drinking water out of a cup because he started reaching for it. He will take a sip and then make a face like he was expecting something else. It’s pretty funny.

He is really such a sweet happy little baby and he is always smiling. He has an adorable laugh and Mike gets it out of him the most. He loves his daddy so much. He lights up when Mike comes in the room. I love watching the two of them together. We are so lucky to have him and every month he gets to be more fun than the last one. I can’t wait to see what he learns next.

Lincoln fedora pics


WIWW- Black and Red


Black shirt dress, red cardigan

Cardigan- Thrifted: Old Navy, Dress- Old Navy, Shoes- Fergalicious

I love red and black together. I have way too many black dresses and I’ve worn this cardigan with all of them. I got this shirt dress from Old Navy in February. I really liked it until I wore it to work and it wrinkled but it was too late to return it so I’ll wear it despite the wrinkles. It has long sleeves but also a tab to cuff them and since the material is light I’ll be able to wear it in the warming weather. Black works all year long minus the tights and with fun accent colors.

I despise tights as much as the next girl but I also hate showing off my bare legs in the spring. I’m usually one of the late bare leg adopters when the the weather starts warming. It’s still too cold in the morning when I leave for work to even consider having my legs uncovered. That doesn’t usually happen until Mid May for me although I saw a lady at work going sans tights and it was 40 degrees that morning. Definitely too cold for me. I only just started wearing skirts in the winter a couple of years ago when I decided that having more options in the winter was more important than being chilly walking to and from my building.

Anyway, I’m on the hunt for a pair of skinny work pants. I’ve lost a little more weight since returning to work and now none of my work pants fit. I bought a pair of Old Navy pixie pants during the 30% off sale but then Loft was running a 50% off online sale so I ordered a Marisa and Zoe cut to see which one I like better. I’ll keep whichever pair fits me best of the three. I’m really struggling to find a pair that fits me right. I tried on the Limited exact stretch before and they didn’t look right even though all the other bloggers seem to rave about them. I want to check out the Express columnist but they are kind of pricey I am hoping to find a cheaper option. I do love my old editors but they are cut too wide for my taste now so I haven’t been interested in wearing them.

First Easter


White dress, coral cardigan

Dress- Old Navy, Cardigan- Thrifted, Tights- Target, Shoes- JC Penney, Necklace- Gift

This past weekend Old Navy was running a 30% off the entire store sale so Mike and I packed up Lincoln and made a trip to the mall. I spotted this eyelet dress and tried it on on a whim and it left the store with me. It’s so adorable and I will wear it this spring and all summer long with every color cardigan I own. It also fit like a dream and it’s not see through because it has a lining. So in love with it I could wear it every week. I can’t wait to be able to wear it without tights too. Clearly it was the obvious choice for Easter. I even got Mike to take an outside picture for me :)

We celebrated Lincoln’s first Easter on Sunday. The day started out with Lincoln sleeping until 7:45 so it was a treat for Mike and I not to be awakened at 5:00 by our early riser. For Easter dinner we went to Mike’s mom’s house and Lincoln got passed around by everyone and he didn’t mind one bit. I was impressed at how well he did. It was a big day for him because he ended up passed out in his Uncle’s arms, who clearly knows how to but a baby to sleep! It was a great day with the family and we got tons of pictures to remember the day.



Lincoln and Mommy


Lincoln and Daddy in their coordinating shirts :)


Our little family


Striped Dress Three Ways


All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this post but I did receive the dress for free. Thank you to eShakti.com.


I was recently contacted by eShakti to try out one of their dresses. This was basically a dream come true because this site has the most beautiful dresses and you can customize the neckline, sleeves and length. I had the hardest time narrowing it down to one dress but I fell in love with the big bold stripes of this dress. I left the length at above knee and I love how it isn’t too short. I customized the neckline to raise it up to a scoop neck and added cap sleeves to make it a little more modest and I think it turned out really cute. I do think the sleeves are a little tight but oh well, I still am in love with this dress. I don’t own anything like this and it’s a great addition to my closet.

I want it to be versatile so I decided to style it in three different ways.


With heels and chunky pearls

Necklace- thrifted and redone by me, Shoes- Fergalicious

This dress would be perfect to wear to a wedding. We actually have a wedding to go to in August and I might end up wearing this dress minus the tights. I’m still not ready to lose the tights in mid April.


With a blazer

Blazer- JC Penney, Shoes- thrifted, Necklace- gift

I think the blazer adds a bit of office sophistication to this dress. It definitely needed to be buttoned though to keep the slim waistline intact.


With a cardigan

Cardigan- Old Navy, Necklace- Sassy Steals, Shoes- Fergalicious

My first cardigan color choice would have been black but I wanted to try something different so I choose navy instead. Navy and black is really popular right now. Plus navy always looks good with green so I think the colors look great together. I’m not sure what other color combos would work besides something safe like gray or white. I am a cardigan lover through and through so I am loving this look.

WIWW- Printed Dress



Dress- Thrifted, Cardigan- Target, Boots- Dr. Scholl’s (exact)

I just had a walk down memory lane putting this post together. I went to check if I had ever shared this cardigan and dress combo before and I found some outfit combinations I previously wore and forgot but I will definitely be creating.

I was actually surprised I hadn’t worn this combo before because I love this springy blue with this printed dress. It’s a perfect dress for layering and I will be continuing to wear it as the weather warms up and I’m able to lose the tights and boots. I love warmer weather but I also love my boots. They are actually the only thing I like and will miss about the colder temperatures.

I have been eyeing up spring dresses online so I pulled mine out of storage to satisfy my need to wear pretty dresses. I feel like lately all I want to do is buy new clothes so it’s nice to have something new to wear that costs no money. I love reading fashion blogs and sharing my outfits but also leads me to want to buy clothes that I don’t really need. I’m considering setting myself a fashion budget so I have the freedom to buy without overspending. That way I will be able spend without feeling guilty and have some accountability for what I buy. I need to start thrifting again too. Nothing beats the price of the thrift store and I have gotten some of my favorite clothes from there (like this dress!) Now let me go delete the six dresses I just added to my cart at JC Penney…

Spring Crocus



We had the most beautiful weekend! It was sunny and in the upper 70s. Quite a taste of spring. Believe or not we are actually due to have 1-3 inches of snow now on Tuesday :( That’s Northeast Ohio weather for you. All over the place.

Unfortunately for me I was sick with the stomach flu on Saturday so I missed out on a lot of the sun. Good thing I have Mike to take care of me when I’m sick. I don’t’ know what I’d do without him! Lincoln’s sitter was sick this week and I must have gotten it from her. My mom got it too but luckily Lincoln and Mike have stayed healthy. Fingers crossed we are out of the woods too. I don’t want my boy or my hubby to get that nasty bug!

I was on the mend by Sunday so Mike and I did some light yard work. We both are itching to do a mini redo to our front garden bed so I foresee lots of digging in the next couple of weekends. Mike wants to open up the yard by the driveway since some of the plants are in the way of the car door and I want to do a little plant rearranging.

We also talked about our veggie and herb garden and the plan right now is for tomatoes, peppers, green beans, onions, broccoli, zucchini, basil, parsley and thyme. We already have some pots of chives, sage, lemon thyme and oregano.  I want to buy the tomato, pepper, broccoli and onion but I will be planting everything else from seed. I’ve still got time and the motivation to do my own planting this year. I’m am looking forward to eating some tasty veggies from our garden this year!






WIWW- Jeans Day

black, gold, cognac

Shirt- Kohls, Jeans- Loft via Clothes Mentor, Scarf- Target, Boots- JC Penney

It’s my favorite time of year at work right now. For a donation to charity we are allowed to wear jeans to work on Friday. I’m haven’t been very pleased with the fit of most of my jeans so I took a trip to Clothes Mentor to find a couple of new pairs. If you’ve never been to Clothes Mentor it’s like the big sister of Plato’s Closet. It’s a higher end thrift shop that only stocks name brand clothes. The prices are much higher than the normal thrift store but it’s a lot easier to find something you are looking for and it’s a whole lot cleaner. I left with this pair of jeans and another pair from Gap so I was pretty pleased with my trip.

This will probably be one the last times I find myself wanting to wear this warmer scarf. It’s actually a regular scarf I knotted in the back to turn faux infinity. I was comfortable most of the day but it really warmed up by the time I left work and off it came.

This past Sunday it also finally warmed up enough for us to spend some time outside. Mike washed our cars and I cleaned up the front garden beds. This past fall I was super pregnant so I didn’t do my typical fall cleanup and there was lots of dead stems to cut and leaves to rake up.

Some of my crocus already started blooming and they normally are a late variety. In past years they have almost all bloomed at once but this year I had a couple of bunches bloom which means there are lots more coming to brighten my day. Nothing says Spring to me like seeing the crocus blooming.

Lincoln got to spend lots of time outside too. He really hasn’t been out that much since our winter was so nasty and the weather is just now starting to break. He had a nap in his Rock n Play on the porch and then we chatted with our neighbors that were also out enjoying the weather. He was definitely a big hit with everyone, especially since we have been practically hibernating so no one has seen what a big boy he has turned into.

Later in the afternoon we all went and had ice cream at the local ice cream place. Of course Lincoln only came along for the ride since he isn’t quite ready for his own cone. I had a delightful chocolate peanut butter brownie waffle cone that really made it feel like Spring.

It’s actually supposed to stay on the warmer side all week with a couple of days of rain mixed in but I will take it. I am so looking forward to being able to spend time outside working on my garden, grilling, taking walks at the park and relaxing with my two favorite boys.

WIWW-Coral and Graphic Print



Cardigan- Thrifted, Tank- Old Navy, Skirt- Thrifted: Loft, Shoes- Fergalicious, Necklace- Ten Thousand Villages

I have been trying to weed through my closet and get rid of any clothes I don’t love. My method is to make sure I have a way to wear every shirt I own and this coral cardigan was up next. It’s actually been in many previous outfits but I wanted to find a new way to wear it. I also realized I could fit into this skirt again so they just naturally went together. I am pretty pleased with this new combo and it made me feel a little Springy too.

We actually are starting to get a taste of warmer weather but I just came down with a nasty sinus/ear infection so I haven’t been able to enjoy it much. Mike was sick and now I have it. I am really hoping Lincoln isn’t the next family member to get it because I hate seeing my little guy sick.

Mike strapped Lincoln into the Ergo and went on a walk with Abby while I lay in misery on the couch the other day. Being sick is no fun in general but it’s even harder when you have someone relying on you to take care of them no matter what. I am dying to get out and enjoy the spring so this cold needs to go away fast.

Ok, enough complaining and next time you hear from me I should be in much better spirits!