Lincoln's One Year Photo Shoot

I've been holding on to these pictures for a couple of months. They went on our Christmas cards so I didn't want to ruin the surprise. We got these professional pictures taken for Lincoln's first birthday. I really wanted a nice family shot of the three of us because it getting a good one is so hard to do. I am super pleased at the shot we got especially since Lincoln is actually has a smile on his face which is usually the piece that is missing from our family pictures.
It's kind of amazing anything turned out from this shoot considering he was all over the place. The photographer had this cute little stool we tried to get him to sit on but all he wanted to do was pick it up and chew on the end. She also gave him a globe to hold and he just treated it like a play ball. Finally we stuck him in a crate at the end to keep him still for a few more shots. 
The cake smash was the best part of the whole shoot. Lincoln went berserk over the cake. He dug in the second he saw it like he knew what he was supposed to do. Once his hand got the cake in his mouth it pretty much stayed there and he ate a good three fourths of it. He did take a minute to push the cake around like a car too and the photographer laughed and said she had never seen anything like that before. Cake was everywhere too especially since he kept sticking his feet in it. Luckily we were able to give him a bath before we went home because he was a sticky, cakey mess.
I ordered a bunch of these prints the other night too. We started a huge family photo wall and I've finally got it finished. Of course the next day I realized I wanted to print out some other pictures I missed but I guess printing pictures is never done with you have your first child to admire. Getting good pictures of Lincoln is getting harder and harder these days. I'm so glad we had this shoot done to remember him at one but I need to work a little harder at getting some of my own pictures with my dslr camera. Grainy iphone pictures taken in the evening are fun for Facebook but not how I want all of my pictures to turn out. Plus I need some pictures of Abby and Lincoln together. They are best buddies but I haven't taken a picture of them together in a while. Neither one of them sits still though so it will be quite the challenge to accomplish.
Lincoln's 1st Birthday
Lincoln's 1st Birthday-001

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