Lincoln Lately

I thought when Lincoln started crawling and standing up that he was becoming a handful but now that he is an experienced mover he is ten times more of a handful. Our little adventurer is really into everything now and loves exploring every nook and cranny of our house. Mike installed a gate at the top of our stairs last weekend and it was really in the nick of time. I had started to have to run after him to snatch him away from the edge of the steps as he peered down. The gate really saves my sanity. I do tend to close the door in whichever room we are in upstairs otherwise he ends up in the bathroom (his favorite upstairs room) pulling all the toiletries out of my drawer. 
Speaking of gates, we need to figure out some situation for the bottom of our stairs. Lincoln learned that he could crawl up more than one or two steps at a time and now can quickly and easily crawl up all the stairs. Our stairs have two at the bottom, then a landing and a turn before the rest of the stairs. There is not an easy way to gate off the bottom without having a least one step still exposed so I was looking at ridiculous (and expensive) configurable gate solutions on Amazon to try and find some solution. TBD on what we are going to do. This baby proofing stuff is exhausting.
The other thing high on the baby proofing list is a way to get the TV out of his reach. He loves to bang on it and then laugh. No matter how sternly we try and say "no" he still thinks it is hilarious and will continue to bang until we pull him away and try to distract him with another task. Wall mounts are also being researched on Amazon at our house.
Lincoln's standing and walking is improving almost daily. He can stand on his own for an increasing amount of time. He did the first time on his own, then Mike and I would test him to see if he could do it. The other night he was sitting on the step and Mike watched him stand him and attempt to take a step forward. We bought him a fisher price push puppy toy and Mike set him up and gave him a little push and he started walking with it. He's getting really good at it although I'm not sure we should be encouraging the walking because we are taking the trouble to a whole new level lol. 
I got out some yarn and my crochet hook to whip him up some hats for winter and I almost forgot how to crochet. I had to start over on a hat I worked on for 45 minutes because I messed up the second round. Then I decided to try a hat on him I had made and was too big last winter to see if it fits now. He immediately wanted to rip it off his head. I am going to have to create some long ties to tie his new hats on his head. I have a feeling we are going to have a battle all winter long :) I love this crazy stage he is in now but I actually had a tiny longing for the newborn stage when I could dress him in any hat I pleased and it stayed on his head.
I really don't miss that newborn stage though. He is so much more fun now. I love watching him grow and learn new stuff all the time. He is so sweet and loves to give cuddles when he is tired, when I pick him up from his sitter’s or when he is nervous in a new situation. He loves playing with his best puppy friend Abby, playing with his toys, and playing with all the non toys like the computer mouse, coasters, the bread pan in the kitchen cabinet, shoes, cell phones etc.
Usually the non toys are more interesting than his real toys and Abby's toys are the absolute best. He is partial to balls, cars, stacking cups and anything that lights up and plays music. Oh and he loves his books. He is very good at turning the pages and loves to help me turn them even if I haven't finished reading the page. His touch and feel and flap books are his favorites right now. We read them every night before bed.
That's what the boy has been up to lately, now on to some pictures.
lincoln collage
Taking a ride in his jeep/ Loving to eat/ Daddy’s birthday dinner
Bike ride/ Watching a parade with Daddy/ Watching a parade with Mommy

September Garden Blooms



Mike and I spent part of last weekend working outside in the beautiful weather and getting our gardens and garage cleaned up for winter. The veggie garden was looking pretty sad so I pulled out everything that was done producing, found a couple of hidden carrots, gave Lincoln and Abby a couple of green bean stragglers and picked all the basil that was starting to turn yellow from the cool nighttime temps. 

We whipped up a huge batch of yummy pesto and enjoyed pesto pizza and salmon with pesto and then froze the rest in the lidded ice cube trays that I bought to make baby food, before that idea went out the window. We have a bad habit of making the pesto and never using it so we need to make an extra effort to actually get some use out of the two trays full of green goodness.

In the front flower bed I planted a few mums for some fall color. I moved one of my Stella D'oro lilies to fill the whole where my columbine died out and hopefully bring some color to that side of the bed when it is lacking in the early summer. I also planted a bunch of daffodil bulbs. I have been missing my early spring color so I finally did something about it. Hopefully they do well because the last ones I had died out over the past few years. I bought a mixed color bag so I'm excited to see what blooms I get in the spring. 

August was pretty uneventful in the garden. Even though there was tons of color from my Black Eyed Susan and purple coneflower, not much else happens. Now I have all the late bloomers to take us into fall. The Black Eyed Susan that has been blooming for months along with an Autumn joy and a mix of mums will keep the garden colorful for a little while longer.


Autumn Joy

Autumn Joy





What I Wore- Cobalt and Dots

Cardigan- JC Penney (similar), Cami- Old Navy (similar), Jeans- Loft, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Made by me with Styled by Tori
I’ve been reading lately that cobalt blue is trending for fall. I would wear this color no matter what is trendy but hopefully that means there will be lots of cobalt in the stores. I don’t think I can get enough of this color.
Another thing I can’t get enough of is polka dots. I’m starting to think I have a problem. I am instantly attracted to anything with polka dots and I’m now trying to make a conscious effort to curb adding so many dotted pieces into my wardrobe. I’m not doing a very good job because I thrifted the cutest polka dot chambray shirt ever the other day. I’ve never seen a chambray shirt I actually liked and I finally found one that just happened to have polka dots so I couldn’t pass it up. That brings me up to three long sleeved button downs, one short sleeve button down, two blazers, two sweaters, two camis and two dresses. I may be leaving something out there and no guarantees I won’t ever grow that collection because I don’t have a polka dot skirt yet…

Lincoln’s Ten Month Update




Where does the time go? Lincoln is ten months old and it’s hard to remember what life was like before him. Just two month to go before he will be one. This boy is non stop go go go. He has gotten really good at crawling on his knees and he is so fast. Sometimes he goes into “turbo” mode when he sees something he wants or is trying to escape. If I turn my head for two seconds he will be in the other room.

Lincoln and Abby have developed the cutest relationship. They just started playing really well with each other. Lincoln will pick up Abby’s toy and then Abby will snatch it away from him. Then Lincoln will grab another toy, Abby will snatch it and the game keeps on going. He thinks it is hilarious and will laugh and laugh at her. Sometimes he will carry her toys around in his mouth like he is a little puppy dog. It always makes Mike and I always laugh so hard because he looks so silly.

That leads in to Lincoln’s new word. He knew mama, dada and ball but now he says Abby too. At first we weren’t sure if he was actually saying it but now he says it all the time. He sure does love his puppy dog :)

He is still such a good eater. He just puts the food away like a bottomless pit. Any kind of meat is at the top of his favorites list. Broccoli, nectarines, strawberries, grapes are some of the others but he will eat pretty much anything we give him. He especially loves to beg off of us when we are eating a snack.  He is nursing four times a day (or taking a pumped bottle when I’m at work.) We are so close to a year my goal is to continue to nurse until then. He gets really distracted now so it’s challenging but we’ve made it this far so two more months is not that much longer.

Generally he is the sweetest little boy but he has started to get a bit of an attitude when he doesn’t get his way now. If we pull him away from something he shouldn’t be in to he will give shrill shriek of displeasure. It usually passes pretty quickly and then he is back to his sunny self.

This months photo shoot was the most challenging yet because Lincoln figured out he can stand up in the chair. He was all over the place and I can’t even believe I got a decent picture at all. Of course he had to be decked out in his Brown’s gear in celebration of the home opener. Love this little cutie more than anything!

Lincoln 10 month

What I Wore- Navy and Orange

Cardigan- Old Navy, Tank- Target, Skirt- J Crew Factory via ThredUP, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Gift
It’s hard to believe it’s September already. The summer always seems to fly by and the winter lasts forever.The weather has been all over the place so far this month. We’ve had some super hot days and some chilly ones. It’s so hard to figure out what to wear in the morning. I need to check the weather every day and then I see different reports from each source I check.
I’m going to enjoy bare legs because it’s going to be tights weather before I know it. I actually don’t mind tights too much. They add an little extra something to an outfit. Tights weather also means boots weather and I can’t wait to bust out my boots. They are clearly the best thing about cooler weather.
This outfit is showing off a tried and true color combination. I love navy and orange. This combo would also look great with my tan pants and I’ve worn it with grey in the past too. I checked back on my old photos and realized I’ve never shown it with brown before even though I’ve worn it that way. It’s such a versatile combination.
Oh and I’m wearing one of my awesome skirts from the online resale shop ThredUP. I thought it was black when I bought it but it’s actually brown. I love that it’s eyelet and it fits really well so I overlooked the color mistake on my part. (If you sign up through my link you can get $10 off and I get $10 off to win win).

Our Big Night Out

PicMonkey Collage
Mike and I went to a wedding on Labor Day weekend. It was kind of a big deal because it was our first night away from Lincoln. He spent the night at his grammy’s house while Mike and I enjoyed some adult time away from our little guy.
We really went all out and stayed at a hotel. The wedding was about 45 minutes away so it was nice that we didn’t have to come home afterwards. The hotel was beautiful and it was fun feeling like we were on vacation for the night.
This was in the top three of fanciest weddings we’ve ever been too. The wedding was “black tie invited” which according to a Google search means black tie optional. I had a hard time figuring out a dress. I wanted to be fancy so I was looking for a long dress. This is a much harder task than I thought. There is not much selection out there. I finally lucked out by finding a dress online from Kohl’s for a grand total of $30 after a 30% off coupon and free shipping.
Turns out there was a wide range of dresses at the wedding. Someone actually wore a pencil skirt and sequined top and another lady wore a casual maxi dress. Then there were other ladies wearing long formal dresses. I was a good match for Mike’s new black suit and it was fun to get dressed up since there aren’t many occasions were we get to do it.
We had a blast out on our own but it was the best to see Lincoln again in the morning. He seemed to be excited too once we got home and immediately starting getting into all his favorite things like the shoes, the ottoman and the dog toys.

IMG_7528Dress- Kohl’s, Necklace- JC Penney

Crochet Inspiration


I need a crochet inspiration jolt. Summer is usually the time when I slow down on crocheting plus add an active nine month old who is into everything, especially the millisecond your head is turned, and I don't have much free time to be crocheting. The last project I made was a chevron baby blanket for my cousin's new baby back in May. In my haste to get it done in a week and half, I was so proud of the fact that I finished it on time, I completely forgot to take any pictures. Boo. Now it's September and cold weather is right around the corner. Lincoln has no hats and he needs at least two, or three or four, so I need to figure out what I want to make and get working on it. 

I need to stretch my creative mind so I want to also make something else besides hats. I actually started a list of items I wanted to make so I wouldn't forget and now I'm taking it a step further by sharing it out on the good ol blog. My creative posts have been non existent lately and I need to remedy that. This used to be a creative blog after all even if it hasn't looked like that in months :) 

Hat number one for Lincoln has to be a new Browns hat. I wrote a pattern for a one year old head before and I just need to whip one up in Browns colors. 


The way home from the hospital. I can’t believe he was ever this tiny!


Hat number two for Lincoln is going to be a mohawk hat because Mike requested this last winter and I never got around to making one. Not sure if I will follow this pattern or do some variation of my own.


Image via Topsy Turvy

This car blanket is a lofty goal but I love it so much. Lincoln may be a little young for it now but by the time I actually finish it he will probably be the right age.

Roadway Throw

Image via Red Heart


I love these adorable pumpkins and they would looks so cute on my mantel with our other fall décor.

Image via The Slanted Life


Another lofty goal for my is to try my hand at a sweater for myself. I’ve never done a sweater before so this would be a big deal. I have an issue of Crochet Scene and it had these two lovely sweater patterns in it that I was very interested in. I’m not sure if this will actually happen because the yarn mentioned costs a fortune but I would love to give them a try. Excuse the tiny pictures it was the best I could do.

Images via Crochet Scene

And if I get bored (ha!) maybe I will make myself a new hat and try my hand at making amigurumi stuffed animals for Lincoln. 

Anything else you'd like to see me make?