Lincoln’s Eleven Month Update

Lincoln is eleven months old! One month to go to the big one year! The past couple of days he has been learning all kinds of new things. It's funny how all of the sudden he just has a new skill. I am still amazed at every one. His latest trick is being able to put his shapes into his elephant toy. It has a hole at the top and the shapes come out at the the bottom. We has showed him this in the past and he wasn't interested but this weekend I showed him again and he put the shape right in. Now it's a fun game for him to play. 
He also learned how to give a high five. Mike also taught him that this past weekend and it was so cute. Other things he is doing lately are finding something that you tried to hide (either on purpose, or to play) playing peek a boo with the kitchen curtain and reaching surprisingly high on the top of tables.
Lincoln is also getting pretty close to walking. He can stand on his own for a little while and he has tried to take steps a couple of times. We may have a walker before his first birthday. We shall see what this month has in store for us!
A couple of weeks ago we were having a few rough nights of sleep and I put a blanket in his crib, at first to try and keep him warm, but it turns out he loves to snuggle it. Now at night when I put him down to sleep he has to immediately grab his blanket and lay his head on it and snuggle it to his face. I also put a couple of stuffed animals in his crib too and the combination has really seemed to help. If he isn't quite ready to sleep he will play for a few minutes instead of crying.
He is really such a sweet little boy though. He is always laughing and smiling. He is so good when we take him places. Although eating at a restaurant has a time limit (and can be a big mess) he is really good when we eat out. He was also so good at my cousin's son's baptism this past weekend. He made googly eyes at the ladies, he was good in church at the ceremony, he sat in a chair at the reception like a big boy when we ate and he played with his cousins while I was chatting.  He definitely can have his cranky moments like any other baby but we are so lucky to have such a generally sweet, well behaved young man.
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