Lincoln at 13 Months

A couple of weeks late but better late than never!
Since one year has passed I'm going to forgo the monthly pictures since getting Lincoln to sit still has become next to impossible. Sometimes he is doing the cutest thing and in the time it takes for me to pull out my phone, pull up the camera and hold it up, the moment has long passed. I still try to capture these little moments but when I look through my camera roll they are not quite a perfectly posed as they used to be.
This little man is on the move! He has become quite the little walker and his latest trick is to stand up without having to pull up on a chair, table, etc. He uses his hands to prop himself up and it's super cute. His balance and speed has really improved and I still find it to be the cutest little thing to watch him toddle all over the house. We've been letting him walk around more often outside of the house, though I still carry him most places since he still falls down often and I don't want him wandering off. He has the cutest little pair of Nike's that he wears when we go out now. 
Stairs Collage
Lincoln has been a bottomless pit lately and is constantly begging for food. He figured the cabinet we keep all his goodies in and if I open it with him in the room he immediately starts whining for a snack. Some favorites are cheese, teddy grahams, cheerios and of course pouches. We have a snack cup that I will fill and he carries it around like his prized possession. He even recognizes the plastic containers we pack his lunch in. I can call him to his high chair and he will run over eagerly. If there is not food down in .05 seconds then he starts immediately protesting. We've been making Christmas cookies like crazy and we definitely have a little cookie monster. He goes berserk to get a taste. He's still a great eater and eats pretty much anything with meat topping the list of favorites. 
The Christmas tree was a big source of entertainment for him. He loved to pick off the felt ornaments and carry them around the house. He put one on his head like a hat the other night and it stayed up there. It was pretty funny that he seemed to not notice he was wearing a little red heart around. These days anything can be a hat and loves putting towels or washcloths on his head. He also loves to pull out my hat and attempt to wear it though he hasn't quite figured out how to put it on his head the right way and when I do it for him he rips it right back off :)
Tree Collage
On a not so fun note we are in the midst of the temper tantrum. His isn't moody that often but he can be a bit of a beast when he is in bad mood. He throws his little body on the floor and rolls around. The other night Mike gave him one taste of jam and he wanted more so he threw a mini fit with real tears and everything. Most of the time I want to laugh because it's pretty funny but I try to keep my cool so I don't encourage his silly behavior. He is generally a sweet little boy though and loves to give little cuddles all the time that always melt our heart. 
Climber Collage

Lincoln's Second Christmas

What a whirlwind of a holiday! I am so behind on posting, I wrote out a 13 month post for Lincoln that never made it on the blog. I will share that tomorrow but it seemed to make more sense to share our Christmas first. The holiday with a 13 month old is definitely crazier. It started out before Christmas with Lincoln getting the flu (so much for that flu shot!) then a cold and some major teething issues. Then I got the flu and it was the worst I've had since I can remember. And to top it all off Mike had a nasty sinus infection so we were all a bucket of fun. Luckily we all recovered in time to spend lots of time with family and be able to enjoy our holiday.
Lincoln had fun learning how to open gifts. Although he didn't quite figure out to finish unwrapping a package, he enjoyed taking a big rip and then continuing to rip the paper into smaller pieces. He also loved pulling tissue paper out of gift bags. We didn't come home with an overwhelming amount of toys but the theme was Fisher Price Little People Cars. He got four different types of sets and he is definitely obsessed. He also got tons of warm clothes so we are set for the winter.
It was wonderful having time off to spend with each other and so hard to go back to work. I am looking forward to getting back into our routine and taking it easy in the new year :)
And just for fun, look how much our boy has changed since last Christmas!

Crochet Works in Progress


I have a couple of crochet projects going on right now and I'm starting to feel a little scattered, especially since I just want to keep start new ones and leaving the others unfinished. I am a small issue though, about 2 and 1/2 feet tall to be more specific, that hinders me from finishing these projects more quickly.

This is what I'm dealing with people.

Lincoln yarn

Lincoln is pretty obsessed with my yarn and will take any chance he can get to unravel a ball or skein of yarn, shake, drag and roll around in it. It's pretty funny until I'm spending several days trying to work out the rats nest he created. I've almost got that blue skein of yarn workable again. Mike told me to throw it out and start over but I find something strangely therapeutic about undoing knots.

Anyway, I really am working on some projects. I made Lincoln a mohawk hat but I only put a half mohawk on it and I decided I like a full mohawk better so I want to add that extra piece. Then I really do want to share it and the pattern I used because I made it myself after not finding exactly what I wanted online.

I'm also working on some adorable ear warmers for my friend and her daughter. I bought the pattern from Velvet Acorn, even though I was pretty sure I could recreate it on my own, I decided to see how she made it. Her patterns are viral on Pinterest and I even had this one on my own board. I have to say I found the pattern to be mildly confusing and I've ended up having to modify it so I wasn't 100% thrilled with it. It is still a cute pattern so I need to hurry up and just get that project done already.

I'm also working on a scarf for a gift. I don't want to share too much about this one but I'm using wool yarn on it and I've never really worked with wool before. I keep going back and forth on whether I really like it or not. I'm good portion of the way into it so really I feel like I can't turn back now. Mike says it looks good so I am going to push through and finish it up so I can move along to something new. 

A New Kid Friendly Christmas Tree

It's Christmas season and we have a big change in our tree this year. I've been putting up almost exactly the same red and gold tree for the past ten years. I love it every year but this year we had to do something different. I needed a kid friendly tree for our curious one year old and a tree full of very breakable ornaments was not going to cut it. 
I've been thinking about the tree for awhile and I originally was going to make my own ornaments out of crochet or felt but then I found something even better (and much less time consuming.) I got a bag of 120 felt cut out ornaments at Jo-Ann on sale for only four bucks. There were six different shapes along with gold string to tie through the hole on the top. I just couldn't pass up such a good price and time savings. 
I opted to only use three shapes because I didn't need all the ornaments and I wanted to keep the color scheme more cohesive. The tree actually looked really nice with just the felt ornaments but we also pulled out Mike's ornaments from when he was a kid to finish off the look. Even though many of them aren't breakable we made sure to place them higher on the tree and out of reach of the curious hands. A spool of gold ribbon, a star and a tree skirt from our typical decorating added the finishing touches.
Mike and I are both enjoying the new colorful look of the tree this year. Lincoln is happy to pick off the ornaments and carry them around the house. Or he will pull them off and then set them back on the branch. Our living room may be scattered with ornaments but at least we can still enjoy a decorated tree this year.
Tree Collage