Zucchini Summer


I prepped this post a couple of weeks ago but somehow it never made it to the blog (this may have something to do with it.) So I am starting over because instead of looking for zucchini inspiration I made all the recipes already. Let’s back up a second and admire this picture.


I grew a zucchini for the first time in a couple years because I had a horrible cucumber beetle problem I quit growing cucumbers and anything squash related. This year I was armed with a new kind of zucchini seed and I decided to give it another try. Enter the biggest zucchini plant I’ve ever grown. It took over almost the entire garden and crowded out my poor pepper plants. It was a little slow to start but then it was spitting out zucchini left and right. We started out by grilling and sautéing it up and that was pretty tasty (Lincoln liked it too!) but you can only eat zucchini that way a few times before it starts getting boring. Enter Pinterest where I scoured the zucchini recipes for easy, tasty looking solutions to our zucchini.

Let me start with my new favorite zucchini bread recipe from Lil Luna. It’s a lemon glazed zucchini bread and it was delicious. I made three loaves of this bread. It only uses one cup of zucchini and that zucchini up there was 9 cups so I had my work cut out for me.

Image via Lil Luna

The other recipe I really enjoyed were zucchini patties from Sunny Days With My Loves. This really masked the zucchini flavor since they were full of cheese. Definitely not a healthy option but very tasty.

Image via Sunny Days With My Loves

Some misses for me were zucchini lasagna and parmesan crusted zucchini. The lasagna was too watery so it probably would have been better if I had precooked the zucchini like the recipe called for. For the parmesan crusted zucchini I used the powdered cheese instead of grated and it didn’t stick to the zucchini very well so that could have come out better again if I followed the recipe more closely.

One more tried and true recipe and this one is from my own blog, chocolate chip zucchini bread. This is the easiest recipe ever. Excuse my poor picture taking from one of my first blog posts but this recipe really is amazing. I have a loaf cooling right now.

Do you have any zucchini recipes you like to make? I’d love to hear about them!

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