Into Everything


Lincoln started standing up a couple of weeks ago and it has opened a new whole world of mischief. This kid has us on our toes all the time now that he can pull up on pretty much anything. Some favorites include the ottoman, the living room chair, his activity table and the dishwasher. The dishwasher being his favorite.

Lincoln can walk to the side if he is holding on to something and it starting to hold on with one hand. This little daredevil is ready to go. It’s so adorable and exciting to see him becoming more of a little man. He is more fun than ever but he sure keeps us busy. I am busy non stop once I get home from work until he goes to bed and then I am exhausted by that point too. An hour or two of mommy and daddy time and it’s time for bed and to start the day all over again. Our weekends are so busy too trying to pack in errands and cleaning and visiting with friends and family.

I love spending time with him and I miss him when we’re not together but it sure is challenging to find time to do stuff like blogging, and crocheting and all those things I used to fill my spare time with. So while he is napping I am furiously typing out a semi coherent post to let you know that this is how I’ve been spending my time lately… and now he’s up so that’s all I’ve got for today :)


lincoln standing

On his activity table/ Looking outside for Abby/ Discovering the stairs/ Helping with the dishes

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