What I Wore- Mint Maxi Skirt

Black tank, mint maxi skirt, head scarfBlack tank, mint maxi skirt, head scarf
Shirt- Thrifted: Loft, Skirt- Thrifted, Scarf- Target, Shoes- Kohl’s

My hair has two modes: blow dried or hot mess. If I let it dry on it’s own then it dries into a million different directions and I always resort to a pony tail. The problem with my pony tails is sometimes I spend more time figuring out how to make my pony tail look better than if I had just blow dried my hair. Usually on the weekends I would rather spend time doing anything else besides drying my hair.
Enter this scarf I bought way too long ago and pretty much have never worn. Every time I tried it on it never seemed right or didn’t match what I was wearing but this weekend it finally clicked. It elevated my boring old pony tail into something more interesting but with very minimal effort. I even got a compliment from Mike. Maybe I finally figured out this head scarf thing.
I may be the last person on earth to get on board with wearing maxi skirts but this is my first one. I found it at the thrift store and am in love with the color. I love how it looks dressier but I can still sit on the floor with Lincoln and not have any unmentionables showing.
Overall winning combo for comfort and ease while still maintaining some form of style.

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