Lincoln's Second Christmas

What a whirlwind of a holiday! I am so behind on posting, I wrote out a 13 month post for Lincoln that never made it on the blog. I will share that tomorrow but it seemed to make more sense to share our Christmas first. The holiday with a 13 month old is definitely crazier. It started out before Christmas with Lincoln getting the flu (so much for that flu shot!) then a cold and some major teething issues. Then I got the flu and it was the worst I've had since I can remember. And to top it all off Mike had a nasty sinus infection so we were all a bucket of fun. Luckily we all recovered in time to spend lots of time with family and be able to enjoy our holiday.
Lincoln had fun learning how to open gifts. Although he didn't quite figure out to finish unwrapping a package, he enjoyed taking a big rip and then continuing to rip the paper into smaller pieces. He also loved pulling tissue paper out of gift bags. We didn't come home with an overwhelming amount of toys but the theme was Fisher Price Little People Cars. He got four different types of sets and he is definitely obsessed. He also got tons of warm clothes so we are set for the winter.
It was wonderful having time off to spend with each other and so hard to go back to work. I am looking forward to getting back into our routine and taking it easy in the new year :)
And just for fun, look how much our boy has changed since last Christmas!

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