Late May Garden Blooms


I am typing up this post real quick as Lincoln is taking his morning nap. He has been a bit of a crank these past couple of days and Mike and I suspect it’s because his top teeth are coming in. I can see the whites of his teeth about to pop through his gums. Poor little guy! He is funny though because one second he is upset and the next he will start laughing about something like Abby or jumping in the air. Hopefully the worst of it is over.

Lincoln is a huge fan of being outside and it always makes him happy. We sit out on the front porch all the time now or walk through the garden and look at the flowers. Our neighbors gave us their old jogging stroller and it has been awesome for walking around the bumpy sidewalks in our neighborhood. Lincoln will just sit there contently for the entire walk just taking in the scenery. Now if only Abby would learn not to walk into the wheels! We are still working on that.

Here’s what has been blooming in the garden over the past few weeks. These blooms are pretty much done now and new ones are taking their place. Two of my columbines got destroyed by slugs right before they started blooming and I’m not sure if they will recover. I’ve never seen them destroy anything like that before but I am always battling with slugs every year. I love Escar-Go slug bait from Gardens Alive. It’s organic and it always gets rid of the slugs. I put some down but we were moving plants around and mulching so I don’t think it was enough. I’m not in love with those Columbine anyway so it wouldn’t bother me to part with them anyway. I have still have two out of four that look good.





Our lilac really put out the blooms this year. I think this has to be the best year ever for it. The smell was amazing too as it always is.



I almost missed these alliums. It was rainy and then I was always busy with Lincoln after work. Every year I wish I had more of these because I think they are so pretty.


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