Lincoln’s One Year Birthday Party

Lincoln's one year birthday party a week ago was a big success. Mike and I started planning months in advance. Since we were inviting a big group of people we decided to rent a room at our local rec center. I'm so glad we ended up going with that option and the room really exceeded our expectations.
I had lofty ideas for a theme but we ended up going to Party City and buying the decorations that had the most options so our theme became "one year old boy." We also got balloons from the local grocery store and tied bags of gummy worms as anchors. 
We went with an easy option of ordering pizza and chicken for lunch and a couple of family members were kind enough to bring fruit, salad and pasta salad. My one big crafty item was cupcakes with Lincoln head toppers. They weren't hard to make in the end but I researched them for way too long. I originally thought of buying toppers but the prices were a bit high. It was really hard for me to find a tutorial for what I wanted so I read around 10-15 different options and finally just figured it out on my own. Stay tuned and I will share how I made them. I even figured out how to pipe frosting with a tip. There are actually a ton of tutorials for that so it really helped. Once I got the hang of a couple it was easier than I thought.
Lincoln had a blast at the party and loved the food. He was really good with all the different people there. He had one cranky moment when he was ready to eat lunch but otherwise he did super well. He was a big fan of the new push jeep he got so we pulled it out to play with right away.
I think the highlight for everyone was watching him eat his smash cake. He was a chocolaty mess but he loved it. I made him a simple chocolate cake by using some of the batter from the cupcakes and cooking it in a small casserole dish. Then I slathered the whole thing in chocolate frosting. He probably would have ate more than I let him but he wanted to throw it on the floor and I didn't have Abby to help me with the mess so I had to cut it off :)
lincoln cake
The whole day went so well and I'm glad we spent the time to give our boy a special party. It's still crazy how quickly the year has gone and how much he has grown up. He is such a little man now and I love watching him continue to grow and learn new things all the time. 
His hungry face :)

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