What I Wore- Preppy

cobalt cardigan, tan ankle pants
Cardigan- JC Penney, Button Down- New York and Company, Pants- Target, Shoes- Kohl’s, Necklace- New York and Company
I ordered a pair of my new favorite Target pants online and of course I had to immediately wear them to work even though I had a closet full of outfits I planned out. (Ironically I've wore none of them because it's be unseasonable chilly this week.) I had in my mind that I wanted to wear them with blue and this outfit was born. When I put it on I felt very preppy even though I have worn a similar combination tons of times. Maybe it was the longer length cardigan that made me feel that way. I don't know but I liked it. A little cobalt always brightens the day.
I'm still on the hunt for some new work shoes. I ordered some from Kohl's and was super disappointed with the fit. The flats were enormous and the heels were too tight even though they were the same size and the same brand. So clearly they are going back.
Target is having a sale on their shoes this week so I'm going to order a couple of pairs from there. My favorite flats in the world from when I was pregnant are now worn out beyond belief and they are currently on clearance and still in my size. Hooray! I also am eyeing up a pair of wedge sandals that I will try out too. No matter what I do I always go back to Target to buy my favorite pieces. It's like they design everything with me in mind.

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