What I Wore- Outfit Redo


grey, navy, green and yellow

Cardigan- Old Navy- Cami- Old Navy, Skirt- JC Penney, Shoes- Fergilicious, Necklace- Online shop

Once, years ago, I wore a similar grey, navy, green and yellow outfit and it didn’t feel right to me. I loved the color combo but I didn’t love the way the cardigan fit and this shirt was too low. I decided to finally shorten the straps on this cami and it fits so much better now. Add a better fitting cardigan and I have an outfit I am loving now.

I notice two things when I look back on my old outfit posts which I started a year and half ago. One- My pictures look a lot better. I am still no expert and I don’t have time to take amazing shots outside like all the really good fashion bloggers but I have improved. Two- My hair used to be so much blonder before I had Lincoln. It’s been my natural color this whole time but now it’s so much darker than it used to be. Since I plan on enjoying lots of time outside this summer maybe I’ll get it to lighten up again.

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