Lincoln at 14 months

I just had to read Lincoln's 13 month post to remember what he was starting to do a month ago. This past month has been a bit of a blur with Christmas and New Years and vacation time and sickness and four molars. Molars are not fun at all but they are finally through and our boy is back to his sunny self.
Lincoln is still a bottomless pit and loves to eat. I mean he really loves to eat. He can eat more eggs for breakfast than I can. Favorites on the list include meat, broccoli, cheese, bananas, rice, potatoes and recently steamed baby carrots. We've had a few misses lately which include a smokey flavored chili and sauerkraut flavored pork but generally if you feed it to him he will eat it. He even likes brussel sprouts! We must have a growth spurt coming or he is storing it up because he is always hungry. If he sees food he must have it. Right. Now. It's usually pretty funny unless we are trying to finish dinner and he won't stop begging for a bite. Then he will try and scramble to climb up into his highchair even though he's clearly too small to make it in. 
We don't have very many new words on the talking front and he's started to say one word all day long. Abby. Abby. Abby. He is so obsessed with out little dog and she is seriously his best buddy. He calls pretty much any animal an Abby now and it's so cute. Occasionally I get a ma or mama. And Mike gets a dada. He also says cheese when he sees the bag of cheese come out of the fridge but he says it more like chess. There is lots and lots of babbling all the time. I know he's trying to say something but we just haven't figured it out yet. 
He recently discovered his belly and is obsessed with looking at Mike's and my belly too. He tried to pull our shirts up for a peek. I swear he started saying belly too but sometimes I wonder if I make up words he is saying.
Recently he has been trying to imitate tasks that Mike and I are always doing. He takes his shoes and puts them close to his feet because he knows that is where they are supposed to go. We keep our tv equipment locked in the cabinet so he can't touch all the buttons and he figured out where we keep the keys. He will take them and hold them up to the cabinet because he know we do something with the keys to open it. 
The latest toy we've been playing with is a Little Tikes basketball hoop. Our neighbors were generous enough to give it to us and we just bought a basketball on Amazon. We had been storing it in our basement and pulled it out the other night. Lincoln caught on so quickly and was dunking the ball in the hoop. He loves the new basketball ball and is getting good at throwing it too. Maybe we have a future Cavs player in our house?
Lincoln basketball
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