What I Wore- Target Dress Pants


Green, stripes, black ankle pants

Cardigan- Old Navy, Shirt- Old Navy, Pants- Target, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Thrifted

I am not in love with this picture of myself but it's all I've got to share right now so here it is. I haven't found the time to take a picture in a couple of weeks so this outfit pic was taken a little while ago. My mornings are never long enough and pretty much the second I get home I want to reconnect with my boy whom I missed all day long. Then all the layers of my work outfit start coming off immediately starting with the necklace I am wearing, so I am not strangled, and then the cardigan I may be wearing, so it is not slobbered on by a drooly teething mouth. 

Let me say something about how much I love these new pants I got from Target. I hate to talk about this problem I have right now but I have gotten super skinny from my continued nursing. I know poor me but none of my pants fit any more and I am having trouble finding pants that fit in a smaller size. The adult women's clothes world is not made for skinny women and I have no desire to invest in expensive pants that I probably won't fit into when I return to my non nursing weight. I bought a couple of pairs of pants from Loft since they are always going on sale but currently all their skinny dress pants don't have belt loops and without being able to cinch the waist they won't last as long if I lose any more weight. 

So enter these Target Merona pants. I saw them online and was excited to find them in the store so I could try them on. The color selection was only black and navy but online offered more colors. I also tried on this Mossimo pair but, with Mike's input, decided I liked the fit and fabric of the Merona pair a little better. They are super similar to the pair I have from Loft except they have belt loops and they are priced lower. I bought the first pair with a coupon in store and I ordered a tan pair last week when there was a buy one get one 50% off sale on all clothes. 

The Mossimo pair is also a great pair with more colors available. The material was a little bit stretchier and it came in an ankle and longer length. I was pretty impressed with how nice both pairs were for Target and they both got good reviews online.

These shoes are also from Target. They are surprisingly comfortable for a heeled pump but since I'm debating on returning them since I find myself wanting to wear flats more often now at my new job. I think they are super cute and were very affordable. I ordered some other shoes online that I am waiting to try out so I will see what makes the cut or if I still need to do some more searching. I may have to check out some Fourth of July sales too.

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