What I Wore- Sometimes Simple Is Best


Black Shirt Dress

Dress- Old Navy, Belt- Came with another dress, Necklace- Gift, Shoes- Kohl’s


It’s warm enough to wear this dress without a cardigan over it and it gives it a whole new look. Mike really liked it and asked if it was new even though I’ve worn it a few times before. I went though a bunch of different accessories combinations to pair with this dress and I finally settled on this black belt and pearls. Everything else I tried on felt like too much and I decided that the simple look just looked best. Not to say that a colored necklace wouldn’t also look great with this dress but I will save that for another day.

I am really loving this amazing weather we’ve been having and I’ve been wearing non stop dresses and skirts at work. Expect to see lots more of them in the future. One of the best things about the season change is rediscovering all of my summer wardrobe clothes because I forgot about them over the long winter. Plus I am remembering all the clothes I didn’t fit into last summer because of my pregnant belly :)

Garden Blooms- Early and Mid May


Happy Memorial Day! We took Lincoln to his first parade this morning. Our town has a parade every year that goes right behind our house but we’ve never been to it after living here for 7 1/2 years. We decided to bring Lincoln to it this year and I was surprised at how big it was. It lasted a little over an hour but Lincoln pretty much lost interest after the first half hour :) To be fair it was about time for his nap anyway.

It’s still fun to try new things with him and eventually he will start to appreciate it. We’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend. Sunday we went for a walk in the Metro parks and saw a small flock of Canada Geese land in the river that proceed to squawk like crazy. Lincoln was definitely interested in them. He loves being outside and looking around. It’s Mike’s go to move to take him outside on the front porch when he starts to get fussy. It always calms him down.

His naps are getting some what consistent, which had been great for getting some stuff done in the garden. This weekend Mike mulched our front bed and I planted annuals. Last weekend we moved a couple of plants around to open up more space next to our driveway. I am really excited about how everything turned out and I feel like this is our best garden year ever.

I started some veggies and herbs from seed and we got those planted too. I have three kinds of peppers, green beans, basil, parsley and arugula already started. I planted some seeds for carrots, radishes and zucchini. We bought a tomato plant and there were also some volunteers that sprung from last years plant so I saved one of those too. I transplanted some chive volunteers into the garden too in the hopes that they well help repel bugs. I think it’s going to be a really great year for our veggies and herbs too.

And finally some of the flowers that have been blooming in the past few weeks. I have lots more going on in the garden right now and I need to get out there with my camera to take some shots.



yellow tulipyellow tulip






Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart




Lincoln’s Six Month Update



My little boy is already half a year old. Lincoln is really starting develop his own little personality and it’s so much fun to see him learning new things all the time. I had to check back on his five month update to remember what he has learned in the past month. Our last pediatrician appointment put him at 20 pounds 5 ounces and 27 1/2 inches long. He’s in the 90th percentile for both. This big boy is starting to grow out of his nine moth pants because of his chubby little thighs.

He learned how to sit up on his own and it has been so much easier to bring him around the house with me. Now I can just sit him on the floor in any room instead of having a designated seat to put him in. There are toys scattered in most of our rooms now so I can plop him down while I get dressed, or whatever, and he will amuse himself with whatever toy I set in front of him. Mike and I worked in the garden the other day and Lincoln sat outside on his blanket for a long time, perfectly happy to be outside and able to amuse himself.

We are doing good with solids. He seems to really be starting to get the hang of it and gets excited to eat. So far he’s tried peas, green beans, prunes, pears, butternut squash, sweet potato, and a mix of peas/pears/spinach. The first time with sweet potato was a disaster. He wouldn’t eat it but we tried again by alternating butternut squash and sweet potato and it went much better the second time. He really wants to feed himself and tries to grab the food off of the spoon.

Our dog Abby is probably Lincoln's favorite member of the house and she loves him just as much. She makes him laugh all the time. The other day he was in his jumperoo and I swear he was calling to her because he was yelling and as soon as she came over to him he stopped and smiled at her. It was so cute.

Mike gave him his first real haircut. The back was getting so long and uneven it had to be done. Mike ended up taking quite a lot off and after the first initial shock that out baby had to have his hair cut, it looked so much better and I think made him look more grown up.

I love this little guy and I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us :)






What I Wore- Patterned Skirt




Cardigan- Thrifted: Loft, Tee and skirt- B Moss (old), Shoes- Thrifted- Worthington

I’ve owned this skirt since I started my job eight years ago. It was one of the first things I bought to work in my new professional office setting. It’s from B Moss which closed down years ago but I loved going there when it was open. I actually didn’t really wear this skirt that often because I was all about pants. My love for skirts only came about a couple of years ago when I wanted to open up my wardrobe to more options.

I haven’t worn this skirt in a while so it feels new again. I love the fun pattern but I really don’t have much to pair it with my closet besides this peach shirt, that I bought at the same time as the skirt, and white. I think I have a light yellow shirt that might work but that about limits the possibilities I can come up with. This will be a challenge for me to figure out some new ways to wear it since I like being able to wear all my clothes in multiple ways. How would you style this skirt?

WIWW- Navy and Mustard



Cardigan- Lands End, T shirt- Target, Skirt- Old Navy, Shoes- Kohl’s

My first outfit of the year without tights. It has finally warmed up around here and it was exciting to be able to bare my legs without freezing. I probably could have even worn a three quarter length sweater but I was sure it was going to be chilly in the office. Of course I was warm all day so at least my bare legs kept me cool.

Last summer I remixed my blue and green striped Old Navy skirt every way possible. Since it fit my pregnant belly it clearly doesn’t fit anymore and I actually miss it. This skirt is a great replacement since it’s much more neutral in navy and white. I have about six outfits floating around in my head and this was a new idea I just pulled out of my closet as I reached for this skirt. I’m excited to try out all the other combos and it will be fun to think of more.

I am also in the midst of a major closet redo. I started moving all my winter clothes to storage and pulling out my summer clothes. I always forget some of the tops that I own after they haven’t been worn all winter. Plus I have tons of summer stuff I didn’t wear at all last year because I was pregnant. I don’t think I’ll need to do much clothes shopping for a quite some time since I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe. Hoorah for warmer weather :)

Lincoln’s First Zoo Trip

We had a beautiful day last Friday and we took Lincoln to the zoo for the first time. Our timing could have been a little better because we had the same idea as every school in the area and the parking lot was filled with school buses. We already planned the day and I was armed with a buy one get one free coupon so we weren’t going to let the crowd deter us. Lincoln also passed out in the car on the way over so he was a little on the sleepy side when we got there.
When we first walked in Lincoln was way more interested in all the kids running around than anything else. We navigated the droves of children and pushed him around in his stroller, while he played with the toys attached to his tray. We also took him out for a close up view of some of the more active animals. He liked the otters, the goat at the petting zoo area and his favorite was the aquarium exhibit. He’s a big fan of watching the fishes.
We spent just over an hour at the zoo, which is about what I was expecting since it’s not the biggest zoo and we breezed past a couple of exhibits to try and avoid the crowds. It was a fun day and I see us going back again this summer with another bogo coupon and hopefully on a less crowded day!


Floral Skirt Five Ways


floral skirt

I had the past week off of work and there was nothing blog worthy about what I was wearing. I did manage to make a trip to the thrift store and I found a mint maxi skirt and this pretty floral print skirt. I was just thinking how I didn’t own very much floral because I usually don’t care for the patterns and then this skirt caught my eye. It’s from Ann Taylor and for $2.25 I couldn’t pass it up. I wasn’t really sure how to wear such a bold print right away so I made up some combinations from my closet to get the ideas flowing.

I don’t think I came up with anything ground breaking because I mostly paired it with cardigans but that’s what I like to wear with my skirts so I know that these will be outfits I will actually wear in the future. I did manage to come up with four work looks and one more casual look so I think this skirt is a winner. I really needs to start warming up though because I don’t think this skirt would look good with tights and now I’m anxious to wear it.

Any other suggestions you have for ways to wear this skirt?


Shirt- Thrifted:Loft, Shoes- Thrifted: Worthington

The obvious choice was to go with white. This cardigan is a bit on the short side but it works perfect with this high waisted skirt. It actually gives me some more ideas on how to wear it since it has been neglected in my closet.


Shirt- Target, Necklace- Thrifted, Shoes- Kohl’s

Another neutral outfit. I own a long sleeve cardigan and three quarter length cardigan in this same color so they would also work well with this skirt.


Shirt- Thrifted: Old Navy, Belt- Target, Shoes- Kohl’s

I pulled the red out of the skirt in this outfit. It’s definitely the boldest of the options I put together. I even added a belt. I haven’t belted a sweater in a looong time since I wasn’t the biggest fan of belts when I was pregnant and they just haven’t made their way back into my accessories yet.


Shirt- Thrifted, Necklace- Gifted

The other color I found that to pull the colors out of this skirt is my coral cardigan. I’m finding this cardigan is working in a lot of combinations lately. I barely used to wear it and now it’s becoming one of my favorites.


Shirt- Old Navy, Shoes- Kohl’s, Earrings- DIY by me

Since all my other outfits are work looks I wanted to try something more casual. I could see myself wearing this to a party or family get together in the summer.

Starting Solids


We decided to start Lincoln on rice cereal a little over a week ago. Since he is our first baby and this was his first real meal, of course we had to document it in pictures. I fed him and Mike snapped away. Lincoln seemed to enjoy his first taste of cereal and he was all smiles the entire time. He wanted to stick is fingers in his mouth a lot and was interested in the spoon. He didn’t eat a whole lot but I though he did a good job for his first time.

After a few days of cereal, the next food we tried was peas. We steamed them in the microwave and then blended them up. He did pretty good eating that too. It was a much messier affair since he smeared it in his hair! We took a bath after that meal. The third food we’ve tried is avocado and it was the winner so far. He loved it! He started smaking his lips and crying for more. It was so cute to watch him get excited about eating.

This little chunky monkey is already 20 pounds and getting bigger than all of our friends babies that are older than him. I knew he would enjoy trying new foods because this boy loves to eat!