What I Wore- Warm It Up With A Scarf

Cardigan- Target, Skirt- Limited via ThredUP, Scarf- Kohl’s, Shoes- Target

Here's an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago when the weather was rather mild. Super cold weather is in the forecast so I don't see myself wearing too many three quarter length sleeves in the future. I wanted to get another wear out of this three quarter length cardigan so I added a scarf to the mix. I've been adding lots of scarfs lately and that will continue through the spring. This was the closest colored cardigan I had to a maroon/burgundy color but I've since added this gem from JC Penney that I bought with a coupon for a steal. 
It's one of the few things I've bought lately. I'm kind of bored with my closet but not sure what I really need to spruce it up and reluctant to spend money on anything that isn't going to fill a hole in my closet. I also can't seem to find the time to take outfit pictures lately anyway and maybe that's why I'm losing interest in my closet too. I would love to do a remix post but taking pictures seems to allude me these days since Lincoln is way more interesting than taking selfies of my outfits. Plus he's not much of an assistant since he is obsessed with my tripod and must touch it the second he sees it.
I haven't had much time for blogging or really much to say lately unless it's talking about my boy and all the adorable things he's been doing. I finally finished a hat for Lincoln that took waaaay too long because I couldn't figure out how to complete it. Now that it's done I will eventually get around to sharing it. I have a list of a million and one things I want to make so maybe I can actually get motivated to work on them. But first we have a one year birthday coming up and I am consumed with planning it. Expect to hear lots more about it coming soon!

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