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I need a crochet inspiration jolt. Summer is usually the time when I slow down on crocheting plus add an active nine month old who is into everything, especially the millisecond your head is turned, and I don't have much free time to be crocheting. The last project I made was a chevron baby blanket for my cousin's new baby back in May. In my haste to get it done in a week and half, I was so proud of the fact that I finished it on time, I completely forgot to take any pictures. Boo. Now it's September and cold weather is right around the corner. Lincoln has no hats and he needs at least two, or three or four, so I need to figure out what I want to make and get working on it. 

I need to stretch my creative mind so I want to also make something else besides hats. I actually started a list of items I wanted to make so I wouldn't forget and now I'm taking it a step further by sharing it out on the good ol blog. My creative posts have been non existent lately and I need to remedy that. This used to be a creative blog after all even if it hasn't looked like that in months :) 

Hat number one for Lincoln has to be a new Browns hat. I wrote a pattern for a one year old head before and I just need to whip one up in Browns colors. 


The way home from the hospital. I can’t believe he was ever this tiny!


Hat number two for Lincoln is going to be a mohawk hat because Mike requested this last winter and I never got around to making one. Not sure if I will follow this pattern or do some variation of my own.


Image via Topsy Turvy

This car blanket is a lofty goal but I love it so much. Lincoln may be a little young for it now but by the time I actually finish it he will probably be the right age.

Roadway Throw

Image via Red Heart


I love these adorable pumpkins and they would looks so cute on my mantel with our other fall d├ęcor.

Image via The Slanted Life


Another lofty goal for my is to try my hand at a sweater for myself. I’ve never done a sweater before so this would be a big deal. I have an issue of Crochet Scene and it had these two lovely sweater patterns in it that I was very interested in. I’m not sure if this will actually happen because the yarn mentioned costs a fortune but I would love to give them a try. Excuse the tiny pictures it was the best I could do.

Images via Crochet Scene

And if I get bored (ha!) maybe I will make myself a new hat and try my hand at making amigurumi stuffed animals for Lincoln. 

Anything else you'd like to see me make? 

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