A New Kid Friendly Christmas Tree

It's Christmas season and we have a big change in our tree this year. I've been putting up almost exactly the same red and gold tree for the past ten years. I love it every year but this year we had to do something different. I needed a kid friendly tree for our curious one year old and a tree full of very breakable ornaments was not going to cut it. 
I've been thinking about the tree for awhile and I originally was going to make my own ornaments out of crochet or felt but then I found something even better (and much less time consuming.) I got a bag of 120 felt cut out ornaments at Jo-Ann on sale for only four bucks. There were six different shapes along with gold string to tie through the hole on the top. I just couldn't pass up such a good price and time savings. 
I opted to only use three shapes because I didn't need all the ornaments and I wanted to keep the color scheme more cohesive. The tree actually looked really nice with just the felt ornaments but we also pulled out Mike's ornaments from when he was a kid to finish off the look. Even though many of them aren't breakable we made sure to place them higher on the tree and out of reach of the curious hands. A spool of gold ribbon, a star and a tree skirt from our typical decorating added the finishing touches.
Mike and I are both enjoying the new colorful look of the tree this year. Lincoln is happy to pick off the ornaments and carry them around the house. Or he will pull them off and then set them back on the branch. Our living room may be scattered with ornaments but at least we can still enjoy a decorated tree this year.
Tree Collage

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